20 Purple Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

Welcome to our purple master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple purple master bathroom design ideas of all types.
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Purple is a very strong and high vibration color and violet is just a lighter shade of purple. The color is combined with the intense warmth of red and the calming coolness of blue. Violet is a great color to have in any room of your home, but this gallery will show you some creative designs for using purple in the master bathroom.
We were surprised to see how uncommon it is to use purple in the bathroom because cool colors are most often seen there. Our study showed that only 0.17% of bathrooms utilized a purple color scheme. We also found that out 2,121 purple bathrooms, 0.68% of that color came from the walls.

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How Purple Affects the Feeling of the Room

A purple color scheme gives off positive vibrations and changes the whole feel of the room. Purple is known to look more elegant and luxurious to the eye. Many fancy hotels and restaurants use purple in their color schemes for this reason. Lighter shades of purple promote feelings of calmness and relaxation, similar to blue. However, the red inside it keeps it from feeling cold. Darker shades of purple promote a more creative and romantic mood.

Tips For Using Purple in the Bathroom

You can use many decor elements to bring the soothing color of purple into your bathroom. Most decor pieces come in all different shades and hues and the key is to pick the best one to get the look you’re trying to achieve. This tips will give you some good ideas for that.

Get Your Bathroom Linens in Purple

Buy towels, shower curtains, bath mats or window shades in violet to inexpensively add color to the bathroom. This is a great way to incorporate color because they are conveniently available in all different shades and hues. Another benefit of this is that if you ever get tired of the look you can easily switch it out.

Use Purple Furniture

Another great way to use purple in the bathroom is by bringing in violet furniture. You can use a bench, chair, couch or even cabinets. One key to remember with this is that less is more. Don’t try to have all the furniture in this color or it will be overwhelming. Pick one piece that can be the main focal point in the room that will add character.

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