20 Industrial Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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If a Craftsman master bathroom isn’t your ideal design, the industrial master bathroom may be more your style. Unlike the Craftsman style that uses a lot of wood to create a homey, handmade feel, the industrial design uses contrasting blacks and whites, sharp lines, glass, and geometric shapes to give off a subway-like vibe.

The industrial master bathroom blends in seamlessly in urban dwellings, like city apartments, although you can create the look in a similarly-designed home. The industrial design has one of the lowest popularities of the bathrooms we analyzed, accounting only for 4,933 of 1,091,335, or 0.45% of them. The design isn’t for everyone since it tends to steer away from the relaxing atmosphere people are drawn to in their master bathrooms.

You can browse our industrial master bathroom design ideas in our gallery to get a feel for how this style can work in a master bathroom.

Conventional Materials in an Industrial Design

Industrial designs use a lot of the same elements you’d expect to find in factories or subways, like subway tiles, metal finishes, glass, stainless-steel, etc. Stainless-steel and glass countertops are standard in industrial designs, but they’re among the least popular options in the 265,810 bathrooms we analyzed, found in 0.07% and 1.13%, respectively. Subway tiles for the walls, however, are in several industrial master bathroom design ideas, and are also one of the most popular options in our analyzed bathrooms, with 16,454 out of 259,595, or 6.34% of them using the material. Tiles are also the most popular choice for flooring in an industrial bathroom.

Main Design Features

The industrial design uses minimal furniture to create an open, airy space in even the most compact bathrooms. You’ll likely notice exposed pipes, one-piece toilets, tables with shelving rather than cabinets, and glass showers. Doorless showers are somewhat common in this design, too, since they keep the room from feeling closed in. Industrial bathrooms also usually use recessed ceiling lights to create bright, even light, but some bathrooms may also have plenty of natural light from large windows.

Industrial Colors

Most industrial master bathroom design ideas use similar colors throughout. Black, white, and gray color schemes are the most common. It’s uncommon to see bright colors in this design except for an accent wall with a splash of orange or yellow, or even a wood or brick mural. Industrial bathrooms often have contrasting elements, like bright white walls and flooring with black pipes, sinks, and shower frames. But, it’s okay to play with some wood, too, like adding a dark hardwood floor, which is used in 6,254 of the 284,048, or 2.20%, of the bathrooms analyzed.

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