27 Farmhouse Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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Although a farmhouse-style master bathroom is one of the less attractive designs, found in 1.48% of 1,091,335 bathrooms analyzed, its popularity has picked up speed with popular design TV shows that often showcase the style throughout homes, including the master bath.

This style is all about rustic charm, creating a cozy bathroom with repurposed pieces and earthy colors. The farmhouse style doesn’t typically use high-end finishes, so this may not be the best choice for you if you’re looking for a design that incorporates sleek lines and fancy materials. Instead, the look mimics the feel of a barn with materials like pallets, shiplap, and farmhouse sinks.

If you are excited to see some farmhouse master bathroom design ideas to see how this style may work in your master bath, we encourage you to check out our photo gallery for inspiration.

Favorite Features in Farmhouse Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Farmhouse master baths should be a perfect mix of functionality and coziness. It’s common to see a lounge chair or resting area near the bathtub in a farmhouse bathroom to create an overall atmosphere of relaxation. Therefore, the style tends to work best with medium to large bathrooms, which a combined 82.04% of 318,703 bathrooms we analyzed here, with plenty of room to create that kind of space. Here are a few other elements to consider if you want to bring the farmhouse feel to your bathroom:

Rustic Pieces

A barn door entering the bathroom or used as a separate piece for another area of the bathroom is a good way to bring in some rustic charm. Farmhouse style baths often use repurposed pieces, like vanities or old dressers that you find at yard sales or flea markets, that are refinished to look distressed and match the feel of an aging farmhouse. You can spruce up your rustic pieces by adding a gorgeous granite countertop to a distressed vanity, for example. Granite is the most popular choice for countertop materials, used in 28.61% of the 265,810 bathrooms analyzed, and also works well in a farmhouse bathroom.

Wood and Stone

In a farmhouse design, you’ll often find wood and stone elements to create focal points. Shiplap and pallet wood are common materials for accent walls, and small or large stone tiles may line the shower walls. Stone tile is one of the most popular types of wall coverings in the master bathroom, and out of the 259,595 we analyzed, it was found in 41,707, or 16.07%.

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