40 Eclectic Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

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Eclectic master bathrooms accounted for only 2.32%, or 25,265, of the 1,091,335 master bathrooms we analyzed. This unique style combines old and new elements to create a mixture of modern and traditional, with several time periods and trends in between. If you love mixing pieces from different decades, styles, or eras, then eclectic master bathroom design ideas may help you bring your interests together into one seamless design.

Although this design isn’t one of the most popular for bathrooms, it can be a unique way to blend a variety of styles, colors, and trends into one area of your home. An eclectic design can be difficult to master in any room, though, especially a bathroom with limited space. View our gallery to see some unique, eclectic master bathroom design ideas to understand how you might be able to bring this style into your master bathroom.

Incorporating Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

An eclectic bathroom design doesn’t have many rules, but if you overdo your elements, you’ll risk making turning your design into a cluttered space. Eclectic styles work best when you choose a few of your favorite elements to incorporate into space, instead of throwing too many different elements together. Different textures and patterns, for example, are great, but make sure that they fit within your desired bathroom color scheme.

Dark wood cabinets are attractive in this style because they create an old-world charm. Dark woods for cabinets is one of the most popular options in general for a master bathroom, appearing in 25.04% of the 298,214 analyzed bathrooms. You can also opt for some quirky, vintage-style elements, like a freestanding tub and a pedestal sink, which can bring an inviting Victorian feel to your bathroom.

Adding Textures, Patterns, and Color

Textures, patterns, and colors are important to an eclectic bathroom, but being strategic in your choices is key to tying your design together. Almost any color scheme goes, like rich burgundies or purples mixed with gold trim. But, adding in some neutral colors and using eye-popping colors as highlights will make your bathroom more relaxed and welcoming. For example, use bright colors for towels or wall hangings, while keeping your walls and floors neutral.

Feel free to mix and match patterns and textures in an eclectic bathroom. A vintage chair with fun fringe on its cushions with a plush blanket drape can be a quirky piece for a vanity. Or, consider fur floor rugs to give a pop of fun texture.

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