44 Asian Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

Welcome to our Asian master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple Asian style master bathroom design ideas of all types.
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An Asian-style master bathroom is one of the least popular design styles, sitting only above six other styles of bathrooms analyzed. Out of 1,091,335 bathrooms, only 5,719, or 0.52%, used an Asian style. Part of the reason this design is so underutilized in bathrooms is that it can be difficult to find furniture and fixtures that meet the needs of Asian design.
An Asian design incorporates a lot of architectural features that create a unique look, like curved ceilings or feature walls with built-in shelving. Open space and a lot of glass are necessary for this look, so it may be harder to implement in a small master bathroom than a large one.

This photo gallery is the perfect way to draw up some Asian master bathroom design ideas to see if it’s the right style for you and to learn how to incorporate it into your master bathroom.

Architecture and the Asian Style

High ceilings and a lot of wall space create the perfect bathroom for an Asian design. Tray ceilings can provide some extra height and space for Asian-inspired architectural elements, like wooden beams, to run from the ceiling to the floor. You can fill in a blank wall with a mahogany or bamboo shelving unit or an Asian-style mural to create the right feel, even in a smaller space.

Traditional Colors and Materials

Most Asian master bathroom design ideas combine a high-end luxury feel through architecture and décor while incorporating wood tones as much as possible. Although a wood-toned bathroom is one of the least favorite color schemes, including 1.61% of the 948,706 analyzed bathrooms, it’s an essential part of the Asian style.

Bamboo is a material that isn’t used in many bathrooms (only 0.07% of the 284,048 bathrooms analyzed had it), but it’s hugely popular in Asian master bathroom design ideas because it’s a material often used in Asian culture. Gold, copper, and bronze finishes can also give your master bath more of an Asian-inspired vibe.

Important Features in Asian Design

In your Asian design, you can focus on open shelving and glass more than closed cabinets and spaces. The Asian style favors openness, so an open shower is ideal. This type of shower is in 15.92% or 41,714 of the 262,085 analyzed bathrooms. A sink that sits atop of a counter, also known as a vessel sink, is a favorite element of this style, mainly rectangular and circular shapes. The vessel sink is the 2nd most popular type of the 299,641 bathrooms, accounting for 42,834, or 14.30% of them. 

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