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23 Best Unique Pasta with Sausage Recipes (All Types)

Different mouthwatering pasta with sausage recipes.

If we can’t cook anything else, the one thing you’re guaranteed to not spoil is sausage and spaghetti. After all, there are so many variations to preparing them we’ve all created a recipe or two without noticing. Now it doesn’t have to be an Italian dish, especially since pasta is made in so many places now and sausage varieties are a dime a dozen. Let me take you deep into the world of sausage and spaghetti, whether it’s German sausage or Italian pasta, you’re guaranteed to find a few that you’d like to make.

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1. It would be remiss of me to not start Italian-style, right? So here’s a Creamy Pasta and Smoked Sausage with Cheese to set the pace.

A bowl of delicious creamy paste and smoked sausage with cheese.

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You can whip up this amazingly delicious recipe in just 30 minutes while the anxious family basks in the aroma. Pasta is a beloved dinner for everyone. This dish elevates the pasta to a different extreme.

With chunky, substantial creamy herb-flavored sauce, and penne pasta, this dish will delight the mac-and-cheese-lovers and those with very refined taste buds.

The recipe took the concept of mac and cheese to a higher platform, providing a wonderful, unconventional skillet feast. The grownups in your household will adore the inclusion of smoky pork and herbs, while the youngsters will appreciate the pasta coated in a creamy cheese sauce.

2. Just the fancy name of this recipe will make you want to get it done right -Bowtie Pasta with Italian Sausage

This is a plate of bow tie pasta with Italian sausage.

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If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, this is a great way to serve it to your family at home instead of going out to a restaurant. This dish would quickly become a favorite amongst everyone in the household thanks to the flavorful cream sauce plus Italian sausage. Served with a rich, creamy sauce, the bow tie pasta in this dish is perfectly cooked.

Garlic and red pepper flakes are used to flavor the sauce. You can reduce the number of red pepper flakes in the sauce if you’re not a fan of spicy meals; if you do not like to take a gamble, you can remove them entirely. It takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook the meal.

3. Three Cheese and Sausage Manicotti Recipe

This is a close look at a couple of Three Cheese and Sausage Manicotti on a white plate.

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The recipe is ideal for a loved one’s birthday or another special occasion because it features three distinct kinds of cheese and a tomato-based sauce with sausage. Even if it takes some time to create, the joy on your loved one’s face when they see it will be well worth the effort.

If you’re considering making this dish, keep in mind that it will take some time. Filling the noodles is the most time-consuming portion of the process, but it’s worth it in the end. However, it will be rewarding. The prep time is an hour, while the dish takes 35 minutes to bake.

4. I love this recipe as it is easy to make when you don’t want to dine out but feel like you are- Restaurant Style Spaghetti Sauce with Sweet Sausage.

A plate of sweet style spaghetti with sausage.

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The 2 hrs and 20 mins will be worth your time and effort. Make your spaghetti sauce at home and impress your friends and family with your culinary prowess. It’s all about the contents and the cooking method, as in most circumstances. Ingredients are few and the method of preparation is straightforward in this case. Allowing it to cook for a long period is what renders this sauce truly excellent. The real trick to making good tomato sauce, fellow pasta lovers, is this. Find out what else you can make with this sauce after you’ve completed the instructions. Think about me when you’re eating it. Enjoy!

5. In fifteen minutes, your kids will ravish this meal, then lick their fingers and bowl, and you will too! Fried Spaghetti with Italian Sausage Meatballs

A super tasty type of fried spaghetti with italian sausage meatballs.

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In just 15 minutes, you can have a delicious dinner on the table! Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; this pasta dish is delicious nonetheless! It’s a breeze! From start to completion, it takes 15 minutes. It’s cost-effective! It’s easy to find all of the ingredients in your pantry for a low cost.

These are easy to come by!

The secret to this recipe’s flavor is the Italian sausages, which are released into the pan when their casings are removed and pan-fried with the spaghetti, allowing all of their exquisite qualities to be released and absorbed by the spaghetti.

6. Pasta Alla Norcina (Creamy Pasta With Sausage) Recipe-this recipe takes so many shortcuts, yet tastes divine. Let me know when you’ve tried it!

A pan loaded of yummy pasta alla norcina.

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Rather than the dried chiles as well as fennel seeds that are customary retail locations that sell Italian sausage, a convenient and simple scratch-made sausage replicates the characteristics of Norcia-style sausage.

To guarantee that the pasta is properly coated and perfectly al dente, finish boiling the pasta in the sauce. Pasta laced with black pepper and nutmeg is paired with Pecorino Romano and savory sausage.

7. Sausage Rigatoni Alla Zozzona

A plate of mouthwatering italian pasta.

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Romans created this spaghetti recipe when they have leftovers from other meals and want to make good use of the components they already have on hand. If you’re looking for a simple and filling dinner, this is the recipe for you!

It’s no surprise that Rome, as well as the rest of Lazio’s conventional dishes, are robust and satisfying. It’s based on locally sourced products and the widely held concept that servings must be plenty to feed many people that used to labor in the field! You can serve it to guests on the weekend or a weeknight, depending on your schedule.

8. This Italian Sausage Sunday Sauce recipe will make you not go back to chicken or beef or fish for your Sunday meal.

A plate of savory italian sausage with sunday sauce.

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Never in my life has Sunday Sauce tasted so wonderful. Cooking Italian sausage inside a tomato sauce is a staple dish in Italian-American cuisine. Sausages simmer in the sauce, which intensifies their flavor.

The sweetness of the fresh basil counteracts the acidity, making the dish tastier. Fresh garlic, as well as herbs, offer it an unbeatable flavor. Preparation and cooking time add up to about 45 minutes. Sundays at your home will never be the same again. You can refrigerate for weeknight meals as well.

9. Now I’m taking you back to a restaurant because that’s how you’ll feel after tasting this Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta recipe

A plate of flavorful spicy italian sausage pasta.

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There are only a few basic items needed to make this pasta dish with Italian sausage and peppers. For a weeknight meal that tastes like it came from a restaurant, this is an excellent option. It’s a match made in heaven: Italian sausage and pasta. This pasta dish is a must-try for sausage and carbohydrate connoisseurs (like me). This recipe’s winning ingredients include cream, garlic, tomatoes, spicy Italian sausage, a generous amount of parmesan cheese, and a sprinkling of fresh basil.

10. We could never dare to leave out the good old ketchup! Try this Ketchup Spaghetti (Napolitan) recipe

A plate of napolitan style ketchup spaghetti.

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Do you need a 30-minute meal for your family? Add some bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, and sausage to this simple Japanese ketchup spaghetti (Napolitan) dish. Adding ketchup to spaghetti is a favorite homeschooling food for my six-year-old. It’s a ketchup-spiced spaghetti recipe. They nicknamed it Neapolitan because of the essence of ketchup, which is popular in Japanese cafes. I ask, “Joule, what would you like for lunch?”. It’s always spaghetti, sausage, and ketchup, Mom. Please give it a try!

11. Want to make something simple yet elegant? This is it – Paccheri Pasta with Sausage

A plate of delicious paccheri pasta with sausage.

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A simple yet elegant Italian pasta dish, Paccheri with Sausage in Creamy Tomato Sauce, may be made at home! A tomato cream sauce containing sausage, garlic, and bell peppers is poured over this pasta. This pasta dish has its roots in Naples and is commonly used in the region’s cuisine.

Combining paccheri pasta with sautéed Italian sausage, peppers, and garlic in a tomato cream sauce results in an incredible dish. Your entire family is sure to enjoy this dish. This short tube pasta looks fantastic when it’s served up!

12. Call me lazy, but I love anything that can all get done in one bowl or pot. If you’re like me, try this One Pot Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Sausage recipe

Flat lay shot of savory one-pot spaghetti.

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Whenever you can’t bother to turn on the oven or wash a lot of dishes, this is the supper for you. Everything you’d find in a classic Italian pasta dish is present here, so don’t go expecting anything different. A sweet Italian sausage serves as the dish’s foundation.

Sausage takes on even more flavor when cooked with kosher salt, onion powder, chopped onion, freshly cracked pepper, and Italian seasoning. To make sure the onions caramelize a little, the fat from the tasty pork sausage renders off. It takes only 35 minutes from prep to the table.

13. Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and Red Sauce is just too easy yet delicious.

A plate of delicious spaghetti with sausage.

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Spaghetti inside of red sauce cooked with robust Italian sausage takes only 15 minutes to prepare on a weeknight. Trying to find anything to bring you back to your happy place? It’s all coming to an end now! Dry red wine can be used to deglaze the pan. Because of the alcohol’s acidity, it helps balance out the Italian sausage’s salty, fatty, and sugary tastes. It’s optional, of course, but this is one of the reasons that pasta from a restaurant is always better than spaghetti at home.

14. The Cornish Seaside Sausage Spaghetti makes you feel like you’re at a five-star restaurant! Don’t believe me, try it!

A plate of simple yet fantastic cornish seaside sausage spaghetti.

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This recipe from Gordon Ramsay wakes up every taste bud and you can feel free to lick your lips and fingers. Nobody will see you! It’s just ten easy steps and you’ll find most of the ingredients you’ll already have. I’m not, they’re easy to pick up at your favorite grocery store.

Since the sausage is already salty, Gordon advises tasting your sauce before pouring more salt. Chili is one of my favorite foods, so I’ll sprinkle it on just about anything! In that case, the chili flakes may not be necessary. Everything takes 40 minutes.

15. The thousands of five-star ratings say enough about this Pasta with White Sausage Sauce recipe

A plate of delicious white sausage with pasta.

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Pasta plus sausage are frequently associated with a thick, tomato-based sauce. However, the exact opposite is possible. Using a modest amount of sausage in a spaghetti sauce might result in a light, almost delicate dish.

Sausage is a godsend for the lazy cook, as it comes pre-seasoned and you can utilize it to season whatever else you cook with it. The method is straightforward. Since the meat does not need to be removed from a covering, starting with larger quantities of sausage or patties is the simplest option. You can make four servings in 20 minutes by following the recipe exactly.

16. So the Italians started with wheat pasta and we can’t omit it-Wheat Spaghetti with Sausage and Peppers.

A bowl of spaghetti mixed with vegetables.

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In this new take on an old favorite, you may choose between mild and hot Italian sausage. Our recipe calls for red bell peppers, but you can substitute green or one of every hue. There is no need to use whole-wheat pasta if you don’t want to. You can whip up this four-serving supper in just three simple steps!

The author of the recipe offers suggestions for food pairings. “A bottle of Nebbiolo whinge out of the Piedmont area of Italy would go well with this dish’s earthy Italian flavor and the acidity provided by the tomatoes. Nebbiolo d’Alba is a good choice if you prefer a lighter red wine.”

17. Orecchiette With Italian Sausage And Broccoli Rabe – don’t bite your tongue saying it, just try it!

A classic style orecchiette with broccoli.

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Simple Orecchiette, Italian Sausage, and Broccoli Rabe combine to form the base of this Italian pasta dish. For a simple weeknight meal, It will take you less than half an hour to complete. The Southern Italian pasta patterns orecchiette, as well as cavatelli, are renowned.

Because of the small cavities in both, sauces with chunky ingredients work well in them. “Little ears” is the literal translation of the Italian word “orecchiette.” This is among the best pasta shapes for soaking up the sauce. It hails from the Puglia part of Italy.

18. Italian Sausage and Chestnut Pasta- don’t worry, you can’t make pasta from chestnuts, you just add some to the dish😋

A plate of chestnut pasta with rich in toppings.

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Even though it takes forty minutes to prepare and cook, this dish is quite simple. It also yields six servings. A thick and nutty spaghetti sauce made with sausage and chestnut bits elevates this dish from the mundane to the extraordinary. You can’t go wrong with chestnuts in this dish. It’s going to be a huge hit.

19.  Spaghetti Inside Hot Dog Pieces With Homemade Marinara Sauce-creativity knows no bounds!

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Joule loves making this one with me! It’s a modest dish that can add a lot of enjoyment to my kitchen with him. Try it with your children or even for a date night. Cut up your preferred sausage then insert up to seven spaghetti sticks into every slice to make it a delicious meal.

Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes after you’ve finished making the pasta. It’s up to you if you want to make your marinara sauce or use a store-bought one.

20. Watching your weight like me(sometimes), try this Italian Turkey Sausage and Pepper Pasta recipe

Italian Turkey sausage with big pepper in pasta.

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This quick and simple recipe may be completed in under forty minutes. The combination of fire-roasted tomatoes, red wine, and Italian sausage, creates a robust, delicious, and deeply gratifying ragout-like sauce.

The red wine deepens the flavor of the sauce. Just after the veggies have softened, it is added, allowing the alcohol to simmer off and leaving behind only the powerful flavor of the alcoholic beverage. Instead of turkey sausage, you can use spicy or mild chicken sausage, and a variety of red, yellow, and orange bell peppers will make the dish more visually appealing.

21. Spaghetti Sausage Puttanesca- the meaning is suggestive and fun

Spicy-looked of spaghetti sausage puttanesca.

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This is a romantic pasta dish! Yes, make sure your significant other knows what it means and enjoy flirting as you do it.  Not only is it easy to make, but the taste is delicious. The name makes for a great discussion at the table or while preparing. That Spaghetti Sausage Puttanesca meal is savory, smoky, and wonderful. If you’re short on time, you can whip this up in about 20 minutes, along with the time spent preparing it.

22. Spaghetti Carbonara With Spicy Italian Sausage And Rocket!

A plate of tasty spaghetti carbonara with sausage.

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Lazio, near Rome, is the birthplace of carbonara, a popular pasta dish. Either cream or cream cheese can be found in a carbonara sauce. It has a very delicate flavor. Because the sauce isn’t cooked, making Spaghetti Carbonara only takes a few minutes.

While the pasta is cooking, simply whisk together the Parmesan cheese, lemon zest, egg yolks, and cream, and then toss the pasta with the sizzling hot pasta!. Add a few minutes of cooking time with the sausage added and you have a whole supper in less than 20 minutes!