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I Just Got the OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush and This is What I Think of It

OXO Good Grips soap dispensing brush

Until recently I had some cheap dish scrub brush. It’s a handle with a brush. No soap dispensing function.  Not ergonomic.  About as basic as you can get.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to wash a dish or some dishes by hand.  With my old cheap brush I had to squirt dish soap on each dish which was a waste and a hassle.  I figured it was time to upgrade.  Since I’m a big fan of OXO kitchen gadgets, I bought the OXO Good Grips soap dispensing brush.  Here’s what I think, a demo and lots of photos.

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OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush Demonstration

See it in action below.  The following shows the dish soap squirting action.

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OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush Demo GIF

As you can see it has a pretty powerful soap dispensing function.  In fact, it dispenses quite a bit which is why I prefer to dilute the soap I put in the brush reservoir with water.  One squirt per dish will do the job.

It’s all about the angles

OXO Soap Dispensing Brush

Notice the angle of the brush head in relation to the handle.  It makes for easy and ergo-friendly dish scrubbing whether a bowl or a plate.

Soap dispensing button right where it needs to be

OXO Soap Dispensing Brush Button

The soap dispensing button is large and conveniently located directly under your thumb when holding and using this brush.  As you can see in the above GIF demo, it releases a decent stream of soap or soap and water.

Large brush

OXO Soap Dispensing Brush

The brush is large and the bristles are dense.  It’s a quality cleaning brush.  Bristles are nylon; strong enough for pots and pans while okay for non-stick.  I know OXO says it’s find for non-stick but I’d probably stick with a sponge.

But not designed for glassware… it’s too big

The brush and handle are too think to properly scrub the bottom of glassware.  This brush is designed for dishware, pots and pans.   Check out the photo below and you’ll see how the brush can’t scrub the bottom of the glass.

OXO Soap dispensing brush too big for glassware

Easy to fill with soap and/or water

OXO Soap Dispensing Brush Place for Putting the Soap

To add soap/water just screw the top off and pour it in.  Very simple.  When it arrives new, the top is screwed on pretty tight so you’ll have to give a good strong twist.

Nice grip

OXO products are known for great grips.  It’s “Good Grips” after all.  Overall, OXO “Good Grips” lives up to its name. I love the silicone feel.  Non-slip offering a solid, sturdy grip for its kitchen utensils, tools and gadets.

Brush can be replaced

Eventually, these brushes get worn out and get pretty ratty.  You can easily replace it instead of having to spring for a whole new handle and brush.  It’s the economical and environmental approach.  One nice advantage with these brushes is they last longer than dish sponges which need to be replaced so often.

OXO Soap Dispensing Brush


It’s missing one thing though… no suction cup

As much as I’m happy to move on from my cheap brush, I do miss the suction cup end on the cheap brush so that it stands upright next to the sink.  OXO never added this feature to its brush which is a huge oversight IMO.

Check out my cheap brush standing on its end:

Dish scrubbing brush standing on end with suction

Is the OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush Worth It?

Yes.  It’s pretty inexpensive and it works as reported.  However, if the ability to stand on its own and/or scrub the bottom of glassware is important, look for something else.  Otherwise, it’s a great soap dispensing dish brush.

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