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I Use the OXO Good Grips Paper Towel Holder and I Now Understand Why It Has 8,000+ Customers Love It

OXO Paper Towel Holder (Stainless Steel)

The apartment that I use for my office does not have a built-in paper towel dispenser.  I could install one but the building doesn’t want us bolting stuff into the walls. I get that.

For over a year now I’ve just stood a paper towel roll on the counter but it looks bad.  It gets wet sometimes too when I get careless with the faucet.  It was time to buy a counter-top paper towel holder.

I went to Amazon and started searching.  I was scrolling through paper towel holders until I saw one had over 8,000 customer reviews with an average 5 star rating.  Considering that only a fraction of customers leave reviews, that told me the OXO Good Grips Paper Towel Holder is one POPULAR towel holder.

I have other OXO products and love them so I figured I can’t go wrong with yet another OXO kitchen tool.

This is what I think of the OXO Good Grips Paper Towel Holder.

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Looks great

It’s stainless steel so it’s a no-brainer in the design department. It looks great in any kitchen these days since most folks get stainless steel appliances.  It sure looks great in my kitchen.

Single-Handed, Single-Tear Function… IT WORKS

Okay, I have to admit this paper towel holder is pretty slick.  The single sheet tear actually works.  I didn’t have to get the other type with the arm pressing against the power towel.

Check it out in slo-mo:

One-Sheet Tear Demo with OXO Paper Towel Holder

Note that you have to give it a pretty good rip for the single-handed, single sheet tear to work.

Heavy, non-slip base

Base of the OXO Paper Towel Holder

One of the design elements which makes the one-handed single tear work is that it has a heavy, non-slip base.  It doesn’t tip or move even when you give the sheet a good, snappy tug.

Snug hold

Top view of the OXO Paper Towel Holder

The holding bar design is such that it the paper towel roll is fairly snug and it’s the bar that rotates instead of the paper towel spinning around loosely on the bar.  While it rotates easily, it’s also snug enough a sheet of paper towel will tear with a good rip.

Convenient knob for manual turning

There’s a handsome stainless steel knob at the top for manual turning to loosen or tightening up the roll when necessary.

Check it out:

Demo of turning OXO paper towel holder

Accommodates Jumbo Rolls

OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder

With a 7.2 inch base diameter, it can hold jumbo paper towel rolls just fine.


Does it have to be assembled?

No, there is no assembly.  Unpackage it and slide on a paper towel roll and you’re good to go.

Will the bottom scratch counters or other surfaces?

Not likely. While it’s heavy, the bottom is a non-slip plastic material.  It’s not metal on the very bottom.

Do you have a photo of the packaging?

I sure do. Check it out:

Packaging of OXO Paper Towel Holder

Packaging of the OXO Paper Towel Holder

Are you happy with it?

Yes, I am. It’s exactly what I need. I’m sure I’ll have it a long time.