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Our 25 Oversized Recliner Picks for Spectacular Comfort

Since I’m 6′ 3″, I’m a big fan of oversized recliners.  I like plenty of room and cushion.  Oversized might be more than I need though as you’ll see in our list below… these are some huge recliners.

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How big is an oversized recliner?  What are the dimensions?

I suppose anyone can pick any width and other dimensions so it’s subjective but for our list of 25 oversized recliner picks, we restrict it to recliners 50″ wide or wider.  That’s a big recliner.  Many fall under the “cuddler recliner” category.

Oversized is more than just width

The connotation of an oversized recliner is plush and wide.  Wide arms. Lots of cushioning.  Plush.  And of course they are wide.  Some verge onto being a loveseat recliner.

Oversized vs overstuffed recliners – what’s the difference?

If you’re looking to buy an oversized recliner, you’ll run into “overstuffed” recliners as well.  What’s the difference?  Often overstuffed are oversized but not always.  Overstuffed is a recliner with plenty of cushioning, including the arms.  Usually all this stuffing results in it being oversized (50″+) but not always.

Okay, here are our 25 favorite oversized recliners

Most of the options on our list are single-seat recliners.  However, because some people want two-seater oversized recliners, we set a few of our favorites below.

More Recliner FAQ

Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about oversized recliners.

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Are two-seater recliners oversized?

Some people, when they look for an oversized recliner, are looking for two-person theater-style recliners which is why we included some in our list above.  However, technically speaking, an oversized recliner is wide and large but is not two recliner seats conjoined.

What are the different types of oversized recliners?

When it comes to recliners generally, there are 9 main types.  Here they are:

  1. Manual recliner:  the recline function is triggered manually with a handle.
  2. Motorized recliner:  Push a button and let the motor recline the chair for you.  Many come with a remote control.
  3. Wall recliner:  reclines in a way so that it can be placed against a wall.  The seat slides forward so that the back when reclined doesn’t slam into a wall.
  4. Swivel: A recliner that can spin around.  Kids love these haha.
  5. High leg: these are a fairly new style… basically turning classical armchairs and adding a recline function.  I love these.
  6. Power lift: Motorized recliner with a function where it can rise upward to assist people to standing position.  Ideal for anyone who has difficulty standing on their own from a seated position.
  7. Zero Gravity: Reclines ina way that suspends your body into a neutral position so that your feet are aligned with your heart.
  8. Cuddler recliner: A cuddler recliner is essentially an oversized recliner that can accommodate two people similar to a loveseat.
  9. Theater seating recliner:  It’s debatable whether a two-seat theater recliner is an oversized recliner but it’s not an implausible interpretation.

How far should an oversized recliner be placed from the wall?

That depends on whether your recliner is a wall recliner or not. In other words, when the chair reclines, does the back extand back or does it remain in the same place as it moves into the recline position.  If the back kicks backward, you’ll need to place the recliner at least one foot but up to two feet from the wall if you don’t want to slam it into the wall.  You’ll have to play around with it to get the distance just right.

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What are the disadvantages of a recliner?

You might be wondering what could possibly be a disadvantage of a recliner since they’re super comfortable.  Moreover, you are no longer restricted to ugly chairs.  Many elegant armchairs recline now so that’s not a disadvantage.  The main disadvantage is how much space it takes up.  I tend to really like using an ottoman for putting my feet up because it provides more options such as using the ottoman as a coffee table or move it elsewhere in the room.  Of course, I could use an ottoman with a recliner and choose not to recline but that defeats the purpose.  Okay, okay this is pretty minor in the big scheme of things. I suspect for many people, the main disadvantage is style.  You might not find the style of chair you want as a recliner.

Are oversized recliners more comfortable than large or even small recliners?

Not necessarily.  In fact, other than the cuddler recliner, I prefer large-sized recliners which has dimensions 39″ to 49″ wide.  Beyond 50″ and it’s a lot wider than I am.

Moreover, comfort is a result of many variables including your size, the materials used, quality, amount of cushioning, recliner angler.  You must consider all these variables and then apply your preferences to it.  That’s a long, long-winded, verbose way of saying to just try them out if you can.

For example, higher-end furniture uses what’s called “high resilience foam” which is a top-quality foam that retains the shape and comfort of the cushioning.

What’s the seat height with oversized recliners?

Like all recliners, this varies.  Just because it’s oversized doesn’t mean the seat height is higher up than large or small recliners.  If you prefer the higher seat, you can get what are call high leg recliners.  If you prefer the lower seat, then look for a recliner with a lower seating profile.

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Do oversized recliners have a higher weight capacity?

Not necessarily.  If you need a high weight capacity such as greater than 300 lbs. be sure to look at the weight capacity of any you’re thinking of buying.  Some oversized recliners have a weight capacity rating below 300 lbs while some go as high as 500 lbs.

Do oversized recliners cost more than regular or small recliners?

Yes and no.  You can find low-cost small and regular sized recliners that you probably won’t find with the oversized and that’s due to demand.  There aren’t that many truly oversized recliners on the market (greater than 50″ wide) compared to large or even small.  This means you very likely won’t find lower-cost oversized priced as low as the lowest cost regular or small recliners.

However, for the lion’s share of options, oversized recliners are priced in line with all other types of recliners and that is $600 to $1,300.

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