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14 of the Best Online Wine Stores

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With the boom of online shopping where you can find almost anything on the internet, it’s fortunate that wine stores joined the trend. Ordering wine online is not just convenient but it also helps lessen impulsive decisions in buying one or more. Since you have a library of information right from your screen, you can wisely choose which ones are a good deal. Comparing prices is also easier and the best thing about online shopping is you get coupons and discounts.

Realizing that there are tons of wine stores online, you may find it difficult to look for reliable stores. Hence, we brought together the best wine stores in the online market for your convenience.

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List of Online Wine Stores

Photo collage of wine glasses and bottles.

1. Acker, Merall & Condit: This online store has top growths, cult favorites, blue chips, and other top-shelf wines. It is not only the oldest merchant of wines in the US, but it also has the finest private collection of wines in the world. It has a vulnerable reputation as being a fine wine auction house. It might not be the cheapest wine store, but its scope and breadth of its cellar are outstanding than most online wine stores.

2. Chambers St. Wines: If you are looking particularly for hard-to-find biodynamic, natural, and organic wines, Chambers St. Wines is your ideal source. The store has been existence since 2001 in New York. The store has an easy to use website consisting of wines from every part of the globe. It is an online paradise for natural wines.

3. K&L Wine Merchants: This online store is a wine institution based in California with other locations in San Francisco. It also has an outpost in Hollywood. It has a wide selection of wines from every part of the globe at affordable prices. The store has close ties with wine producers due to its location near the California wine country. It has a thorough real-time inventory in that its inventory system accounts for all the bottles at four different sites.

4. Wine-Searcher: Many resources assist in connecting you with retailers of wine all over the globe. However, Wine-searcher is the most comprehensive and user-friendly online retailer. You can look up wines by year, style, grape, and region.

Moreover, the store can create searches that are hyper-specific such as trying to look for 1982 Chateau Haut-Brion. The site might not guarantee that you get the wine you are looking for since it all depends on the inventory. But it is still an ideal place to start if you know what you want exactly.

5. Drizzly: Drizzly is an aggregation of local wines from retailers in main cities. This lets them provide faster delivery than most online wine stores. Some famous brands are available for 24-hour delivery. This is a suitable choice when you want quick home delivery. The site is also beneficial as it allows you to order a beer, wine, and liquor under one site. The site might be available in the main cities, but there are still other parts of the nation that remain uncovered.

6. The online store was started in Portland in 1998 under a different name. It has undergone some adjustments before being known as The store is suitable due to its broad range of wines to pick. You get everything from daily table wines such as wines from Cupcake to cult wines such as Scarecrow. The site also offers you a broad spectrum of boutique wine producers.

The navigation on the site is amazing since you can search according to the unique feature, wine region, or wine varietal. This makes the wine buying process faster. Due to expensive wine shipping fees, the site provides a membership program that allows you to buy wines without worrying about the costs of shipping. The program also has regular special discounts for wine shipping.

7. Winc is not only an online wine store but also a hybrid wine club. If you appreciate simplicity, this is the ideal place for your online wine buying. The site starts you off with a palate test to find out the wine styles and varietals that fit your taste. Afterward, the store establishes shipments of wine for you every month.

You can set the number of bottles to be shipped every time. After you get your package, the site encourages you to review the service. This aids the site to establish the wines to put in your next order. You can also change the bottles as you wish. The store has an excellent range of wines for your choosing. The pricing starts at $12 and goes for up to $50.

8. Wine Access: This store is the ideal place for your online wine purchases whenever you are looking for a curated wine list for your picking. The owners of the site have years of experience in wine tasting as well as advanced degrees in wine appreciation.

Buying from their online stores offers you a chance to taste from their trained palates. The store offers a platform for you to buy the most inspired wines in the globe that are made in quantities that are limited. Their accredited team tastes more than 20,000 of the globe’s best wines annually to offer you the top wines.

The site has an excellent, simple, and powerful feature that includes a system of categorizing wines. It uses three characteristics of wines to assist online purchasers in getting the wines they love. The site also has a food pairing page that assists you to choose the type of food you are preparing. The site then offers you the wines that properly pair with your meal.

9. Accidental Wine Company: This is more than an average online wine store. As suggested by its name, the store offers excellent wine that is not a fit for the typical wine store. It is home for wines with a bent foil cap, a spot on the bottle, or a bruised label that gives clients the impression that the wine might not be great.

The store has been cited as one of the top places to buy wine online. It allows you to search by varietal, wine color, country, or just the entire inventory. Your wine order is delivered to you overnight, within two days, or within 5-10 days.

10. Chambers Street Wines: The site has been cited as one of the top places to buy wine online by Food & Wine. It provides a broad selection of organic and biodynamic wines as well as great Old World wines. All wines are vetted personally and meet the current tastes and trends in New York.

You can search for your favorite wines by region, country, or filters like low sulfur, biodynamic, or organic. The inventory adjusts regularly, and you can get wines bought from private cellars such as Piedmont. For buyers in the city of New York, they can access free shipping and same-day delivery. The site also has a sidebar that lists local wine events going on in and around New York City.

11. Astor Wines: This online store offers specialty Italian and French wines. The company was found in 1946. Wine experts such as Jancis Robinson and sites such as Wine Folly recommend this store for your wine needs. The site concentrates on affordable Italian and French wines.

However, wines from other regions are represented too. The store also provides sake and spirits. While some parts of New York may receive free shipping, other places outside the state get free shipping only for initial orders over $99. If you are in New York, there are delivery options such as PM delivery and 3-hour windows.

12. Amazon Wines: Amazon has a segment that focuses on wines only. Amazon is a better place to get a deal on wines than a majority of online wine stores. The site offers a wide search menu where you can look up by size, brand, vintage, price, reviews, country, professional rating, style, and varietal. You can also use the state you are shipping to search for.

The inventory concentrates on wines that are domestic, but you can also get international wines from Australia, South America, France, Italy, and Spain. However, Amazon Prime members fail to qualify for free wine shipping, but select orders qualify for shipping for one-cent. The site educates on wine storage and food pairing.

13. Bottlerocket: This is one of the top wine stores that are interesting to shop for. Tom Geniesse, the founder, came up with a unique structure of browsing after being frustrated with the organization of inventory in traditional wine stores. Upon opening the homepage of the site, you will get selections such as Take-out, Green, or Poultry. The wines are organized according to the foods they pair.

The site was named one of the top wine stores by Food and Wine Magazine due to their innovative wine shopping approach. Shipping is free to the Manhattan region for orders more than $150. It offers numerous domestic and international varieties. The online store has two physical locations in Connecticut and New York.

14. Last Bottle: The store’s physical location is in Napa Valley, and it offers only one wine each day. The wines offered are high end and the online store provides excessive discounts of up to 70% off. The store has been named as one of the top ten places to buy wine online.

With one wine each day, you don’t have to search through a variety of options. Shipping is within 2 to 5 business days. If you get to buy the final bottle on a particular day, you receive $25 in credit. Also, every buyer gets 2 percent back on every purchase.

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