23 of the Best Online Stationary Stores

Yes, people still buy plenty of stationary despite email and text messaging communications. Load up your home office or commercial office with some great stationary from this selection of the finest online stationary stores.

All kinds of stationary

It’s nice having stationary despite being in the digital age.

Sure, we certainly don’t use as many envelopes, handwritten invitations, letterhead and thank you notes like we did 30 years ago, but that actually makes it a good reason to have a nice set of the usual stationary complements on hand.


Because receiving a Thank You note handwritten is arguably an extraordinary gesture in today’s world of email and text messaging. Anyone can blast off a “Thank You” email in 4 seconds, but when you write it by hand and have it delivered, that shows extra care and attention was put into the gesture.

Ironically, there are many online stationary stores where you can buy stationary and forego the usual digital communication channels. We list out the best online stationary stores below.

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1. Paperchase: If you’re looking for stylish, distinctive stationery, head to Paperchase. This UK stationery store has been designing unique paper goods for more than 50 years, and their online store has a vast selection of diaries, organizers, writing sets, notebooks, and much more. You can find everything from standard A5 notebooks to unicorn-pattern laptop sleeves.

2. MUJI: For beautiful, minimalist stationery, shop MUJI. This Japanese company was founded in 1980 with the intention of creating simple, high-quality goods. When you shop MUJI’s online store, you soon see that this brand philosophy remain intact. Their selection of notebooks, notepads, pens, planners, and cases are simple but refined. Their notebooks, available in a variety of sizes, pair quality paper goods with durable binding techniques.

3. Papersource: For fun paper goods perfect for gift-wrapping, crafting, and your next creative project, check out Paper Source. On their online shop, you’ll find calendars, planners, personalized stationery, greeting cards, party supplies, and fine papers. Their line of personalized stationery is decorated with autumn leaves, teacups, floral garlands, animals, chevron patterns, and more.

4. Present & Correct: If you’re a design aficionado, head to Present & Correct. This London-based store has a curated collection of paper goods inspired by everything from architecture to the post office. Their selection of stationery includes graph pads, old-fashioned formbooks, ideas books, mail supplies, and planner stamps.

5. Chase and Wonder: For stationery with plenty of personality, shop Chase and Wonder. This store offers writing sets, which come with hand pressed writing paper, correspondence cards, and matching envelopes. You can also find correspondence sets, thank you cards, and notebooks.

6. Rifle Paper Co.: Rifle Paper Co. is known for its selection of whimsically illustrated stationery, journals, notepads, calendars, and greeting cards. On their online shop, you can browse floral-patterned planners, travel-themed calendars, and vintage-style postcards.

7. Sugar Paper: For the planner devotees, Sugar Paper is an essential online shopping experience. This store has everything the well-organized woman needs, ranging from luxe note sets to personalized holiday cards.

8. Minted: If you want a wide selection of cards and stationery, explore Minted. This website sells unique stationery designs by independent artists, in categories ranging from personalized stationery to address labels to envelope liners.

9. Milligram: Milligram, which first launched in 2007, is one of Australia’s leading online stationery stores. When browsing their online selection, you can find over 6,000 items from brands like Moleskine, Rhodia, and Delfonics. Their stationery ranges from mini letter sets to Japanese-inspired memo notepads. Whether you want to write thank you notes or start a bullet journal, you’ll find everything you need at Milligram.

10. Goods for the Study: This New York-based store offer premium notebooks, writing tools, cards, and stationery. In their stationery section, you can find a wealth of great items, ranging from handmade card sets to letterpress greeting cards. Their online store is perfect for stationery lovers in search of something unique.

11. Scriptura: Scriptura opened in 1995, and the store’s motto is, “essential papers for artful living.” The online store has plenty of stunning stationery for sale; options range from cocktail notecards to fleur de lis cards. Scriptura’s brick and mortar store is located in New Orleans, and many of the store’s unique paper options are inspired by the city.

12. Appointed: Appointed offers American-made paper goods designed to make productivity more luxurious. All of the brand’s products are made of the finest materials; notepads are covered in water-resistant bookcloth and notebook planners are fastened with brass coil binding. Appointed products are perfect for the professional in need of finely crafted paper goods.

13. Mrs. John L Strong: This online store offers a variety of bespoke and ready-to-write stationery. The array of social stationery ranges from whimsical to classic; notecards are decorated with dinosaurs, flamingos, and butterflies. Individual cards commemorate birthdays and offer congratulations, and calendar sets look stunning on any desktop.

14. Quill: Quill is a London-based store with everything the modern stationery addict could want. Their curated stationery selection features products made around the world, ranging from personalized notecards to leather notebook covers. If you’re searching for a new planner, you can find letterpressed notebooks and Midori journals. Make sure to check out the store’s selection of stationery accessories as well—wax seals, ribbons, envelopes, and tags add to the writing experience.

15. Amazon: Amazon is often the first place people go to shop online, so it’s no surprise this online superstore has plenty of stationery. They offer a wide array of stationery supplies, including greeting cards, invitations, notepads, notecard sets, announcements, and letter writing stationery. Thanks to the sheer number of options, you’re sure to find stationery to suit your taste—whether you’re looking for gold foil thank you cards or funny notepads.

16. Fox and Star: Fox and Star is an online indie stationery shop that brings shoppers unique paper products, including notebooks, planners, and study accessories. This Edinburgh retailer was founded in 2013, but its product line has a global reach—you’ll find Korean and Japanese stationery from brands like Iconic and Mark’s Tokyo Edge. They offer a great selection of planners, perfect for bullet journaling and maximizing productivity, and they have plenty of chic accessories, like washi tape, sticky notes, and paper clips. Fox and Star’s paper goods are for people who like to imbue work and study with a sense of fun. That’s a lot easier when you’ve got tortoise-shaped paper clips and holiday-themed washi tape.

17. Katie Leamon: Katie Leamon Stationery launched in 2010, and ever since the company has been a favorite of stationery aficionados. These chic paper goods are inspired by typography and vintage aesthetics, and many of brand’s cards are hand-printed using rubber stamps. When browsing the online store, you can find collage-style greeting cards, luxury pencil sets, typographic postcards, and Art Deco-style correspondence sets. Many stationery items can also be personalized.

18. Papier: If you’re looking for personalized designs, head to Papier. They partner with top designers, illustrators, and artists to create unique stationery items made of premium paper. You can find notecards, thank you notes, embossed stationery, notebooks, weekly planners, and more. Papier offers a variety of aesthetics, ranging from lush floral patterns to Disney-inspired prints, ensuring that each customer will find what they’re looking for. And when you’ve chosen your favorite stationery set or notebook, customization just takes a few seconds.

19. JetPens: JetPens may specialize in fountain pens and other writing utensils, but their stationery selection is nothing to sniff at. This online retailer has notebooks, journals, memo pads, sketchbooks, and stationery sets. It’s a must-see shop for budding calligraphers, as it has the pens, brushes, inks, and papers needed to learn the art. The stationery sets are made by popular brands like Strathmore, Midori, and Original Crown Mill, and they’re decorated with animal imagery, floral patterns, seascapes, and much more. This website has a vast selection and an easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for shoppers who want choices but don’t want to waste time.

20. Mark + Fold: If you love the art of stationery, Mark + Fold is the place to shop. This brand crafts unique paper goods to exact specifications. They use smooth, thick paper and layflat binding to make their notebooks, ensuring that each one is a worthy addition to your daily carry. The online store offers products like desktop pads, wall planners, diaries, post-its, and greeting cards. You can also sign up for their stationery subscription service, which entitles subscribers to individualized stationery parcels throughout the year.

21. The Journal Shop: For the girl or guy who journals every day, The Journal Shop should be a stationery buying staple. In their everyday stationery category, you can find everything from sticker sets to animal-shaped memo pads. They also have a great selection of notebooks from Japan and the US, including Traveler’s notebooks, Field Notes notebooks, and Tsubame notebooks. You can find everything from origami-patterned memo pads to plain graph paper. The Journal Shop has plenty of planners, as well, which are specifically designed to help stationery lovers organize their life, work, or schoolwork.

22. Greer Chicago: Greer Chicago is a stationery store that offers a curated array of stationery and office supplies, ranging from Belgian letter writing supplies to letterpress thank you notes. You can find popular products, like Midori notebooks, as well as unique items, like funny get-well cards made by local printing presses. Stationery options include flat note cards, folded note cards, flat thank you cards, folded thank you cards, postcard sets, social and letter sheets, gift boxed stationery, and labels. If your workspace could use some extra style, check out the store’s chic desktop items, which range from page flags to patterned storage bins.

23. Etsy: For custom paper goods, try Etsy! This online craft hub has everything from stationery sets to business cards, and they can all be personalized to your specifications.

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