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43 of the Best Online Gift Stores (Comprehensive List)

A couple handing daughter a gift and cake.

The culture of giving has never ceased. The gift industry in itself is worth billions of dollars with room for potential growth. It’s also been keeping up with the times.

Online gift stores are slowly replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar gift shop. Physical stores have much to gain when they have an alternative online shop.

Aside from keeping operational costs down, it’s now easy to ship products to anywhere in the world. Through mobile apps, customers from all parts of the world can choose a variety of options online and get it delivered to the desired address. All these within just a few minutes and hassle-free.

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List of Online Gift Stores

Pastel-colored gift boxes with ribbons.

1. Cadbury Gifts Direct 

Cadbury Gifts Direct is the best option you’ll find out there for gifting chocolates. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, they have boxes, individual options, bulk options and much more.

If you are getting a gift for someone you don’t know so well, we suggest you get them one of their gift card. Gift cards are an amazing option, specially when gifting food such as chocolate because some people may be allergic.

2. Gifts For You Now

Gifts for you now is the perfect option for anyone looking for personalized product and accessories. Finding personal and unique gifts can be an arduous job, this store gets all the hassle out of the way. You can get any type of product engraved, you can also buy tons of different gifts from them directly and personalize them.

3. Letterbox Gifts

This store has a wide selection of boxes and goodies. Letterbox Gifts is a boutique that sells boxes with candles, drinks, sweets and crafts. The best thing about this amazing store is that they only sell products provided by ethical companies, it is also a good place to find vegan gifts, their vegan collection is amazing.

4. Harriet Carter Gifts

If you are looking for gifts for your loved one’s, then this is the perfect place for you! They have everything from clothing, home goods, souvenirs, apparel, health and beauty products. Harriet Carter is the perfect online store to visit if you are looking for a great gift for mothers day for example, there are tons of treasures for you to find.

5. 3D Laser Gifts

This is the perfect store for those looking for the most unique and personal gifts you’ll find. Everything you buy in this store is made with a laser, they carve award winning crystals and create any type of artwork that you want. You will not find art prints like these anywhere else, take a look at their site and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

6. Prezzybox

Shopping for the perfect gift at Prezzybox has many perks. First, this online store stands out for its 100% satisfaction guarantee, where you get to return any goods that you feel do not measure up to your standards. The store has also invested in the latest cybersecurity technology to ensure you have a safe online shopping experience.

7. Wayfair

Wayfair is the go-to online store for gifts in the form of furniture and décor. The store also offers free shipping for orders exceeding $49.

8. All Modern

At All Modern, prices are regularly slashed sometimes by 65% making it an online store to check out when shopping for a gift item. Additionally, All Modern offers free shipping for purchases over $49.


The name might sound confusing, but it is actually the acronym for “I Want One Of Those”. Talk of a compelling catchphrase. This online store has thousands of gift items to choose from, all of which are categorized according to their ideal recipient.

10. Vivaterra

The lovely thing about Vivaterra is that all the available commodities are all handmade. The store is driven by green living, with many of its items being made from recycled or reclaimed materials while wooden objects are made from responsibly harvested wood.

11. Terrain

If you are looking for a gift for use in the great outdoors, then Terrain is the online store for you. Shopping at Terrain exposes you to items found nowhere else. I mean, where else can you find citronella flyaway sticks and gardening pots.

12. Farfetch

Clothes and shoes are popular gift item especially targeted to ladies. When searching for a memorable wearable gift you should definitely consider sampling the amazing clothes at FarFetch. This online store has clothes of the latest trends and only from all the reputable brands in the fashion industry.

13. Uncommon Goods

You can agree that coming up with a truly unique gift can be a daunting task. However, there is a store that offers just that; creative and rare items that are found nowhere else. At Uncommon Goods, you get to choose from thousands of commodities but you rest assured that every single one is one-of-a-kind.

14. Catbird

If you are seeking for a diamond ring or pearl necklace as the ideal gift item then your first stop should be CatBird. Everything about CatBird exudes elegance, glamour, and sophistication. Based in New York, this online store takes pride in being among the very few with fine jewelry. While shopping, make sure to sign up for their mailing list so as to get a 10% discount on your first order.

15. AHA Life

There are tons of amazing items to choose from at AHA Life including electric toothbrushes, clothes, utensils, and wallets. The website has a cool interface that is easy to use and has high-resolution images of the goods on offer. Filters come in handy in helping buyers narrow down to the right gift item to purchase.

16. Vinebox

Vinebox is the online gift store for all wine lovers of the world as this is the one online store that only deals with wines. And these are not ordinary wines but the best wines in the world. The popularity of this online store can be seen through its mentions on some of the leading media outlets including Glamour Magazine, Business Insider, Wine Spectator, and the Fashion Times.

17. Gifts and Ideas

While many other online stores boast of offering free shipping around the United States, Gifts and Ideas goes a step further and provides free shipping to over 12,000 cities around the globe. Another awesome thing about this gift store is that you get to choose the delivery date on the website. How cool is that?

The company clearly has the interests of its customers at heart as seen by its friendly and on-time customer service.

18. Garmentory

Another popular attire gift store is Garmentory. The company was founded in 2014 making it the new kid in the block and giving the attire business a breath of fresh air. It is therefore obvious that this online store has an in-depth knowledge of the latest fashion trends, and is the go-to gift store for the hottest clothes.

19. Goop

I really loved the available options at this online store particularly those aimed at wellness. Finding an online gift that helps in relieving stress, detox, or even spirituality is extremely rare. But wellness gifts are not the only type of gifts available at Goop. You can also find some cool clothes, food, and fragrances.

20. Etsy

Etsy remains one of the most popular gift stores in the world. A wide range of gifts to choose from is characteristic to this online store, with millions of different gifts available.

21. Amazon

The world’s largest online store wraps up our list of online gift stores. What makes Amazon stand out from all other online stores is their immense number of options to choose from, with thousands of new gift items being added daily on the website. The prices are competitive and buyers are provided with free shipping.

22. MoMA Store

You might be surprised to learn that The Museum of Modern Art also has an online shop, the MoMA Store. One segment that you should check out on the website is what they call their “Social Superstars”.

Here is where you find the items that are most popular on the company’s Instagram page. You also get to impact the community by purchasing at MoMA Store, with part of the proceeds going to the Museum of Modern Art.

23. Gifts

This online store has all sorts of gifts, varying in color and size. Most of the gifts are also affordable. The website has an easy-to-use design for a flawless shopping experience.

24. Poketo

Poketo is the online store for you who is all about art and style. This online store has a wide variety of amazing commodities which are fashioned from everyday items.

While stationery and décor are the main gift items available at the store, Poketo also offers fashionable clothes for people of all ages. Poketo offers free shipping for orders above $100.

25. Spring

Shopping at Spring not only exposes you to the best gifts but also provides you with free shipping for all purchases. The online store also has a mobile app that brings all the amazing gift items closer to the users.

26. Buy Olympia

What if you are looking for the gift to present to an art enthusiast? Look no further; Buy Olympia is an online shop that is the perfect fit for people interested in art. This online store brings together renowned independent artists from around the United States.

Many of the items available at Buy Olympia are not pricey, and you can get an amazing gift for under $5. Shoppers from the United States get to enjoy the $5 shipping flat rate for most goods available at Buy Olympia.

27. Old Faithful Shop

I loved the variety of gifts found at the Old Faithful Shop. This is the online store for all who are driven by minimalism. The store offers special gifts items not found in other regular online stores.

28. Fred Flare

Are you looking for a fun and colorful attire as a gift item? Then Fred Flare is the online store for you. The store focuses on producing the best designs for clothes, shoes, and stationery. The payment options accepted at the store are PayPal, Discover, Visa, and PrimaryCard.

29. Design Boom

Design Boom is known for its popular magazine that is read by millions of people around the globe. However, the company also has an e-commerce platform that is used by reliable sellers to showcase collector’s items and exclusive products. The items available at the online store are classified into seven groups; art, toys, office, outdoor, technology, fashion, and leisure.

The gift items at the online shop are of different prices to suit the financial preferences of everybody.

30. Net-a-Porter

One notable thing about Net-a-Porter besides their exquisite garments is that this online store offers free returns within the US. The store also features glamorous pictures with models wearing the pieces on offer, enabling you to have an idea of how an item can look when worn.

31. Apartment 48

The prominence of Apartment 48 in the interior décor business is seen in its media mentions, with this online store being featured in Elle Décor, InStyle, Vogue, and the Architectural Digest. This is a dead giveaway that this store should be your choice for décor-styled gifts.

32. Three Potato Four

Also known as 3P4, this online store focuses on spicing up vintage housewares and making them ideal gift items. The store offers free shipping around the United States for orders over $20.

33. Pop Chart Lab

Love charts and infographics? Then Pop Chart Lab is the online store for you. The store has a professional team of designers who come up with witty, informative, and cool charts and graphs which are sold as gift items.

34. Need Supply

Need Supply is an online store based in Richmond, Virginia that deals with gift items. The website classifies the available goods into three groups; men, women, and life. The store has a strong social media presence and showcases its wares on its Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.

35. Pirasta

Pirasta is the number-one online store with regards to drawing and coloring. The online gift store offers posters of different sizes on which kids can practice their art skills. This should be the go-to store if you want the ideal gift for the kid who has had to use the walls at home as a canvas.

36. Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass is a New-York-based online store that purely sells bags. And these are not ordinary bags but unique bags that can make for an ideal gift item.

Here you can get backpacks, duffle bags, and briefs all with one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to make a statement. You can get free shipping anywhere in the United States after buying orders exceeding $49.

37. Bold Faced Goods

Bold Faced Goods is the online store for gifts that draw attention. Previously known as Fair Goods, the store is packed with eye-catching balloons, shirts, and bomber jackets that can make excellent gift items.

38. Present and Correct

Another online store worth checking out is Present and Correct which is based in the United Kingdom. This online store deals with rare crafts and designs which are collected from all over the world. Some popular gift items that you can find at Present and Correct include stationery, cards, notes, and diaries.

39. Of a Kind

Of a Kind is the ideal one-stop-shop store where you can buy all sorts of gift items; ranging from beautiful ornaments to modern home décor items. Domestic orders that exceed $75 are granted free shipping. The online store also regularly announces sales with as much as 30% reduced prices.

40. Sugarfina

Like its name suggests, Sugarfina is an online store purely dealing with sweet and tasty gifts. You should, therefore, look nowhere else when looking for candy gifts.

41. Mina Lima

This is the online store when looking to surprise a Harry Porter fan. Mina Lima has a long history of working with the Harry Potter franchise and now this design company has moved into the e-commerce space. There are literally thousands of different gift items at Mina Lima, all available at pocket-friendly prices.

42. Kikkerland

The commodities available at Kikkerland are not the usual gift items you find in other online shops. You definitely need to check out this online store as they have some hilarious gift items. One example that caught my eye was a set of cat butt magnets. Funny, right?

Another plus for this online store is that they have developed an iOS app that brings the shopping experience to smartphones enabling you to purchase gift items on the go.

43. Leif Shop

According to their website, Leif Shop believes that even small things can make everyday living more pleasant. That statement should be enough inspiration for you to check out the awesome gifts available at Leif Shop.

Also make sure to subscribe for their newsletters to receive alerts on any attractive offers and new arrivals. The company offers a flat rate shipping of $7 on all orders.