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37 of the Best Online Appliance Stores

Photo collage of different appliance stores.

Online stores have the upper hand when it comes to customer convenience. You get to scout the best deals, compare features and pricing options among different retailers and all these with just a few clicks. That’s why consumers are turning to online stores even for major purchases such as household appliances.

In 2016, consumers reportedly spent $4 billion worth of appliances online. Refrigerators topped the list of these major appliances purchased online followed by ovens. Buyers also tend to spend more during the summer and winter holiday promotions as well as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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List Online Appliance Stores

1. Home Depot

Home Depot rocks for appliances.  They carry many major brands and have a huge inventory. They’ll deliver as well and if you need further assistance they have a roster of appliance professionals who you can hire. 

Because they have many brick and mortar stores throughout the US, if you have issues at least there’s a place you can go to.

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2. Best Buy

Best Buy needs no introduction as its reputation as a major online store precedes it. Among the appliances that you can get at Best Buy include refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers, mixers, and toasters, all from reputable brands. By shopping at Best Buy you get home delivery and free installation of the appliances.

You can also shop for appliance accessories at Best Buy. Over the last year I’ve opted for Best Buy over other stores for delivery. I’ve found Best Buy’s website is really easy to use and shipping is quite fast.

  I’m a big fan.

3. Appliances Connection

Appliances Connection is a one-stop-shop appliance store online.  They carry laundry appliances, every conceivable major kitchen appliance, air conditioners, commercial appliances and more.  The brands they carry is a who’s who of the appliance world including Whirlpool, LG, Cuisinart, Weber, Panasonic and many more (100s of top appliance brands).

4. Breville

Breville small appliances are awesome. If you want higher end, Breville, with its signature stainless steel look, is the way to go. I had a Breville coffee maker and it was amazing. It cost more than most other coffee makers but it terrific. 

Breville sells small appliances and many of them including every conceivable coffee machine, toaster ovens, toasters, juicers, blenders, food processors, cookers, mixers, sandwich makers, waffle irons, microwaves, ice cream makers, smokers and sous vide appliances.

5. Goedeker’s

Goedeker’s is another renowned online appliance shop belonging to the independent retail giant, Goedeker’s. The store stocks items from major appliance brands including GE, KitchenAid, Speed Queen, LG, and Frigidaire. Goedeker’s offers free shipping in the United States for most orders, as long as they are not destined to remote locations.

Another outstanding feature about Goedeker’s is that they do not include sales tax in their prices and this applies in all states with the exception of Missouri.

6. Walmart

Walmart has an okay appliance selection but their website is not particularly user-friendly for finding appliances. There is always a wide variety of appliances to choose from on Walmart’s appliance segment, including iron boxes, washers, microwaves, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and ovens among many more. There is rarely a time when the website lacks special offers on the available appliances where prices are slashed.

7. Lowe’s

Refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, and ice makers are just but a few of the appliances available at Lowe’s. Making bulk purchases of major appliances at Lowe’s has its benefits, one being that you receive bonus savings in the form of Lowe’s Gift Cards worth as much as $500. Local deliveries get to be made the next day after making a purchase.

Not to mention that these deliveries as also absolutely free.

8. KitchenAid

KitchenAid competes toe-to-toe with Breville but also goes head-to-head against large appliance retailers as KitchenAid sells large appliances… for the kitchen.  Let’s just say that if it’s a kitchen appliance, KitchenAid sells it.

9. AJ Madison

AJ Madison is an e-commerce company based in New York City that is focused on selling home and kitchen appliances at discounted rates. This is the store for you when looking for affordable refrigerators, dryers, and air conditioners. AJ Madison offers free shipping for orders that are over $499.

10. Abt Electronics and Appliances

Abt Electronics and Appliances has, for many years, being termed as one of America’s best appliance stores. As the store’s name suggests, it deals with electronics and appliances which are of impeccable quality. There are more than 260 major brands with items available at Abt Electronics and Appliances, some examples being Weber, Whirlpool, Bosch, Breville, Dyson, Leica, and Denon.

11. Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Kitchen is like Breville in that it designs, makes and sells its own line of small kitchen appliances. Ninja’s brand and reputation is stellar and they are known for premium, peak-performing small appliances.

12. Amazon Appliances

Amazon is an obvious inclusion in any list of online appliance stores. The home appliances available at this e-commerce behemoth are unrivaled in variety and sheer numbers. There are hundreds of thousands of new additions made on the website each day.

Another feature that draws millions of buyers to Amazon is the free shipping offered to many of the appliances.

Do you know what I love about Amazon so much?  It’s the customer reviews. They are so helpful, especially on big ticket items like appliances. Moreover, for many listings, there are often helpful appliance FAQ sections.

If you’re in the market for an appliance, whether big or small, Amazon is one place to check out. Their offerings include:

  • Stainless steel in abundance,
  • cooktops, ovens and range hoods,
  • refrigerators with various door styles (single, french door styles),
  • washing machine options (side and top load options) and dryer options (both stackable and side-by-side),
  • dishwashers,
  • dehumidifiers,
  • all kinds of cooking appliances (i.e. small appliances),
  • mostly new appliances, and
  • many options with the energy star

As for appliance brands, they offer:

To name a few of the popular appliance brands.

13. Vitamix

Vitamix is a specialty appliance store in that they carry only high-end blenders.  Vitamix is synonymous with blender. We have one. We love it.

They’re costly but worth every penny. You will never go back.  If it’s a good blender you need, Vitamix is your store.

14. Coast Appliances

Coast Appliances is Canada’s premier online store for kitchen and home appliances. Here you can find items from many of the world’s major brands including Samsung, Whirlpool, Thermador, and Bosch among others. The available appliances are classified on the site according to usage; cooking, refrigeration, dishwashing, and laundry.

An interesting feature found on Coast Appliances is a price match guarantee where the store matches the price of its competitors.

15.Overstock Appliances

Overstock is the online shop that has virtually every household item you need. The online store’s appliance segment has some high-end kitchen and home appliances but without the astronomical prices. Something that amazed me about Overstock is their “shop by room” feature that allows you to have a glimpse of how a perfect kitchen or living would look like after buying the available appliances.

Their return policy is straight-forward without the usual jargons and terms. You simply return any item that does not please you.

16. Sears

Another usual face in e-commerce sites is Sears whose appliance segment features hundreds of thousands of different appliances. Sears has the best offer in the market with regards to laundry appliances. The online store offers discounts of up to 40% in all appliances as well as an additional 10% discount on laundry appliances.

With Sears, you get free shipping after making orders that exceed $35.

17. Costco

A wide variety of home appliances await you at Costco. The company has been in existence for the past 20 years. At Costco you get to sample from the world’s leading brands such as LG, Samsung, and Sony.

The online store has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can return any product you feel is substandard. Costco also announces product recalls on its website for all appliances confirmed to be faulty.

18. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma boasts of stocking appliances made in the USA which is an indication of the level of quality in the available items. You can unlock a free shipping offer by using a code when making purchases on the website. Williams-Sonoma is the go-to store when shopping for summer appliances such as ice cream makers, with the online shop offering discounts of up to 50% on selected summer appliances.

19. eBay

Another popular online store that is an obvious choice for appliance purchases is eBay. eBay provides users with a huge selection of products all of which are at discounted prices. KitchenAid, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Maytag, Samsung, and Kenmore make up some of the respected brands available at eBay.

The e-commerce company is big on cybersecurity, providing buyers with a secure shopping experience.

20. JC Penney

Shopping at JC Penney for appliances allows you to exploit the great deals available at this online store. For example, major appliances are available at discounted prices, sometimes with prices slashed by 30%. The company behind the online appliance store, JC Penney is notable as a major department store chain having decades of experience.

21. Menards

Menards is an online store that is packed with all manner of goods. On this online shop is a department that only deals with appliances. Here you can pick the microwave or wall oven of your choice.

Be sure to also check the appliance parts and accessories available at Menards, all at affordable prices. Menards also offers its products on credit through their Contractor Card and Commercial Card services.

22. Betta Living

Betta Living is an online shop based in the UK that is packed with top-quality appliances for your kitchen and bedroom. At Betta Living you get to choose from appliances made from the UK which are known for their durability. The online store provides a 10-year guarantee on all its products.

Buyers in the UK can request a free home design visit from the store which then dispatches experience designers to help in coming up with the most suitable home design.

23. US Appliance

The online store’s name says it all. All types of appliances are available at US Appliance, be it refrigerators, grills, dishwashers, ranges, or washers. You should check out their website for great deals which the store offers particularly during federal holidays.

24. GE Outlet Store

GE Outlet Store is one of the few online appliance shops where you will find all the latest modern kitchen appliances. The appliances on offer at this online shop feature the latest technology including WiFi connectivity that enables you to monitor the activities of the appliances through your phone. GE Outlet Store also has appliance accessories that you can purchase to complement your appliance.

25. AliExpress

China’s leading e-commerce retail store, AliExpress is another place you need to check out when searching for home appliances. The variety of appliances available on the store is mind-boggling. It is, therefore, refreshing that the website has an efficient filter system to help a buyer pin-point on their desired appliance item.

This online store is also known for its buyer protection where buyers are safeguarded from receiving damaged goods. In this arrangement, AliExpress gets to withhold payments until a buyer expresses his or her satisfaction with the shipped product.

26. Grand Appliance

Grand Appliance is another online shop that stocks the latest appliances. This family-owned online store has been trusted by buyers for years, earning a reputation of a secure and friendly e-commerce store. Mattresses, home electronics, kitchenware, and washroom appliances are among the commodities sold at Grand Appliance.

27. Premier Appliance Store

San Diego, California is home to another notable online store selling appliances; the Premier Appliance Store. With a name like that, you are sure that they only have the best in home and kitchen appliances. All the appliances sold at the online shop are of friendly prices and come with a full factory warranty.

28. Pacific Sales

Pacific Sales is the online store to check out for your kitchen appliances. Only appliances from the reputable brands are sold on Pacific Sales including Monogram, Viking, Thermador, and Jenn-Air. The online store regularly gives discounts on many of its appliances.

But what I loved most about Pacific Sales is their price match guarantee where the store offers to match the product prices of its competitors.

29. ABC Discount Appliances

ABC Discount Appliances is the online shop where top quality appliances come at affordable prices. This is definitely the online store for you if you are planning to purchase appliances in packages. ABC Discount Appliance offers savings at orders made in the form of packages, with kitchen appliance packages attracting as much as 40% in savings.

30. Dominic’s Appliance

At Dominic’s Appliance you can get home AC systems, dishwashers, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners, all at pocket-friendly prices. The online store sells appliances from major global brands such as Hotpoint, Summit, LG, and Samsung. Some of the payment options accepted at Dominic’s Appliance are Discover, PrimaryCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards.

31. Meyer Appliance

Meyer Appliance is an online shop that deals with the best kitchen and bathroom appliances. What first catches your eye when you visit the Meyer Appliance online store is their user-friendly website that is laden with clear pictures of the available items. You should also consider signing up into their mailing list to enjoy savings and get informed of upcoming hot deals and new arrivals.

32. Interstate Appliance

Interstate Appliance is a relatively new online appliance store, making it the ideal place to find the latest appliances. The products available at the Interstate Appliance include microwaves, fridges, dishwasher, and laundry sets to name just but a few. The customer service at this online store is one of a kind and makes you feel part of the family-owned business.

33. Bosch Home

Bosch Home prides itself on being among the leading online appliance shops in the world. The online store is stocked with a wide array of large and small appliances all at affordable prices. Bosch Home also has an online tool known as the Kitchen Inspirator which helps users in coming up with the best kitchen design based on their individual tastes.

As a global company, Bosch Home ensures that buyers get the most suitable appliances based on their domestic requirements.

34. Dick Smith

Thousands of appliances are purchased at Dick Smith each day, which is proof of this online store’s popularity. There are tons of appliances available at Dick Smith including vacuum cleaners, toasters, ranges, and refrigerators, all being of high quality. Among the brands that can be found at Dick Smith include Samsung, LG, and SONY. Dick Smith offers free shipping for many of the available appliances.

35. House

House is an Australian online store that deals with all sorts of appliances; from cookware, glassware, and tableware. Free shipping is provided for sales that exceed $89. You can also request for an exchange or return of a commodity within a period of 30 days after the date of purchase.

36. Kogan

Kogan is a major online store that sells all types of products and services ranging from insurance services to drones. The online store has an appliance department that is purely focused on appliances of different sizes. Thousands of appliances are sold from Kogan each day, with the online store offering free shipping for many of its appliances.

37. Catch

Another Australia-based online store is Catch. This e-commerce company has over a million household items to choose from, including a rich variety of kitchen and home appliances. Catch offers free shipping for many of the available appliances.

You definitely should check them out since they always have hot deals and discounts on high-quality appliances which are posted on their website.

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