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Nespresso Vertuoline vs. Pixie Espresso Makers – Which One Should You Buy?

Nespresso Pixie Espresso MakerSo a few months ago I set out to buy a couple single serve coffee makers for our home. I didn’t know much about them. Since I publish this site, I thought I’d buy several brands, test them, write reviews while figuring out which 2 makers my wife and I would like to keep.

When I set out on this massive experiment, I had never heard of Nespresso. I figured my choices were relegated to Keurig and Tassimo.

I was browsing the single serve coffee maker section and saw these really cool looking machines. They were Nespresso coffee and espresso makers.

While the price tags were higher than other makers, I was definitely intrigued. Intrigued enough to load the Vertuoline and Pixie into my cart and give them a try.

Yes, I bought both the Vertuoline and Pixie. If you can’t decide, you’re at the right place because I’ve used both extensively.

Nespresso Pixie and Vertuoline Comparison:

Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Maker

Short answer:

I say buy the Vertuoline. The main reason is it’s more versatile. By versatile I mean there are capsules for coffee as well as espresso. The Pixie only makes espresso. In fact, the Vertuoline offers capuccino, latte, espresso and coffee capsules.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

What are the main differences between the Nespresso Vertuoline and Pixie?

  • Vertuoline:  Capsules available to make pretty much any type of coffee drink (without the Aeroccino Plus). It’s a larger machine too.
  • Pixie:  Makes only espresso. If you get it with the Aeroccino Plus, you can also make capuccino and lattes.

1. Price:

  • Vertuoline:  $247 (without Aeroccino Plus). Note, you can buy the Aeroccino Plus if you like because it’s sold as a stand-alone product as well. With the Aeroccino Plus: $303.
  • Pixie:  With Aeroccino Plus:  $229 / Without Aeroccino Plus: $169

*Prices subject to change.

2. Size:

The Vertuoline is quite a big wider.

  • Vertuoline:  Height: 12″ / Width: 8.25″ / Depth: 12″.
  • Pixie:  Height: 9.5″ / Width: 4.5″ / Depth: 13″.

3. Noise:

Both machines produce the same level of noise.

4. Water Reservoir

Both have transparent, detachable water reservoirs.

5. Capsule Disposal Container

Both have a capsule disposal container (which is VERY convenient). Capsules automatically drop in the disposal container once brewing done. Note, the Vertuoline’s capsule disposal container is larger.


Both are designed in a similar appearance. I like the design.

6. Capsules

Each machine uses different capsules. This is important to know when buying refills.

Also, as with all Nespresso capsules, they are only available in select stores and online. In other words, you won’t find them in every grocery stores (unlike K-Cups and Tassimo T-Discs).

7. Brew Speed:

  • Vertuoline:  40 seconds
  • Pixie:  33 seconds


If I were forced to buy one, I’d get the Vertuoline just because it’s more versatile. If you love the Aeroccino Plus (as I do), you can still buy it on its own.

=> Buy the Nespresso Vertuoline

=> Buy the Nespresso Pixie

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