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Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Review (Nothing Short of Brilliant)

Nespresso Aeroccino Machine and Pixie Coffee Maker

Folks, if you want an easy way to make the fluffiest milk foam ever, buy the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother.

This Aeroccino review is a rave-fest about this milk foaming machine. I love it. I don’t have a single complaint.

I’m no slouch with a milk steamer, but on my best steaming day I couldn’t produce the quality of milk that this brilliant contraption can produce.

Check out my photos of the milk foam/froth I produced… it’s like a marshmallow:

Super foamy milk produced by the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

It’s so fluffy that I had to literally shake the spoon to get the froth to fall into my coffee cup.

Pouring warm milk from the Aeroccino Plus Milk Frothing Machine

You can pour warm milk into your cup too after scooping all the froth off the top.

How does the Nespresso Aeroccino work?

It’s super simple.

1. Plug it in.

2. Take lid off.

3. Pour milk into the aeroccino. Note, you don’t want to pour milk to the top. If you pour in too much milk,  it will flow over. I found that pouring milk so that it filled up about 1/3 of the container worked just fine.

4. Push the button on the side. The button will light up. When the button light turns off, it’s done. It takes about 40 to 50 seconds.

5. Scoop the foam out. There is a little milk in warm liquid form remaining that you can pour into your coffee too.

It’s super easy and fast. All cappuccino and latte lovers should get this milk foamer.


1. Produces incredible milk foam very quickly:  Pour in the milk, push the button and in 40 to 50 seconds you have perfect milk foam.

2. No mess to clean up:  I quickly wash out the inner milk container portion with a wet rag and some dish soap. It’s much easier to clean than steamer spouts which ends up with caked-on milk.

3. Use it with any coffee maker:  You don’t need the Nespresso machines… you can use it with any K-cup coffee maker, drip coffee, espresso machine… whatever you have.

4. Takes up little space:  It’s a small machine and takes up very little counter space. It’s small enough to store in most cupboards.


I usually have a list of complaints about most products, but not for this machine. It’s nothing short of brilliant. There’s nothing I can think of that I would change.


Do I have to buy a Nespresso coffee maker to use the Aeroccino?

No. It’s a stand-alone milk frothing machine. It’s brilliant… you can instantly turn any cup of coffee or espresso into a delicious latte.

Can I store the left over milk in the fridge?

You bet. That’s what we do. We put the entire machine in the fridge and pull it out and use the left over milk. Usually we add a bit more milk and run the machine again. The main machine sits on a base. The cord extends from the base, so to store it in the fridge, you just remove the main container from the base.

Does it warm up the milk?

Yes it does. The great thing is it doesn’t warm it up too much so you won’t burn the milk.

What kind of milk should I use?

We drink homogenized milk, which contains more fat resulting in a better foam. The milk foam created above is with homogenized milk. I’m certain the quality of milk foam with skim would not be nearly as good. I also tried 2%, which worked well.


Buy it. Don’t hesitate. If you like milk foam with your beverages, it’s a must-have item.


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