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13 Top Online Stores for Buying Natural Cleaning Products

A set of natural cleaning ingredients like salt and vinegar.

We are in the midst of a green business revolution as more and more individuals and companies recognize the need for reducing one’s carbon footprint in both small and big ways. Buying natural and environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies is one fantastic way of reducing one’s impact on the environment while also enjoying healthier products that won’t leave your home full of chemicals and ugly odors. But where to buy them?

As some cities and regions may find their shelves starting to fill natural cleaning products, this is still a niche industry, and finding quality and yet also affordable natural cleaning products in your neighborhood can be tough. Or maybe you’re looking for an alternative to an in-person store to reduce the amount of shopping trips you take. Whatever your reason, the good news is that you’ll find a rich array of shopping options online.

Today, an exciting amount of green-centric brands offer their cleaning supplies both through their own website and larger green-centric green cleaning supply websites. The following is a quick look at some of the best places to buy your own natural cleaning products online:

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1. HAUS Naturals

HAUS Naturals Online Store

HAUS Naturals is a relative newcomer to the all-natural cleaning products market, but they’ve sure made a big splash with their biodegradable powerful cleaning products that not only clean many surfaces with their variety of products, but also give off a beautiful scent.

HAUS’ cleaning products include a stainless steel cleaner, granite cleaner, streak-free glass cleaner and a powerful all-purpose cleaner.

2. AspenClean

Screenshot of the AspenClean Online Store homepage.

AspenClean has been creating healthier, green cleaning alternatives since 2004. Uniquely, this company is an off-shoot of the company’s original professional home cleaning services (which you can still request and hire if you live in Canada). While operating those home cleaning services, AspenClean saw a need for more clean and cost-effective solutions to commercial household cleaning systems and thus created their own line.

From their website, you can choose from a number of exciting 100% natural and eco-friendly cleaning products like natural dish soap and natural laundry detergent. Their products are all formulated from food and cosmetic-grade ingredients and are Vegan and Ecocert certified.

3. Better Life

Screenshot of the Better Life Online Store homepage.

In 2008, friends Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs watched as their kids played together on the floor. It suddenly struck them how much their toddlers’ hands and knees picked up the dirt and dust that they would otherwise have ignored.

They also considered the excess cleaning residue commercial cleaning products, like carpet cleaner and floor cleaners, left behind on the floor. With concern in mind, the two struck out to create better-cleaning products that would nix dirt without adding undesirable chemicals and VOCs. They thus created Better Life.

Better Life’s cleaning product is comprised of ingredients that are free of ingredients that are apt to cause health risks for people, pets, and plants. On Better Life’s website, you’ll find a long list of natural cleaning supplies including, but not limited to, full cleaning starter kits, pet cleaning supplies, and natural dishwater gel.

But it wasn’t enough just to create good cleaning products, Better Life also ensures that they are packaged in a sustainable manner, utilizing solar energy and recyclable materials in their manufacturing plants. These packaging materials are designed to biodegrade two to five times faster than conventional materials.

4. Sustainable Supply

Screenshot of the Sustainable Supply Online Store homepage.

If you need to buy your cleaning supplies in bulk or have a lot of different types of cleaning product needs, then you’ll want to head over to Sustainable Supply. This e-commerce supply boasts carrying over 1,000,000 cleaning products and sell to all types of clients, including the individual homeowner as well as bulk supplies for business owners. If you’re looking to really outfit your home with the best in natural cleaning supplies, then look no further than Sustainable Supply.

Note, however, while Sustainable Supply does specialize in high-quality natural and sustainable supplies, they also carry a range of products that don’t necessarily score as high as some of the smaller but niche specific companies on this list.


Screenshot of the Online Store homepage.

Headquartered in Jeffersonville, PA, is one of the United States’ fastest-growing wholesale janitorial, restaurant, and office supply e-commerce supply company. But where many wholesalers sell only to registered businesses and storefronts, anyone can access’s online storefront.

Note that like Sustainable Supply, you’ll find a variety of goods on this e-commerce website. This includes an extensive list of cleaning supplies that aren’t exactly green or created from 100% natural ingredients. That said, follow the above link to go to their specifically green cleaning products to enjoy fantastic prices on environmentally-friendly products.

6. Grove Collaboration

Screenshot of the Grove Collaborative Online Store homepage.

Grove Collaboration is a San Francisco-based Certified B Corporation that offers a wide variety of green products on their online store. This e-commerce company focuses on only offering those products that have proven to be gentler on the earth, meaning products both that include natural ingredients and products packaged by post-consumer materials. Grove Collaboration’s dedication to being green even includes its shipping methods as all to-customer shipments are done in partnership with Arbor Day Foundation. This partnership is committed to planting one million new trees within the next three years.

On Grove Collaboration, you’ll find a rich variety of cleaning supply products, that include their own branded cleaning sets. Visitors to the website will also find some of the green industry’s most trusted brands, including Seventh Generation and their wide range of products.

7. Baxter’s Naturals

Screenshot of the Baxter's Naturals Online Store homepage.

Baxter’s Naturals is a fantastic example of how popular all-natural products have become. This company began one product, the Mouse Oust, which is an eco-friendly peppermint oil mice spray repellant that leaves a refreshing scent and is incredibly effective at deterring rodents. In fact, it was so effective that Baxter’s Naturals was called to create similar products. From this one product, the company grew and now offers dozens of outstanding cleaning and home care products.

Today, one of the most popular products offered by Baxter’s Naturals is their Nature’s Laundry – Organic/Hypoallergic Natural Laundry Detergent. This laundry detergent is ideal for those who have allergies, asthma, or similar adverse conditions to chemical-based laundry detergent products.

8. Good Common Sense

Screenshot of the Good Common Sense Online Store homepage.

Good Common Sense prides itself on being one of the most complete online stores for safe and healthy cleaning and maintenance products. This e-commerce company was a pioneer in the green cleaning industry, having opened up its storefront over 30 years ago. Their store is stocked with only the most trusted eco-friendly brands.

On the Good Common Sense store, you’ll find a rich variety of brands including the highly-trusted Biokleen, EnvrionRite, and ECOs. The store’s products are conveniently separated by purpose with the following categories: Air Fresheners, All Purpose Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners, Carpet and Upholstery cleaning, Dish Soaps, Glass Clenars, Kitchen and Draine Cleaners, Green Laundry Cleaners, Metal, and Rust Removers, Orange and Pine-Based Cleaners, Wood Cleaners, and general Stain and Odor Removers.


When it comes to online stores, there simply is no company that can beat the sheer variety as Amazon. Amazon offers a rich array of green cleaning products and all-natural supplies that are sourced from brands from around the world. Furthermore, Amazon delivers its products globally, with many available within just two days of delivery time.

Note that while Amazon is a great starting place, there are a lot of green companies and all-natural cleaning brands that don’t currently sell on the e-commerce website. As you browse through this list, you are apt to find that some of the smaller stores don’t offer their products on Amazon and instead only sell and ship through their own storefront. 

10. Boxed

Screenshot of the Boxed Online Store homepage.

Boxed is a great e-commerce website that helps buyers save time and money with their unique offering of a curated bulk selection. What this means is that the Boxed team tests products from an array of popular brands and then provides you with the best products that you can buy as part of a larger package or as bulk individual buys.

Boxed offers a nice selection of home and cleaning supplies as well as a significant array of other products. With just a few clicks, you can stock up on your favorite natural home cleaning products and also keep your pantry stocked with your favorite dry goods and your bathroom filled with a fantastic array of naturally-sourced bath and body products.

11. Thrive Market

Screenshot of the Thrive Market Online Store homepage.

If you really committed to reducing your in-person shopping trips and purchasing only the best natural cleaning products, then you should consider joining Thrive Market. Thrive Market is a unique online, membership-based market that has committed to offering only the most trusted brands and their highest-quality products shown to be healthy and sustainable.

Membership to Thrive Market is $5 per month (billed as an annual fee of $59.95), which is less than a membership to Amazon and includes the following fantastic benefits:

  • 20-50% discounts off of retail prices on more than 6,000 organic, sustainable, and non-GMO products.
  • Tons of rewards and complimentary full-size product gifts.
  • Carefully curated product selection that is easily filtered by over 70 unique dietary and lifestyle needs so that members can get exactly what they’re looking for.

Like Amazon, Thrive Market offers a rich array of products including food and pet supplies as well as natural cleaning products. In the natural cleaning category, you’ll find big brand names like Seventh Generation as well as harder to find products like If You Care Fair Trade.

12. Earthy Edith’s

Screenshot of the Earthy Edith's Online Store homepage.

Earthy Edith’s is a newer company, having been started in October 2015 by a husband and wife duo, but has steadily been gaining traction in the green cleaning industry. Their goal in the company was to provide cleaning solutions that were 100% natural with no toxic or otherwise undesirable ingredients.

This online company may not have a large selection of products, but shoppers can enjoy a rich array of their products by purchasing one of their Earthy Edith’s SIMPLE Natural Cleaning Kits. These Kits are pretty unique as instead of shipping a big bulk of one type of cleaner, Earthy Edith’s has organized them by type of cleaning. For example, you might buy the Kitchen Kit that includes an array of products that were specifically created to clean the kitchen.

13. Dropps

Screenshot of the Dropps Online Store homepage.

The people behind Dropps started by making chunky yarn out of a Philadelphia-area cotton mill. Their yarn was highly praised, but they kept finding a problem whenever they washed the yarn with their store-bought detergent.

Those harsh detergents combined with the laundry process too frequently made quality yarn turn yellow and become excessively stretchy. So some of those yarn employees pivoted and created Dropps in order to create a high-quality laundry detergent that wouldn’t discolor or stretch out fabrics and instead deliver a beautiful, destaining clean.

Today, Dropps sells laundry detergent pods, scent booster and fabric softener pods, dish detergent pods, odor defense sprays, and much more. Buyers can also purchase bundles of Dropps products to get a nice mix of their best-rated products.

Furthermore, all Dropps products are delivered in eco-responsible packaging with no unnecessary dyes or fillers and free carbon neutral shipping. They are, in fact, one of the first e-commerce companies to be tablet o offer that carbon neutral delivery and their environmental work in this department has an incredible impact equivalent to taking 138 cars off the road.