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17 Best Nantucket Pie Recipes (All Types)

A collage of different Nantucket pie.

I am a college student on a budget and I am looking for authentic recipes traditional to New England. I have a class project that requires me to do this. Plus, I also just want to eat those recipes I find most appealing. There is one in particular that strikes my happiness chords–the Nantucket Pie recipe.

This pie is native to the region and comes from Massachusetts, and specifically, from Nantucket Island. As a result, choosing this cranberry covered confectionary was just about a necessity. Well, that and my love for cranberries!

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A Nantucket Pie Recipe for Those With Appliances

A photo of nantucket pie.

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Right away I am wondering how to make this dessert as a college student in a dorm. This recipe uses two powerful small appliances that I don’t actually own, but could borrow. There is a food processor and a microwave, both of which are not allowed in the dorm rooms. But we have a microwave down the hall, and that’s where I’ll be cooking this pie anyway.

The food processor could be my next and maybe only kitchen investment! This recipe looks delicious, by the way, with the use of cranberries and pecans as the go-to flavors. By the way, you can use frozen cranberries, which is new to me but works for lots of cooks on a budget.

Nantucket Cranberry Pie in a Dozen Ingredients

A slice of cranberry pie on a plate.

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This particular pie recipe for a Nantucket Pie actually is a Nantucket Cranberry Pie for some reason. The recipe is very simple, and this shows me why fruit pies have stood the test of culinary time. There is a filling and a topping, and both require baking. However, with an oven you can do this in less than an hour from start to finish.

Worth the wait and the extra effort of getting the ingredients. Instead of pecans, I see that this recipe uses walnuts, which is going to amp up the chomp factor. Walnuts are more of a meaty nut compared to the thin and flat but buttery pecan.

The Pioneer Woman Shows Us Her Nantucket Pie

Cranberry pie in a plate with cranberry sauce.

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This recipe is by the Pioneer Woman and we all know who that is! She has a Nantucket Cranberry Pie recipe that is what I am going to call a loaf of cornbread. Or at least that’s what it looks like to me. But with cranberries dotted all throughout, if you can imagine.

She just does not use a topping and it shows! We need to see this pie with ice cream or whipped cream; it’s more scrumptious that way. Either way, the recipe is rich with cranberries and pecans as her choice of nut.

A Nantucket Pie that Looks Like a Turtle Shell

Cranberry pie side's covered with foil.

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Can I begin by pointing out that in the photo, this Nantucket Cranberry Pie looks like a turtle shell on top. Did they really use biscuits from a can or did they cut the dough to make it do this? I am doubtful.

At the same time, the recipe is simple and quick. It only takes 35 minutes or you risk burning the turtle-looking pie crust. I will say, this one is coming out looking more like a pie covered with a shell than the Nantucket Cranberry Pie recipes we’ve seen so far that are sitting under a puddle of cranberries.

Souffle Bombay Bakes Nantucket Pie With or Without Nuts

Tasty cranberry pie with a slice.

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Here is a good tip to know! You do not have to use nuts of any kind in the Nantucket Pie. As this recipe writer notes, the nuts are completely optional but walnuts or pecans are the preferred selections.

They also state you need to use a springform pan and it should be a certain size to accommodate the pie ingredients. It’s the little things in life, you know! This would most likely be why I would have failed at this recipe if I didn’t read all the way to the tips section first. 

King Arthur Bakes Up a Nantucket Cranberry Cake

Close up cranberry pie on a gray background.

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Not a pie exactly, this is more of a cake. The Nantucket Cranberry Cake is all about that same pie flavor. You use both cranberries and walnuts for this recipe, and all of 13 tablespoons of butter. That’s a lot of butter, but then again, you are baking a cake.

The use of both almond and vanilla extracts combined is also a winner, in my opinion. In a cake, you can almost never go wrong with too many flavorings!

Nantucket Christmas Cranberry Pie to Take Home for Holidays

Cranberry pie in a pie stand with candles.

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The holidays are coming and here is a pie worth taking home to share with family and friends. The pie is a cranberry decadence that looks a lot better than some of the other nondressed versions here. I feel it is in the baking process and getting that perfect golden brown color. They also don’t know whether to call it a pie or a cake and since it works like both, I say either!

This feels a lot like a cranberry version of a cookie cake, but deeper and thicker consistency. I like the way the writer uses sugar to coat the cranberries and nuts before adding them to the pie. It reminds me of snow or frost built up around each of the bright red berries.

Taste of Home Tries to Bake a Nantucket Cranberry Tart

Cranberry pie tart on a tart stand.

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How does the Taste of Home do their version of a Nantucket pie? For starters, they call it a tart! This is a good-looking baked treat that would be received well at a get-together or potluck. The recipe also uses an entire cup of sugar and nearly a cup of butter. You are going to feel some guilt after eating this one, for sure! I say this is a bake and share type recipe meant to impress others. The use of a fluted tart pan adds to that charming element.

I Don’t Know Laurie But Here’s Her Nantucket Pie

Cranberry pie with a bread knife on table.

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Here you are, Laurie Colwin fans, this is her version of the Nantucket Cranberry Pie. The pie is made of chopped-up cranberries and walnuts and a lot more of the good stuff like too much butter and sugar. Oh, but it does look a lot more traditional for a pie recipe, and it is straightforward.

Plus, they don’t use vanilla, in favor of almond extract, and I hate anything vanilla. This is a win for me! It takes 40 minutes to finish this one baked to perfection.

Colwin’s Nantucket Pie Gets Veganized

A pie in a white plate full of cranberries.

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Let me be the first to warn you, the recipe is a lot of blogging before the actual ingredients begin. Between that and the ads, it’s hard to find only what you are looking for on these sites some days. Finally, at the actual recipe, it is a vegan version for sure, using vegan butter and non-dairy milk. Everything else in the recipe is already vegetarian and vegan.

Except eggs, and this recipe simply leaves those out. I do not see an egg substitute. But the crust also looks very much like a graham cracker crust in crumb consistency rather than a fluffy pie crust.

Gluten Free Nantucket Christmas Cranberry Pie 

Gluten free cranberry pir with white spoon.

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Another dietary preference for pies is this Gluten Free Nantucket Christmas Cranberry Pie. The pie itself does not seem that different in the way it is put together. However, the pie includes a topping made with brown rice flour and tapioca starch for a gluten-free option.

If you are baking a pie for the holidays and need a Christmas-themed pie both in color and flavor, this is the way to go. The gluten-free suggestion is optional, but you could do this regardless of a new flavor and texture in the final pie.

Using Mayo in a Nantucket Pie Recipe is Not an Option

Three stacked cranberry pie in a cloth.

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At least that’s the case with this recipe for a Nantucket Cranberry Pie, and I have to say, that’s crazy! I have never really got into using or eating mayo, so putting it in this pie batter is strange. And they use a batter, too, which is also strange.

The pie is a filling of cranberries, sugar, and chopped nuts, while the batter with the mayo, flour, eggs, butter, and sugar comes together for a Nantucket Cranberry Pie nonetheless. Would you be one to choose a pie with mayo in the batter over a non-mayo pie?

Adding Some Oranges to the Nantucket Cranberry Pie

Cranberry pie poured with milk.

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Just what this college student ordered! Oranges have been added to the Nantucket Pie for a Nantucket Cranberry Orange Pie. This recipe is a thick cake crumb studded with bright red cranberries. There is not a topping where you would want to see a dollop of whipping cream and some orange zest. But that shouldn’t stop you! The pie is reported to be quite like a fruit cobbler, and that would mean it holds up well once it has been set up in the fridge to cool overnight. 

Keto Nantucket Cranberry Pie 

Slice of cranberry pie in a gray background.

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What exactly is keto again? I am new to all of this dietary requirement stuff as someone just in college, but I know it has something to do with ketosis and dieting. Anyway, the use of the Keto Nantucket Cranberry Pie is good if you are looking for low sugar and carb-free serving of pie.

They go with some strange ingredients, though. This includes monk fruit-based sweetener, lupin flour, and konjac root powder. At least the whipped cream is actual whipping cream!

A Second Gluten-Free Nantucket Cranberry Pie

A close up small squared slice pie.

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For those with an intolerance for gluten products, this recipe is written by someone from Hungary, and that is the country, not the state of mind. Again, there is the use of some interesting ingredients you won’t find in most college dorms.

This includes xanthan gum and gluten-free multipurpose flour. I am not really worried about gluten sensitivity. But considering this could always be an issue in the future, it’s good to keep an open ear to recipes and ingredients without gluten.

The Grandmothers Put Some Rhubarb in the Nantucket Pie

A close up shot of rhubarb pie.

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What we have here is something outstanding that you must try! The use of rhubarb in the Nantucket Pie recipe sounds strange. After all, this is a long celery-looking vegetable that is also sour. You usually see it with a strawberry for a pie or cobbler. So using this veg for the Nantucket Rhubarb Pie is going to be good.

Make sure to include all the required sugar and nuts for extra crunch. After reading all of these Nantucket Pie recipes for this roundup, I have concluded that the pie I choose will either have pecans or walnuts. But nuts are a must!

Individual Nantucket Pies in Pots

Cranberry pie in a frying pan with grey background.

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This is another recipe I will have trouble baking since I don’t have six tiny enamel rounds that are pots for baking. These are adorable though and they are now part of my life goals for me to purchase. The pots allow you to bake individual servings, which are perfect for a dinner party or birthday gathering.

Each little pot of Nantucket Pie also comes out looking like a miniature cake. It’s too cute and delicious to ignore! This would be a great serving method for a take and bake dessert for a Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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