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20 Best Naan Bread Recipes (All Types)

Naan Bread Recipes

The real way to save money is to bake your own bread. We have been baking bread at home for years now. It’s the way in the Midwest when you have blizzards and other isolating events.

However, naan is a new bread to me. I have enjoyed learning how to put together this flatbread that has international origins. Now, here in this recipe roundup are some of the highlights I have found when researching the best naan bread recipes around the world.

1. Your Basic Homemade Naan Recipe

Homemade Naan

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The basic Homemade Naan recipe to get you going with this roundup is My Easy Naan Bread Recipe. This is the most traditional kind of naan that you can bake in the US based on our ingredients. It is essential to Southeast Asian diets, but here in the US we are sort of just starting to get onto the Naan Express.

For example, this particular recipe uses Greek yogurt. That is not the traditional Indian way, and it definitely stands out for its uniqueness. But you have more access to Greek yogurt compared to dairy products from Southeast Asia here in the States.

And as you will discover, the Afghanistan versions of naan are using Greek yogurt in their recipes, too. Which do you prefer in a yogurt product or yogurt substitute? 

2. Garlic Naan Bread Recipe

Garlic Naan Bread

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Ready to add some flavor into the naan? Go with this Garlic Naan Bread that includes everything you need for a meal. Garlic is an antioxidant and allium that is quite beneficial to your health.

Plus, it adds antimicrobial factors to the flatbread, extending its lifespan. Simply one ingredient will do so much to this bread, but wait until you see some of these other recipes that include nuts and fruits in a naan bread. Back to the garlic, this is a great recipe to bake up if you suspect there are vampires dwelling in your attic.

A few loaves of Garlic Naan Bread whiffing in the wind will surely send those vampires back to the evil corners from which they lurk!

3. Authentic Malaysian Naan Bread Recipe

Malaysian Naan Bread

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Malaysia is a popular place to enjoy naan, and Rasa is a township in Malaysia. This recipe from the blog Rasa Malaysia offers this great recipe on how to make Malaysian or Chinese style naan bread. The bread is cooked in a blistering hot cast iron skillet, which is the secret to getting it baked but not crisp and still ready to be pulled apart.

This is a fun recipe to try out if you are looking for more authentic naan bread. 

4. Original Indian Naan Bread Recipe

Original Indian Naan Bread

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Now I want to share an interesting recipe for Original Indian Naan Bread that features the option of some curious spices—nigella seeds. These can be crushed and added to the dough when mixing. Plain yogurt is recommended in this recipe, and they also use an egg as a binder.

This is a risen dough with yeast so it’s likely to get puffy when cooking. This allows you to open up the naan and use it like a pocket to hold meats or vegetables. It is recommended to eat these Indian naan breads hot out of the oven and smeared in butter.

Melting butter on bread sounds like the food to me.

5. Naan-e Roghani from Afghanistan

Naan-e Roghani

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Also referred to as Oil Bread, the Naan-e Roghani version of naan hails from Afghanistan. The naan breads, in general, come from this region, so this will be the more authentic Afghani version of naan. If you are doing an international study of food, this would be a great addition to the menu!

Here, instead of just nigella seeds, the recipe suggests alternatives like poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Consider toasted sesame seeds and black versus white sesame seeds as you bake up this authentic naan bread. This will change up the flavor and give you more context to this bread.

You also get more bulk in the bread with the use of the add-ins. This is a great way to introduce new spices and flavors to your kids, as well, since flatbread and naan is more diet friendly for most people.

6. Naan-e Afghani, the National Bread of Afghanistan

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Naan-e Afghani is the National Bread of Afghanistan. That is a huge honor and reason why you should try baking this naan at least once. This version of naan is finished in the most unusual way.

The technique of making dots or impressions in a patterned line comes into play. I have been wanting to buy one of those tools that you roll over dough to make holes in it, and this is another reason why! I really love the way this bread breaks apart along the perforated lines.

You get your own bread sticks ready for dipping into a curry, as suggested, or tomato sauce like they do at the local pizzerias.

7. Nawabi Naan, A Nutty Flatbread of India

Nawabi Naan

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Next we have Nawabi Naan from India, which is a wholly different take on naan from the previous Southeastern Asian cultures. Here we have the insertion of nuts into the naan dough, something that none of the other naan breads include. Also, I want to point out this is a dairy free naan, perfect for vegans.

There is no yogurt or milk in this naan bread recipe from India. That makes sense considering the cultural considerations for dairy products in India. Instead, for flavoring and to bulk up the naan, there is the use of sliced almonds, chopped cashews, and sliced pistachios.

They do use butter to brush over the baked naan, but you could also use ghee, which is the traditional choice for this country.

8. Mango Chutney Naan Bread Recipe from the BBC

Mango Chutney Naan Bread

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But what about fruit? Well, I have a treat for you! After the nuttiest naan on the planet, you get this Mango Chutney Naan Bread Recipe from the BBC.

This recipe uses eight whole tablespoons of mango chutney—that’s not nothing. What you do is roll the bread into eight pieces that are thin to the width of about one-quarter of an inch. Form a pocket by adding a tablespoon of the chutney and folding the dough over.

Crimp the edges, and you have a fruit filled naan bread similar to a hand pie. This is grilled for only two minutes per side, making it super healthy thanks to not deep fat frying it.

9. What is Keema Naan?

Keema Naan

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Another naan recipe from India is the Keema Naan. This is a popular street food in the UK and India, as it’s a meat pie. Who doesn’t love a meat pie? Even vegans, do, as long as it’s a vegan meat pie!

Anyway, this Keema Naan is a stuffed naan bread filled with hot minced lamb, and by hot, I mean spicy. This is going to be more of a samosa but without the deep fried crunchy shell, and more of a that soft naan texture you are expecting.

10. Paneer Naan Stuffed Using Paneer Cheese

Paneer Naan

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Indian Paneer Stuffed Naan is another recipe that also stuffs the flatbread to the edge with deliciousness. This here is where you can go if you are a vegetarian, straight to the paneer. I know we give vegans a lot of recipes, but vegetarians deserve more attention.

Also, this recipe is a very traditional Indian food thanks to the use of paneer cheese, which is like an American version of cottage cheese according to this recipe creator. Some of the Paneer Naan is also filled with jalapeños and chili peppers for the more intense spicy naan on the market. This would be great coated in butter or dipped in cooling yogurt.

11. Peshwari Naan With Almonds, Raisins, and Coconut

Peshwari Naan

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Peshwari Naan is another recipe for Indian style flatbread that comes pre-filled with goodness. This is a naan flatbread studded with almonds, raisins or sultanas, and desiccated coconut. Ghee is brushed on when done for extra flavor, while the drizzle of honey or syrup is not out of line.

In India, they eat Peshwari Naan with curries as a dipping bread. It serves as a scoop similar to a tortilla chip, don’t you think?

12. Aloo Naan, Are You There?

Aloo Naan

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Aloo Naan is an Indian vegetarian recipe for naan that also stuffs the flatbread. This time the Indian cuisine brings out the flavors of potato for this Stuffed Potato Naan. Yogurt called curd or dahi is used in lieu of the more traditional yogurts from India.

The recipe spices things up with garam masala, which is optional and that’s surprising. You would think it would naturally be in this Indian naan. But they do call to use cumin seeds, mango powder, green pepper, and cilantro as part of the filling.

If you want a more traditional naan bread this would be a highlight recipe, especially for a naan that comes packed with vegetables and vitamins. Perfect for putting in a lunch box for school or to send off for a long work day.

13. Kashmiri Naan for the Smoother Flatbreads

Kashmiri Naan

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Kashmiri Naan is considered a beloved Indian side dish by this recipe creator. Therefore, I recommend you add this to your Indian themed array of flatbed recipes. But what makes a naan Kashmiri Naan?

This comes from the use of nuts and fruits including cherries and raisins for the filling. Also, this naan bread is made using coconut, which can be either desiccated or powder form. This is served with a Kashmiri kahwa, which is a traditional green tea drink in India.

The tea has honey and walnut flavorings, so you could easily substitute these into your own snack tray for serving this naan as part of tea.

14. Chur Chur Naan, Coming Down the Tracks

Chur Chur Naan

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Chur Chur Naan is another flatbread recipe hailing from India, this time out of Northern India. The recipe is a stuffed naan that calls for using paneer and potato. Yes, that is correct, you get to put both the cheese and the potato into this one.

What a treat! If you are looking for something that is most substantial for a meal that is most like an Americanized version of a naan bread, which is like a Hot Pocket, this recipe is the one to use.

15. Roghni Naan, the Rebellious Naan

Roghni Naan

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I call this Roghni Naan the Rebellious Naan because it uses poppy seeds, which I find to be an interesting food since heroin, you know, heroin. So this recipe adds both poppy and onion seeds to the dough. Then you also have the traditional ingredients of ghee and milk that comes from most Indian naan recipes.

This one calls for yoghurt or curd, which may be found in your local Asian supermarket or specialty shop.

16. The Spicy Jalapeño Bullet Naan of India

Spicy Jalapeño Bullet Naan

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What the heck is Bullet Naan? It is the spiciest naan this side of India! By the way, the recipe creator makes this naan in an Instant Pot, so if you have one of those bulky gadgets, you are in good luck.

I do have an Instant Pot, and I appreciate how they are not requiring that you use an Instant Pot but just make it a suggestion. However, they report the use of that machine will result in a softer final product. If you want to go for a softer naan that you ever have before, then try this recipe for this Bullet Naan.

It also results in a heavily studded jalapeño filled naan bread, so be wary of the spice factor on this one.

17. Warqi Paratha Naan Bread

Warqi Paratha Naan

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Warqi Paratha Naan is another type of flatbread commonly baked somewhere in India. They sure do have a lot of options for their naan, in India alone! This is also called Layered Paratha and it’s a very interesting looking finished product.

The technique of folding the dough after it is stretched super thin creates a pastry dough like result. You see the layers created in the dough using the ghee, which is also traditional to India. Ultimately, if you want what the Indians probably refer to as the flaky layered biscuit of naan breads, this is the recipe to choose.

They also use sugar to sweeten the dough. This will also help with browning each naan loaf as it becomes ready for the shallow fry using ghee.

18. The Bolani of Afghanistan

Afghan Bolani


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Also called Afghan Bolani, this is a stuffed flatbread that is filled just like a quesadilla, in my opinion. It is another traditional Afghanistan flatbread that is made with either spinach and cilantro filling or a potato filling using green onions. The final naan is dipped into a yogurt sauce made from Greek yogurt, like the first recipe in this roundup recommends using.

The Greek yogurt is flavored using garlic, ground coriander seed, and dried dill. This is not necessary for enjoying the naan, but the recipe creator highly recommends using the yogurt as a dipping sauce.

19. Tigella of Italy

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The Italian Tigella is a flatbread that is somewhat like a naan bread. However, the circular shaped finished products are smaller in diameter and thicker in width. Folded over these serve like a taco shell to encase ingredients like meats and cheeses.

I want to include the Italian Tigella in this recipe roundup since this is the Year of the Tiger and it is also an Italian version of a flatbread. We always think about the Italians when we are baking flatbread and pizza crusts. Therefore, it is only fitting to include that flatbread as one of the types of naan that hails from our East. 

20. Shaobing of China

Shaobing of China

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And now since it is the Year of the Tiger, the very last recipe in this recipe roundup is for Shaobing, which is a type of flatbread in China. This is a traditional Chinese bread that comes stuffed with sesame and Sichuan peppers if you are served it on the streets of Beijing. Food lovers and foodies rejoice in having the option of enjoying this final recipe for some sort of naan bread from Southeast Asia.

We started with the use of Greek yogurt and are ending with the use of Sichuan peppers. What a whirlwind of a recipe ride this has been for the naans and flatbread?