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HomeStratosphere's Most Popular Blog Posts Ever

On January 23, 2014, Home Stratosphere published it’s first post.

Since then, we’ve published 730+ posts and have received over 20 million page views in 19 months.

We have no plans to stop.  In fact, we’re growing faster than ever.

While we think every post is great, some of our posts and galleries do stand out.  By stand out, we mean that they are incredibly popular based on how much they’re shared.

Since we’ve surpassed 20 million page views with over 1 million shares, we’re overdue for putting together our “Best Of” gallery.

When I visit sites, I love it when they share they’re most popular posts, and since we do what we enjoy with website experiences, we’re thrilled to share Home Stratosphere’s most popular posts.

How do we judge a post’s popularity?

We do so strictly by share volume.  A share includes a Facebook share, Pinterest Pin, Tweet, Google+ follow, Tumblr follow and/or Stumble.  The lion’s share of shares are Facebook shares and Pins.

Here’s our list of most popular galleries ever…

124 Luxury Kitchen Designs (316,980 shares) – Kitchen designs are the hottest category on our site… by far.  It makes sense because these days people invest the most money into their kitchen.  It’s the heart of the home.  In fact, with the growing trend of open concept design, kitchens are the heart of the living area.  No longer are kitchens relegated to some hidden corner of the home; they are central and integral to the home.  A beautiful kitchen is therefore key to a beautiful home.

45 Custom Foyer Interior Designs (111,012 shares) – This gallery features 45 amazing front hall foyers.

50 Professionally Decorated Master Bedrooms (84,321 shares) – What’s great about this post is that these master bedroom designs aren’t ultra luxurious and expensive.  Instead, they’re regular bedrooms that are very nicely decorated.

58 Luxury Master Bedroom Designs (80,907 shares) – Unlike the 50 professionally decorated master bedrooms above, this gallery of 58 luxury master bedrooms feature large and expensive master bedroom designs.

36 Elegant Living Rooms (77,403 shares) – This post is a diverse mix of elegant living rooms.  Many designs and styles featured.

42 Custom Kitchen Designs (73,229 shares) – This is an eclectic mix of kitchen designs we liked and put them together in what we consider an eclectic and almost random gallery of kitchen designs.

75 Formal and Casual Living Rooms (60,813 shares) – This is an epic gallery featuring a whopping 75 formal and casual living room designs.  Many colors and styles featured.  It’s an excellent gallery to check out when coming up with living room concepts.

41 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs (58,848 shares) – The U-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts because it’s so functional.  We currently have a U-shaped kitchen and while it’s not as pretty as a single line with huge island, the U-shaped design offers plenty of storage, countertop surface area and you don’t need to move much within the space (unless the U-shape is huge).

40 Ultra Luxurious Kitchen Designs (35,844 shares) – If you like to look at luxurious kitchen designs, this gallery is for you.  We put together a collection of ultra luxurious kitchens that we found were over-the-top beautiful (but way out of most people’s kitchen budget).

60 Finished Basement Designs (28,034 shares) – Our finished basement/man cave gallery is extremely popular, especially for men.  It showcases some amazing finished basements and man caves.  Many styles, designs, layouts, sizes and features included.  Some are simple entertainment rooms while others are massive and luxurious mult-room basements with all the fixings such as billiards table, games table, arcade, stadium seating, multiple TV’s, etc.

100 Modern Kitchen Designs (20,774 shares) – This was our first big hit post we published on Home Stratosphere.  It was a hugely popular immediately.  It’s a mega gallery featuring modern kitchen designs.  Some of the designs are concept kitchens.  There are some truly wild kitchen designs in this collection.

33 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (20,504 shares) – Barbecuing and eating outside is popular these days.  There are TV shows dedicated to it.  There a successful restaurant chains offering barbecue.  Besides, what could be more fun than cooking and eating outside in great weather?  This post showcases 33 diverse outdoor kitchen ideas and designs.

64 Kitchen Island Designs (19,521 shares) – The kitchen island is popular.  Everyone wants one.  They are highly functional (storage and workspace) and they look great.  This post showcases a beautiful collection of 64 kitchen islands.

51 Grand Living Room Designs (17,757 shares) – If you like grand living rooms, this post is for you.  These are large living room spaces that are beautifully decorated.

47 Beautiful Small Living Rooms (16,571 shares) – In stark contrast to our 51 grand living room designs, is our gallery of 47 small and cozy living room designs.  These are more realistic for most people. The take-away is that you don’t need a huge living room or a huge budget to create a beautiful living room design.

33 Beautiful White Kitchens (15,804 shares) – White kitchens are insanely popular.  Here’s a small, but beautiful collection of 33 white kitchens.

127 Custom Bathroom Designs (15,479 shares) – This is our epic bathroom design post featuring a whopping 127 custom bathroom designs.  This collection features bathrooms of all sizes, budgets, features, materials, colors, etc.  If you’re looking to design a bathroom, this is a fantastic gallery to check out.

47 Modern Living Room Designs (14,745 shares) – If you like the modern look (minimalist with sleek lines), this post is for you.  We put together an outstanding collection of modern living room designs.

48 Dream Kitchen Designs (11,659 shares) – We love to dream.  We all have our idea of a dream kitchen.  This post showcases 48 of our dream kitchen designs … and we think you’ll no doubt find a few of your dream kitchens here too.

63 Beautiful Family Room Interiors (10,463 shares) – We’re not surprised this is one of our most popular posts because family room design is on the rise.  As home sizes increase, so too does the inclusion of a family room (in addition to a living room).  If you don’t have a family room, this gallery can inspire more casual living rooms and/or basement designs.

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