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Top 10 Most Expensive Steaks in the World – Do You Know Them All?

Different kinds of steak on a wooden board along with condiments against a rustic table.

Whether it’s a classic cut prepared in the traditional way or an artisanal beef with a modern twist, steak dishes are more often than not a surefire way to stoke someone’s appetite. In North America, they’re typically served grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. Steak knives with wooden handles accompany the dish as well as a steak sauce.

In the US, steak dinners consist of a starchy side dish, a small serving of cooked vegetables and a dinner roll. In the UK, steak dinners consist of chips (fries), fried mushrooms, a fried tomato (or other vegetables) and English mustard and ketchup for condiments. In France, you’ll be served a steak-frites (steak and French fried potatoes) followed by a green salad.

While not many of us have had the opportunity to sink our teeth into any of the prime juicy beef that follows, this list is a tasty treat for all steaklovers and meat-eaters to delight in.

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10. Wagyu Tomahawk (Price for 22-Oz serving- $109)

Wagyu tomahawk steak on a chopping board.

Many restaurants serve the Wagyu Tomahawk as a la Carte for customers to spot it while it moves on a platter through the dining room. The creativity of the rib eye is its 22 ounces trimmed off the bone leaving it having an ax like shape, which weighs only 30 ounces. It’s served in an old style. It is famous for its marbling and delightful flavor, and it’s one of the prized beef in Japan.

A tomahawk is a Rib Eye with the bone trimmed off for a stunning presentation. It is incredibly tender, perforated with a mouthwatering marbling texture and juicy beef flavor. The fats in the steak melt into the beef when being cooked revitalizing the taste. A Tomahawk will deliver a more appealing robust flavor than Tenderloin.

Wagyu beef’s history dates back some centuries and the name ‘wag-yu’ means ‘Japanese Cow.’ The beef derives from a Japanese breed that contains very high content of fat marbling. Skilled ranchers raise these cattle under stress-free environments with individual care and some specialized practices that guarantee high-value produce. To attain the highest class of flavor, tracing of the cattle breed line is carefully done to determine the cow’s lineage. This is very important to protect the flavor, and eventually, its marbling. The Fat that is within the meat is what is referred to as marble, and its vitality in the cooking process is essential as it gives the meat its rich, tender flavor.

9. Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye Cheese Steak (Price for 8-Oz serving-$160)

On the list of quality most expensive beef is the Kobe Rib Eye Cheese Steak. It has a delightful taste, cut with foie grass and peppered with cheese, truffles; heirloom shaved tomatoes, caramelized onions and is served on a homegrown brioche roll. The Kobe beef is expensive, and you can get it at the cost of $100. The roll is served with a glass of Dom Perignon 2000, a perfect casual dish that is superb for dinner dates, an accompaniment with charm and creativity.

Rearing of Wagyu cattle is slow and natural, resulting in fatty streaks on the beef which gives it a unique and creamy texture. Its stake has a feel that of foie grass, which according to myths, the cattle are fed with beer and get massaged by human hands. The meat is pale in its raw state with an ungodly amount of fat. This means the extended lifespan of the cattle is translating to more costs on the meat price. Preparing the steak is quick, first broiling or searing then finishing in an oven or grill for 15 minutes. It can also be seasoned with salt and pepper, placed in a 1,200-degree broiler and finish slowly over the oak grill.

A Japanese Kobe in Las Vegas costs $33 an ounce, totaling to $264.00 for a bill of an eight-ounce serving. At Tokyo Aragawa, you can pay up to $301 for the same eight-ounce serving of charbroiled Kobe filet with mustard and pepper. Outside Japan, in Beverly Hills, an 8-ounce rib eye of 100% Wagyu beef costs $160.

8. Wagyu Rib Eye (Price for 8-Oz serving- $144)

Wagyu rib eye steaks

The marbling Wagyu Rib Eye steaks are available and served in many restaurants in America. The cattle are imported from Australia and are of the same famed breeds from Japan. They are raised for over 18 months on free range, and for 360 days, the cattle are fed with a unique formulation, from Japan, of grain that will guarantee the steak an exquisite tenderness. The steak scored MS 5 (1 – 9+ scale) a top-shelf steak.

Taking a quick look at the stake, one immediately notices the astonishing amounts of the milky intramuscular fat networking across the steak. This, while cooking, will translate to a rich, creamy flavor with an incredible butter-knife grain that thaws in your mouth. Wagyu Rib Eyes can be cut by hand into different sizes. Steaks sold vary in sizes from 8 to 14 oz. While grilling, it is advisable that you cook on a grill pan instead of an open flame since the extra fat marbling on the beef will melt on the grill and can cause explosions or flare-ups.

The Wagyu Rib Eye marbling seems everlasting and sets out a perfect stage for a lively, full-bodied flavor. The steak is incomparable from the rest and is fashioned with real meat expertise in mind. The heavenly taste is a result of the cattle’s diet, lineage and harvesting season, just like in light wine harvesting; all are focused on placing uniqueness in every animal that is harvested. These steaks grade way above the UDA Prime Standards, and are consistent in high-quality-flavor with a richness that is suitable for low-cholesterol and a well-balanced diet. These Wagyu animals are free of any additional hormones or any antibiotics, but their entire lives are well spent grazing peacefully in lush, sunny fields.

The Wagyu ribeye stands at 8 ounces for $144. Wolfgang Puck’s baby states, ’you know the meat is going to be good – indeed, Wagyu is a highlight on the menu.’ A restaurant is guaranteed to make sales of the beef as it is so tender, you barely need a knife to cut it through. Some restaurants offer regular New York strip steaks that are as much as popular.

7. Japanese Wagyu Ribeye (Price for 8-Oz serving -$144)

Premium raw thin sliced wagyu ribseye prepared for Japanese style barbecue.

The Japanese Wagyu Ribeye is from the Japanese famed Black Kuroge cattle which are admired in Japan for their high-quality meat. The cows are reared and raised by experts from Japan who strictly follow cultural feeding procedures to the letter that produce beef with international standards. These cattle are seen to be superior to the Tajima cattle used for Kobe steaks produce beef that has velvety texture, elegant and brilliant marbling. After the meat is cooked and served, it becomes tender with noticeable mild, sweet flavor. This Wagyu beef ranks very high in the strict Japanese rating system. With an A5, it is an excellent beef score for quality and yield; with class, details such as brightness and color, texture and firmness, luster, color and the Fat quality. Of all the Wagyu cattle produced in Japan, only 3% score this. Its flavor and tenderness are untouchable. This is the last beef that sets up a novel bar.

6. Wagyu Kobe Steak (Price for 6-Oz serving- $144)

Wagyu Kobe steak

The reason as to why Kobe beef is priced so high is that it is well-thought-out to be the most marbled steak in the world. It is packed with the most decadent, creamiest and flavored streaks of fat that most steaks rarely have.

Some factors determine the quality of Kobe steaks, and for it to be labeled Kobe it has to meet the following standards before slaughter: –

  1. Bullock cow
  2. Grazed on a farm inside Hyogo Prefecture
  3. Tajima-Gyu born inside Hyogo Prefecture
  4. The meat processed within Hyogo Prefecture
  5. Meat quality rating should be 4 or higher(5 point scale)
  6. Marbling rate (BMS) of 6 or higher (12 point scale)
  7. Total weight not above 470 kg

Because of the strict standards, barely 3, 000 cows pass through these qualifications as good Kobe cattle every year. You surely need to differentiate between Kobe and Wagyu beef, and all Kobe steaks are Wagyu but not all Wagyu steak is Kobe. However, Kobe steak is the most globally recognized Wagyu brand. There are other types of Wagyu including Ohmi, Matsusaka and Bungo beef which have been raised in unlike prefectures in Japan which are subject to their regulations.

There are common mistakes that grillers make while a Kobe steak barbeque or grill. Leave the lid open if and when searing Kobe steaks and make sure to keep eye contact to it. After moving it to indirect heat, you can close the lead and let the smoke work through it. If you are using charcoal, keep it at a steady temperature for grilling the Kobe steak. The charcoal is ready when turned white and no smoke is produced.

5. Wagyu Sirloin (Price for 10.5-Oz serving- $169)

A serving of Wagyu sirloin steak

Wagyu Sirloin is commonly known, and it is a thick steak special in most restaurants for its deep flavor that is of great value. Its fillets are cut from the top sirloin, a substantial gutless slim portion which many contemplate being superior to the lower sirloin. Many restaurants top sirloin steak are perfectly flavored, thin and have a reasonable tenderness, the mark of sirloin cuts. The steaks are highly flexible for steak or sirloin tips, ideal for marinades of your preference or can be prepared directly on the grill.

Steak Temperature Monitor

The following numbers will enable you to check your steak while it’s cooking to match your preference. Check the internal temperature; this is when you will be required to remove the steak from the heat. It will continue to cook as the temperature continues to rise.

Preferences Description Internal Temperature

Rare Red center (very cool) 1100F

Medium rare Red, warm center 1200F

Medium Pink throughout 1300F

Medium well Pink center 1400F

Well No pink not recommended

You can enjoy the mouth-watering tenderness of a Wagyu top sirloin and experience the sensation that goes along with it. Top sirloin steaks can be seared and roasted, broiled or grilled to your perfect preference that can suit any occasion.

Burj Al Arab is the most famous place in Dubai where you can spend this steak at a specific time for about 10.5 ounces. The best steak is offered at an altitude of 700 feet, with spectacular views from the restaurant, this way the most expensive steak is served at the most expensive restaurant. To enjoy this meal, the price of the steak is $169.

4. Select Special Kobe Filet (Price for 5.6-Oz serving- $246)

The American style Select Special Kobe Fillet and strip steaks are a seamless pairing for an exquisite delicacy. The creamy, tender filet mignon with an excellent Wagyu marbling and the vigorous flavor and texture of the Kobe sirloin strip steaks will make a memorable impression on your plate. If you got your credit card with you, it’s possible that you too can eat just like sumo wrestlers do. The famed Japanese Kobe beef is one of the world’s steaks, produced in line with the stickiest legal food standards. The meat must carry a 10- digit identification number to know the origin. Most restaurants will cook and serve with a style suggestive of the trained sumo wrestler’s way of grilling wild boars 200 years ago. To add to the sumptuous cultural feast, the steak is served in traditional pottery.

3. Charbroiled Kobe Filet (Price for 8-Oz serving- $258)

Charbroiled Kobe Filet is known to be the most expensive steaks in Tokyo. The steak weighs 8 ounces, costing about $258 and its origin is the local Wagyu Farms. The raising of the cattle is not a walk in the park but involves massaging and feeding the animals of sake, while treating them fairly. It is believed in mythical theories that, a happy bull will, in turn, produce better meat. The steak is the juiciest, and fattiest Kobe beef in the world. The steak is served correctly the way it should be with minimally seasoned salt, mustard, and pepper. To experience the unique taste and flavor as intended, it is advisable that you don’t complicate the seasoning.

2. Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin (Price of 14.1-Oz serving- $295)

Sliced Wagyu tenderloin steak on a wooden chopping board.

This is the premium dish of the Prime restaurant in Sydney, Australia which serves whopping 14.1 Wagyu Tenderloin has a marbling score of 9+. The steak has got a whole lot tender and mouth-watering fat. The steak is from the meat of cattle that have been fed for nearly 600 days. Currently, the Wagyu meat has the highest score outside Japan and the most expensive and luxurious one too. The cattle are bred and raised in Alexandra, Victoria by David Blackmore, Australia’s award-winning Wagyu rancher, and his meat is only sold to the Prime restaurant of Sydney.

1. A5 Kobe Steak (Price of 12-Oz serving- $350)

A5 Grade Wagyu beef on ceramic plate.

This is the most expensive cut of beef globally, and it tastes delicious. It is served in the Old Homestead Steakhouse presented in a very luxurious, big apple style. The ingredients have an appealing taste and are free from fats. The steak thaws in your mouth and on the tongue without any more need. The price of this steak is about $350.