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Most Expensive Refrigerators (Top 5)

Photos of most expensive refrigeratprs.

Found in many luxury kitchens, expensive refrigerators do not just add glimmer and style but also equally luxurious ways of keeping a bottle of milk cold. Interestingly, some of the most expensive refrigerators have French doors or armoire style.

Some are customized, offer plenty of storage and have added features to ensure that the meat, fruits, and vegetables are kept fresh and odor-free. Here’s a quick rundown of the most expensive refrigerators in the market today.

5. Flatshare Fridge – $7,000

As an invention of Stefan Buchberger, an Austrian design student, the Flatshare Fridge was among the top 10 finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition. The refrigerator consists of more than four stackable modules. Customization of each module is easy using add-ons such as a whiteboard or a bottle opener.

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The inventor got his inspiration from roommates living in a dorm. Thanks to the modular design of the refrigerator, each roommate can use a shelf or module for his or her own purposes. Extension of the Flatshare Fridge is easy too and all one has to do is add more modules over the base unit.

As the perfect solution for a dorm room where a lot of people live, one compressor controls the refrigerator. This is fitted at the bottom/base unit. For the whole system to work there needs to be trust between the roommates. Without trust, it’s quite easy to hear roommates complaining about stuff disappearing from the refrigerator and no one seems to know how it happened.

Each module comes with drawers and shelves which are self-contained by design. Since every module acts as a separate unit, users have the option of setting their desired temperature. You can store fresh foods, frozen foods, icepacks, and wine among others.

4. Liebherr ECBN 6256 PremiumPlus Refrigerator – $8,953

Priced at $8953, the Liebherr ECBN 6256 PremiumPlus Refrigerator has a fridge-freezer with NoFrost and Biofresh. Thanks to the BioFresh feature, fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, and milk will retain their nutrients as well as their appetizing appearance and delicate aroma for a longer period. On the other hand, the NoFrost feature ensures long-term freshness of your food.

This is because your food is frozen by chilled re-circulating air while all the humidity is expelled. Due to this, the freezer will always be free of ice and food will no longer frost over. Another amazing feature available with the Liebherr ECBN 6256 PremiumPlus Refrigerator is DuoCooling.

This is an independent and accurate temperature control system integrated into the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Two separate cooling circuits that prevent the exchange of air between the two compartments – refrigerator and freezer, controls the feature. As a result, the transfer of odor is prevented.

It comes with an Icemaker (with fixed water connection) that automatically makes available the finest quality ice cubes. This ensures that you are always prepared for any occasion. It features a SoftSystem closing mechanism that is highly practical and comfortable.

Thanks to the system, the refrigerator door will close slowly even when fully loaded. If the refrigerator is built-in and its opened up to 30 degrees, the door will close automatically.

Drawers mounted on telescopic rails can extend outward smoothly. In addition, they allow the removal of the drawers when the door is open at a 90-degree angle. The refrigerator has an audible door alarm that alerts you when the door has remained open for more than 60 seconds. This has been done for the safe protection of your food.

The compartment liner has two LED columns for uniform illumination of the interior. Thanks to the special satin finish on the light cover, it creates a pleasant and stylish lighting atmosphere. It also comes with the child lock feature that prevents the appliance from being inadvertently switched off. If the child lock feature is engaged, you should see the MagicEye indicator turning on.

3. Northland Primary Series GS72RFI – $12,600

Manufactured by Northland, a custom refrigerated storage and wine vault manufacturer, the Northland Primary Series GS72RFI is available as a one-piece design which ensures more efficient system cooling. Available as a 72 inch all refrigerator and freezer combination, this is one of the largest refrigeration systems in the world built for home use.

It has stainless steel doors with heavy duty handles making it easy to maintain and use. The interior is made of stainless steel which makes Northland the only manufacturer to build custom refrigeration systems with stainless steel.

The solid stainless steel door has shelves both in the freezer and refrigerator section. When it comes to the shelves, they are also made of stainless steel. As a result, you are assured of a strong, durable, high-performing, and easy-to-clean system.

The shelves are exclusively framed with crystal clear tempered glass giving them a rugged look. As a result, the tempered glass gives you a chance of checking your inventory. This allows you to determine what needs to be re-stocked and what needs to be thrown out since it has gone bad.

What you ought to know about the Northland Primary Series GS72RFI is that it’s built of the finest grade non-magnetic stainless steel. This is done to ensure the custom refrigerator provides you with service for a long time as well as to complement your commercial style cooking equipment.

The refrigerator has 48.3 cubic feet of total storage, 24.1 cubic feet of freezer section with ice maker and 24.2 feet of refrigeration space.

Thanks to the Northland Primary Series GS72RFI, you can finally transform your kitchen to reflect your taste and style for functional beauty. It’s perfect for large families.

2. Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door – $16,950

As an 800 pound monument to food preservation, the Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door is priced at $16,950. With over 30 cubic feet of storage, the refrigerator has the capability of holding a variety of foods and keep them fresh at the same time. Thanks to the dual refrigeration feature with three evaporators and two compressors, the Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door provides the right environment for frozen and fresh foods. In addition, it prevents the transfer of odor between compartments.

The Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door has a magnetic door seal system which helps to keep the food frozen and fresh even when power is interrupted. As the biggest and boldest refrigerator from Sub Zero, it is a culinary secret weapon with the refrigerator section on the right and freezer on the left.

As a high-performance refrigerator, it has a vast interior and bold exterior. Crafted from stainless steel, the Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door is a hallmark of the iconic America kitchen. It has an automatic ice maker capable of providing clean and fresh ice. Fitted with an advanced water filtration system, it helps to eliminate the presence of chemical pollutants, bacteria, viruses and suspended matter.

It has stainless steel sliding bins that fit neatly under the refrigerator glass shelves. Not only that, they can slide out easily giving you quick access to your stored food. It has exterior temperature displays for the freezer and refrigerator. The triple pane and UV resistant glass door are able to convert the refrigerator into a well-lit display case.

If you ever purchase this unit, what you ought to know is that you can request for glass designed for high altitude regions instead of the triple pane and UV resistant glass.

The Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door has advanced microprocessors that monitor every section of the refrigerator to provide you with pinpoint climate control. An interior touch display panel that allows for easy adjustment complements this.

1. Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator – $41,000

Ever desired to own a refrigerator customized with a flat-screen TV and coffee making machine? Well, now you can thanks to an Italian company called Meneghini. They built the customizable Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator that comes as a three-door fridge with the following dimensions – 218.5 cm in height, 249 cm in width and a depth of 63 cm.

As the Most Expensive Refrigerator (Top 5), the fridge and pantry have a combined capacity of 334 liters while the freezer which comes with a storage area and two drawers has a capacity of 86 liters. As a customizable refrigerator, buyers can add a coffee maker, a flat-screen TV or even an ice dispenser. The three-door version has a lot to offer in terms of internal layout but this depends on the sizes on offer.

As a result, homeowners have the opportunity of creating different combinations for instance double pantry, freezer, space for a coffee maker, microwave oven, multi-function oven, steam oven, fridge fitted pantry.

The upper part of the fitted pantry has four spaces with strong glass shelves. It also has an internal light which turns on when you open the door as well as four small door shelves for storing and organizing your stuff. For the lower part of the fitted pantry, it has a sliding level with a capacity of 100 kg cases for soft drinks and water. There is another drawer for storing wine and spirits as well as 2 small door shelves.

The makers of Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator have combined functionality and modern design giving homeowners a stylish refrigerator that will surely transform their kitchens. Available in a wide range of colors, the front part of the refrigerator is styled with solid wood which can be painted in over 500 colors depending with your home décor.

Homeowners have the option of paying extra to have their Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerators fitted with brass handles and glass shelves in the refrigerator and freezer units.

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