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Top 10 Most Expensive Knives in the World

A collage of expensive knives.

Most kitchen knives can be purchased for under $40, but today we’re talking about those that would cut steep into our pockets. These are the knives that you wouldn’t use on a daily basis, but rather showcase (or hide) them in a prized collection.

Made by the finest knife-makers, designed with the finest of blades, decked in valuable metals, studded with diamonds and attached to premium wood handles, these knives make the cut to the world’s top 10 most expensive knives.

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10. Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki – $5,000

Crafted by one of the best Yoshihiro knife masters from Sakai, Japan, the knife features the Hamon, a pattern of waves etched on the blade. Specifically designed to resemble the natural beauty of the Fuji Mountain with a full moon, the knife was painted using the Fuki Urushi style.

This is a traditional lacquering technique that has been used by Japanese knife masters for more than a century. The handle is crafted from Lacquered magnolia wood gold fixed with a water buffalo horn holster. It is octagonal in shape for easier handling.

To protect the knife when not in use, the Japanese knife masters have crafted a wooden sheath called Saya. Not only does it protect the knife but also it helps to preserve its appearance.

Thanks to the use of carbon white steel when forging the blade, the knife has the ability to cut fish into sashimi in one single stroke. In addition, the expertise used in forging the knife ensures that it is able to retain its sharpness for a long duration.

9. Lancet ‘Ouroboros’ Knife – $5,500

Affixed with a beautiful hand engraved handle, it has copper and 24K gold inlays specifically designed by Jake Newel. The blade itself is hand forged which assures you of a top quality product. Crafted by Mike Norris, the blade is forged from the ‘Hornets Nest” Damascus steel.

It comes with a one-hand button lock and a thumb stud that allows for easy operation. As a sleek and well-refined knife, the etched designs bring out the beauty and authenticity of the knife and the expertise of the forgers. The knife comes with a leather carrying case. It helps to protect the knife when not in use.

When you purchase the Lancet ‘Ouroboros’, it’s shipped in an elegant wood presentation box that preserves its beauty. The knife has the following dimensions – blade 2.75 inches (69.9 mm) and handle – 3.63 inches (92.2mm). The overall open measures 6.38 inches (162 mm).

8. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki – $6,900

I don’t know if you would call this a knife or a sword because it comes with a 15.4-inch long blade. Forged by Yoshikazu Ikeda, a renowned knife master, he used white steel Shirogami #1. As a single edge blade, a Corian handle is affixed to allow better control.

The knife comes with an exceptionally hand painted sheath and it was decorated using the ancient Wajima Lacquer concept. This method was used in order to strengthen the cover and ensure it gets to last longer. It is decorated with cherry blossoms adding a sense of beauty.

As a sharp knife, it is perfect for use in the kitchen. Whether you are slashing fish or other foods, the Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with Corian handle will surely deliver.

7. Black Panther Knife with ebony carved handle – $8,150

I know you enjoyed the Marvel movie – Black Panther – especially the fictional nation of Wakanda, the concept of the rare metal, vibranium and their advanced technology.

Although the knife has the same name as the Marvel movie hero, it was not crafted in Wakanda nor has vibranium been used to forge the blade. Actually, the decorative knife has its blade forged from Damascus steel.

The handle is made of walnut and it’s carved into the image of a black panther. The Black Panther carving is adorned with gemstones and its silver in color.

It comes with a decorative cover that is also needle engraved with the head of the Black Panther and two sets of wings on each side. Other intricate designs have also been etched on the cover and they have been gold plated for added beauty. The cover is hand crafted and there are portions with silver details.

Thanks to the ornamental cover, the knife will get to last long. Just so you know, this is a great gift for a knife collector

6. Gentak Makara Knife – $12,500

This is another masterpiece from William Henry (the other was the Lancet ‘Ouroboros’ Knife), it features a hand forged blade by Mike Norris. The master craftsman and forger used the ‘Hornets Nest’ Damascus steel to forge the blade.

The hand engraved frame has 24K gold inlays done by Joanne Ryall, another master knife maker from William Henry. Just like the Lancet ‘Ouroboros’ Knife, the Gentak Makara knife has a one hand button lock and thumb stud set with spinels.

A spinel is a gemstone that is a favorite for gem collectors and dealers. As a hard glassy mineral, it is available in nature as octahedral crystals that vary in color and contain aluminum and magnesium.

As an exceptionally designed knife, it offers rigorous performance. This is the perfect canvas that showcases the art and expertise of craftsmen from William Henry.

The knife comes with a leather sheath and a stainless steel pocket clip for securing it around your belt. To provide additional protection, the knife is shipped with an elegant wood presentation box.

Simply put the blade and handle display a high level of artistry and use of exotic materials.

5. Monarch ‘Steampunk Dragon’ Knife – $18,500

The William Henry brand is comparable with the expertise displayed by the Japanese master forgers. As a finely hand engraved knife, the blade is forged from the ‘Hornets Nest’ Damascus steel by none other than master forger, Mike Norris.

The handle is not only stunning but also its micro-engraved with steampunk designs. Additionally, silver, copper and 24K gold inlays have been engraved on the handle for added superlative artistry.

Just like other William Henry custom made knives, the Monarch also comes with a one-hand button lock and thumb stud for easier operation. They are set with spinel gems for added elegance. Although the Monarch is available in a simple design, the knife is easy on the eyes.

Thanks to the use of exotic materials and hand engraving technique, the knife is a one of a kind masterpiece. It comes with a leather carrying Clipcase and a stainless steel pocket clip for attaching to your belt. For added protection, the Monarch is shipped in an elegant wood presentation box.

4. Searpoint Lace Knife – $25,000

As a luxury masterpiece from William Henry, it has a hand engraved handle that is inlaid with 24K gold. The hand engraving was done by Mario Terzi, a craftsman from William Henry.

To complement the stylish handle, Chad Nichols crafted the beautiful blade using ‘Boomerang’ Damascus steel. The hand-engraving and the hand forging of the Damascus steel took hundreds of hours to complete.

As you may have noticed, the hand-engraving is microscopic which is the signature of William Henry’s creations. This assures you of a timeless heirloom that will not only serve you diligently but you will get to pass it on to your son who will, later on, pass it on to his son and so on.

The remarkable design assures of a knife with a secure grip and a stylish blade that is functional. Just like other William Henry Creations, the knife comes with a leather carrying case designed to protect the knife and extend its durability. For additional protection, the Searpoint is shipped in a wooden presentation box.

3. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife Set – $44,000

Crafted by renowned jewelry designers – Quintin Nel and Hoffman Pieper – the Nesmuk Diamond Studded knife set is inspired by the efficient and aesthetic appeal found on much older knives. The knife is hand forged from carbon steel designed to extend the life of the blade.

In addition, it helps to ensure the knife retains its sharpness for a long period. Simply put, the knives feature 480 layers of high-quality carbon steel thanks to the hundreds of hours dedicated by experienced crafts smiths.

The word ‘Nesmuk’ refers to a group of knives that ranges from chef knives and slicers. As the third Most Expensive Knife (Top 10), each knife is designed with a sterling silver handle and carbon steel blades that arrives packaged in a stylish piano box.

In each box, you should find a diamond ring which makes sense why the knives have such a price tag – $44,000.

2. Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser – $99,000

Made by German jewelry makers, the Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser is the second most expensive knife in the world. As an eye-popping creation from Nesmuk, the blade is forged by Lars Scheidler. It is hand forged with 640 layers of Damascus steel with an edge of carbon steel.

The handle is handcrafted from bog oak that has been around for the last 5,000 years. It has been decorated with 25 diamonds and platinum which is the reason why the knife has such a steep price.

If you were to purchase the Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser, it will be shipped to your home in an elegant piano box.

1. The Gem of the Orient – $2.1 million

As the Most Expensive Knife (Top 10) in the world, the Gem of the Orient is priced at a whopping $2.1 million. You may be wondering what makes the Gem of the Orient such an expensive knife. Well, it was designed by Buster Warenski from Kimberley in Nevada, USA.

The handle is made from quartz and accented with red enamel. A total of 153 emeralds weighing 10 karats and 9 diamonds weighing 5 karats were incorporated. The gems were used to accent the gold filigree overlaid on the Jade handle.

What you ought to know is that it took 10 years for the designer to craft this stunning masterpiece.

Sadly, the master knife maker passed away on July 31st, 2005.