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20 Best Millionaire Bar Recipes (All Types)

Extra chocolatey millionaire bars in a wooden board.

Whichever name you choose to call it; millionaire bar, caramel bars, Twix bars, caramel shortbread, Wellington squares, or even millionaire shortbread, this delicacy is loved by all. 

The millionaire bar is said to have originated in Scotland and has a history as rich as the many ingredients that are added to the mix to achieve only the glossiest top two layers. 

This sticky-sweet treat is often served on Sunday afternoons with a nice cup of piping hot tea and even hotter gossip. It’s often linked to fond memories and the unique brand of nostalgia that can only come from savoring a crispy shortbread caramel bar.

To celebrate this legendary snack/dessert, we’re rounding up some of the best millionaire bar recipes. One of the things you’ll notice about these recipes is just how rich they are and it’s all thanks to the inclusion of the ooey, gooey caramel layer in the bar.  

Without further ado, let’s get cooking with a selection of the most delicious millionaire shortbread recipes. 

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1. Layers of Textured Goodness to Win the Hearts of All at Your Next Special Occasion. 

Millionaire bars short bread.

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If you have been watching the hit series, “Bridgeton,” you would have noticed that most of the excitement comes from the truth being revealed one layer at a time. And so, we’re going to start with a recipe that reveals all the different layers, one at a time. 

This shortbread recipe is nothing short of remarkable, revealing a crispy shortbread layer, a sticky caramel layer, and a smooth chocolate layer respectively. The caramel layer is made all the sweeter with more than a spoonful of condensed milk being added directly from the can.

Add in some hints of vanilla extract and the mixture will not only smell good but taste amazing too.  This recipe sounds rich enough for the Queen of England to enjoy piece by piece, and you’ll feel like royalty when enjoying it. 

2. Easy Does It When It Comes To Whipping Up This Tea Time Treat 

Layers of chocolate, caramel candy.

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This seven-step recipe puts the “short” in shortbread, nicely pinpointing each step that’s required to create the perfect millionaire shortbread. 

Everything can be perfected in a few sudden moves of your whisk and hand. The easiest bit of the recipe is the topping- plain chocolate melted in a bowl of hot water. This easy topping when poured over cold caramel makes it easy to replicate the traditional shortbread recipe exactly. 

3. Some Call It a “Trifecta” We Call It Triple the Goodness

Trifecta - sweet caramel treats and a glass of milk.

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This recipe hits all the sweet spots, with a chewy texture, a decadent dark chocolate flavor, and a gooey sweet taste thanks to the caramel in the middle layer. 

In addition to hitting all the sweet spots, this recipe has a healthy helping of sprinkled sea salt to ensure that it can satisfy one’s sweet tooth without being too cloying. 

Perhaps the sea salt sprinkle should remain one of your secret ingredients, as it’ll definitely give your tea-time guests something to talk about. 

4. Add the Right Amount of Chocolate to This Layered Treat and Enjoy the Extra Attention to Detail 

Short bread made from caramel, and chocolate.

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Following the traditional millionaire bar recipe doesn’t require much thought once you get the hang of it. But, it’s helpful to seek the guidance of some of the best chefs in order to ensure that you get the best outcome you possibly can.

The reason we treasure this particular recipe is that it speaks of the use of good quality chocolate. Perhaps the inclusion of better chocolate is all that is needed to ensure the bars taste all the richer, creamier, and fuller. 

5. A Sweet, Sticky, and Gooey Caramel Center is All That We Crave From This Millionaire Shortbread

Caramel shortbread and a fork.

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Could Lyle’s Golden Syrup be the secret behind the stickiness and the richness produced by this recipe? We think so. This ingredient alone could take the credit for why this particular recipe is so popular, as it makes the middle layer all the more delicious while giving it a unique glistening sheen.

Did you know that you can even microwave chocolate for the final layer of this shortbread treat? Yep, and it’s as decadent as you imagine it to be. 

6. Tea and Scones Might Be Synonymous With Tea Time, But, This British Millionaire’s Shortbread Recipe is Just as Good for Afternoon Tea

Extra chocolatey millionaire bars in a plate.

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Just as the British like their scones buttered well, this particular millionaire’s shortbread recipe comes with a buttery layer of shortbread. This recipe is made with flour, butter, and caster sugar, with condensed milk caramel providing a nice, creamy texture. 

7. Want to Deviate From the Traditional British Millionaire’s Shortbread? Try This Scottish Shortbread Recipe On for Size

A cup of tea and 3 caramel shortbread.

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Did you know that shortbread originated in the Elizabethan era in Scotland? So it only makes sense that we’d consult the Scottish for tips on how to make the perfect millionaire shortbread recipe. As a special occasion treat, the recipe works well with orange peels and almonds sprinkled at the top.

It is the little hints of citrusy goodness and nutty flavor that can change the taste combination of this delicious treat to an even tastier tea-time delicacy. 

8. If You Want a Flop Proof Treat, Try a Recipe That Offers Some of the Finest Tips and Tricks

A glass of coffee and 2 millionaire shortbread.

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A thin layer of chocolate added to the top is just what you need to put a magical finishing touch to this recipe. An added suggestion to ensure that you see all the layers beautifully is to ensure that your caramel layer is well chilled before you add the chocolate layer. For added taste to delight your already discerning palate, sprinkle some sea salt at the top. 

9. If You Wish to Add a Unique Twist to the Traditional Millionaire Shortbread Recipe, You’ll Be Doing Yourself a Favor by Including These Variations to It

A person slicing a millionaire shortbread.

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Perhaps a hint of cocoa powder in your shortbread base is all you need to add a glorious spin to an already glorious recipe.  The inclusion of chocolate in the caramel layer can add sprinkles of joy and a layer of richness that many crave when digging into this treat.

Yet another surprising twist to this recipe is the inclusion of cranberries or raisins before you pour the caramel. Fruity millionaire shortbread will definitely give everyone something sweet to talk about. 

10. Bake Your Millionaire Shortbread Squares Or Don’t Bake Them, the Choice is Entirely Up to You

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Ree Drummond is famous for making tasty homemade treats that much more fabulous. And now, the Food Network’s Southern queen brings us an unbaked version of millionaire shortbread for the home cook in a hurry. 

All you need to ensure that you won’t need to bake the shortbread layer is to omit the usual steps that you’d normally follow when making the shortbread layer and perhaps use honey Graham crackers instead. And if you want a shortbread layer with added crunch, the Graham cracker layer will definitely bring the crunch. 

11. Think of the Millionaire Shortbread as a Twix Bar and Then Make It Using Only 7 Ingredients 

4 slices of millionaire shortbread in a plate.

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Even the most sophisticated baker wants to use the least amount of ingredients possible sometimes, and that’s exactly what you can do when recreating this millionaire shortbread recipe. You need only 7 simple ingredients to quickly make this satisfying treat. 

12. If the Perfect Layers are All You Crave, Try Adding Some Heavy Whipping Cream

Person slicing a millionaire bar using a knife.

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You may have noticed that every recipe you try comes with a caramel layer of some kind. If you’re looking for a way to perfect your caramel layer, adding some heavy whipping cream could be all that you need.

Can you imagine what the inclusion of ½ cup of heavy whipping cream can do for your caramel layer? Yip, you guessed it! A softer and more delicious millionaire shortbread is what awaits you at the end of this recipe. 

13. Let an Award-Winning Chef Help You Whip Up the Best Millionaire Shortbread Squares 

3 millionaire shortbread with white chocolate.

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While this suggestion may not be what you’re looking for when you have fewer ingredients in your pantry, there’s something alluring about serving up a millionaire shortbread that’s nothing but glossy layers of perfection. 

But, to make these tasty squares of delight, you’ll need some golden syrup and heavy whipped cream to start. Bon Appetit! 

14. For the Chocolate Lover in Your Life, Mix Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate for a Swirly Millionaire Shortbread

Gooey millionaire bars with vanilla frosting.

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Most millionaire shortbread recipes are quite similar in terms of the requirements, but everyone has their own spin on the traditional recipe. While most of the other recipes looked at adding some added ingredients to step the flavor combination of this sweet treat up a notch, this recipe looks at achieving an effortless top layer with the most stunning design.

An amalgamation of milk chocolate and white chocolate can help to create a flawless top layer that spells decorative deliciousness. Try this recipe if you are taking the millionaire shortbread to a wedding or party. 

15. If All the Traditional Millionaire Recipes are Making You a Little Nutty, Add Pecan Nuts to Your Recipe

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Adding deliciously crunchy pecan nuts to your crust can be a wonderful way to satisfy the nut lovers in your life. When following this recipe, you might also notice that the shortbread is cut in thinner fingers so you can enjoy finger-sized bites of goodness.  

16. A Magical Recipe Awaits, Without Any Twists and Turns

Caramel shortbread in a white plate.

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Perhaps you have gone over similar types of recipes like this one before. If you have, you would know that everything stays more or less the same whether it follows a simple or an elaborate process. Following this particular recipe will lead to a soft inner layer followed by an ultra-chewy one that’s heaps of fun for your taste buds. 

17. For Fussy Foodies, Here’s a Recipe That Tells You Exactly What Type of Chocolate is Preferred to Get the Best Version of Millionaire Shortbread Squares

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If you want a more specific recipe with the exact brand of chocolate used and tips on how to get the best result when trying the recipe, this is the recipe for you. We do love the added attention to detail, and you have to admit that knowing how your layers will turn out beforehand is the ultimate treat. 

18. Your Grandma’s Millionaire Shortbread Recipe

Rich caramel layered Millionaire Shortbread.

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The Scottish treat as it was served in the early days in Scotland is the most authentic recipe you’ll find.  However, any recipe that promises a rich and buttery layer is worth being labeled authentic and we are sure that this one is as close to the original as you can get.

19. If You Want to Make Exactly 16 Squares, This is Your go-to Recipe

Perfect Squares Millionaire Shortbread.

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Again, we rely on the British to give us the best recipes as well as the exact quantities that a recipe can produce. We do love that we know exactly how many millionaire shortbread squares to expect by following this recipe thoroughly and it’s the perfect option for precision-obsessed perfectionists. 

20. Bigger and Bolder is the Order of the Day With This Recipe

Large chunks of Millionaire Shortbread in a wooden board.

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This recipe is an ode to the traditional millionaire shortbread with a special twist on the caramel layer. All you have to do is whisk it steadily on medium-low heat to create the most delicious sweet dessert that you can possibly enjoy.