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12 Mattresses Under $500 and $1000

A bed with a high-density mattress.

The phrase “sleep tight” came about because people used to support their mattresses with ropes stretched across wooden frames. The oldest existing mattress, however, showed real concerns with bedbugs. It dated 77,000 years old and consisted of a top sheet of insect-repelling reeds and rushes. The elite of ancient times, on the other hand, were more concerned about sleeping in luxury. The Egyptian pharaohs slept on a mattress of ebony and gold while the wealthy Romans laid on gold, silver or bronze.

The 20th century introduced the innerspring mattresses, rubber foam mattresses, waterbeds, no-flip mattresses, airbeds, queen-sized mattresses and many more. This made sleeping comfortably a bedtime reality for everyone.

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A. Memory Foam Mattresses Under $500

1. CR Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Queen-size memory foam mattress in white.Source: Houzz

This 10-inch RestFAQ mattress offers a ton of comfort and support at an amazing price. It will provide incredible support for anyone sleeping on it, no matter the preferred sleep position, and disperses body pressure. In addition, the bamboo fiber fabric will keep sleepers cool all night long. The memory foam ensures that two people can share the bed without accidentally waking each other up tossing and turning during the night.


  • It is thick enough to be very comfortable.
  • There is no natural or synthetic latex in the mattress.


  • Memory foam mattresses are generally difficult to move on your own and this is no exception.

2. Alwyn Home Queen Mattress

White, six-inch thick memory foam mattress.Source:  Wayfair

The six inches of this memory foam mattress are comprised of four inches of very responsive foam as well as two inches of memory foam on top. Together, this combination ensures that you will have a great night’s sleep without being disturbed. Because of the way the mattress will conform to your body and head, there won’t be any uncomfortable pressure points on the body when you get up and your spine will stay in alignment the entire time that you are sleeping.


  • The machine-washable zip cover is easy to remove, wash, and put back on.
  • It is resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.


  • The extra-firm feel isn’t comfortable for all people.

B. Memory Foam Mattresses Under $1000

3. Ale Memory Foam Queen Mattress

White, high0density memory foam.

Source: Hayneedle

This mattress is 11 inches thick and ensures a great night’s sleep by providing a supportive memory foam as well as a quilted layer on the top for extra comfort and a soft feel. The spinal response foam has been infused with charcoal, green tea, and aloe vera to ensure that the user can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long.


  • Handles on the sides make it very easy to lift and move this mattress.


  • The soft layer on top of the mattress can be uncomfortable for people who buy this mattress specifically for its firm support.

4. CorLiving Queen Memory Foam Mattress

White memory mattress with a firm foam.Source: Houzz

You won’t have to worry about being too hot when sleeping on this mattress due to its technology that will actually help users regulate their body temperature without any problems. In addition, there is a lot of support in this mattress, which will not only reduce any aches and pains that you normally feel after sleeping but will keep your night movements from waking up a partner.


  • It is antimicrobial to keep allergy suffers sleeping soundly.
  • The base is non-slip to ensure that the mattress doesn’t shift.


  • At 91 pounds, it is hard to move by yourself and there aren’t handles on the mattress to assist with moving it.

C. Gel Foam Mattresses Under $500

5. Serenia Sculpted Gel Foam Queen Mattress

White memory foam mattress with sculpted details.Source: Houzz

You’ll never be hot when you sleep on a gel foam mattress and this quality product has 12 inches of sculpted foam to ensure that you are comfortable and never sink into your bed. The seven inches of dense foam offer support while the other layers work to provide extra comfort and air circulation while you sleep.


  • It is easy to spot-clean the stretch cover.
  • It is resistant to dust mites.


  • It still needs a box spring, which will increase the price of your bed.

6. Primo International Queen Mattress

White plush mattress with a smooth finish.Source: Hayneedle

At eight inches thick, this mattress offers enough support to keep you from being achy and sore in the morning without making your bed so high that it is difficult to get up and in bed. The two inches of gel foam on top not only offers comfortable support but ensures that the air can circulate around you while you sleep so that you don’t overheat. Infused with aloe vera gel, this foam layer is both anti-bacterial as well as anti-microbial and ensures a great sleep.


  • Wonderful ten-year warranty from the company ensures that if you have problems, you can get your money back.
  • It can be placed flat or on adjustable bed, making it ideal for anyone who needs additional support while sleeping and wants to be able to use an orthopedic bed.


  • It takes getting used to when sleeping on and the first few nights may be a bit uncomfortable.

D. Gel Foam Mattresses Under $1000

7. Serta Gel Queen Mattress

Queen-size gel, memory foam mattress.

Source: Wayfair

With three layers of very advanced gel memory foam that will cool and contour to your body, you are sure to get a great night’s rest on this mattress. No matter how warm it is in the room, the gel will keep you nice and cool and the tight top is comfortable to sleep on. You won’t ever wake up sore since this mattress quickly contours to your body and relieves pressure points.


  • It is incredibly comfortable and easy to sleep on.


  • It will make your bed very high.

8. Queen Gel Mattress

Queen-size, gel mattress with wavy details.Source: Houzz

The handles on the sides of this mattress make it very easy to move it around and the 11 inches of memory foam offers not only needed support but also helps you keep nice and cool while you are in bed. Complete with a ten year warranty, this mattress has it all: independent testing to ensure quality, fire resistance, and orthopedic support where you need it most.


  • This is a great price for a mattress that will support you all night long.


  • It is difficult to move.
  • The top layer is not as comfortable as on other mattresses.

E. Innerspring Mattresses Under $500

9. Modway Innerspring Mattress

White, innerspring mattress with black linings.Source: Hayneedle

The innerspring support in this mattress makes it a very firm mattress to sleep on and offers a lot of support to users. At 10 inches thick, there is enough support without the mattress being uncomfortably high on the bed. Each of the 8.5-inch springs are individually wrapped so that they offer plenty of support during the night. If you are interested in choosing from various colors for your mattress, then you will enjoy that there are a number of options available. This makes it easy to find the mattress that is perfect for you and your home.


  • The tight top and firm support ensure that you won’t roll to the center of the mattress.
  • Individually wrapped springs limit the amount of movement that you will feel.


  • It is not as cooling as other mattresses so you may wake up hot.

10. Queen Innerspring Mattress

White, queen-size innerspring mattress with medium firmness.Source: Houzz

Ideal if you already have a tall bed and don’t want to add a lot more height to it by buying a deep mattress, this six-inch mattress still offers plenty of support, thanks to the steel coils inside. Due to the fire-resistant barrier, you won’t have to worry about the mattress being flammable and the soft foam above the coils ensures that you won’t be uncomfortable while sleeping. While some innerspring mattresses tend to be uncomfortable, this one offers enough protection from the hard springs while still ensuring that your bed won’t be too high due to its depth.


  • It is easy to move and to flip on your bed.


  • It tends to sag in the middle after use.

F. Innerspring Mattresses Under $1000

11. Alwyn Home 13-Inch Queen Mattress

Extra firm and thick, innerspring mattress in Gray.Source:  Wayfair

Perfect for people who need extra support while they are sleeping, this 13-inch mattress is made of individual coils that have been wrapped to provide a strong and comfortable surface to sleep on. With advanced foam in the lumbar area, you will actually experience more pressure reduction on your body than you would with a memory foam mattress, making this an ideal choice for many people. The cover will wick away any sweat during the night so that you feel nice and cool while you sleep.


  • It helps limit motion transfer while offering supreme support.
  • It is ideal for back and stomach sleepers.


  • The extra-firm feel can be uncomfortable for people who prefer soft mattresses.
  • Side sleepers may not be as comfortable sleeping on this mattress as they are on other options.

12. Continental Sleep Innerspring Queen Mattress

Ultra thick and firm innerspring mattress with high density foam.Source: Hayneedle

Complete with innersprings for support and thick poly foam for comfort, this mattress offers unmatched relaxation and support when you are sleeping. Designed with orthopedic care in mind, it helps you sleep great and wake up feeling refreshed by limiting pressure on your joints and pressure points. In addition, this mattress comes with a five-inch box spring that consists of a wooden frame covered in foam and works perfectly with the mattress, offering support and structure.


  • It is easy to maneuver around corners in your home and the plastic guards on the corners ensure that if you do run into the wall, the mattress is not damaged.
  • It reduces stress on your joints.


  • The 1.5-inch cover can be too soft for some people.

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