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20 Best Mason Jar Dessert Recipes (All Types)

A closeup shot of Peppermint and chocolate cheesecake with sprinkles.

When you are trying to make a delicious dessert, the mason jar might be the last tool you think to use. The mason jar is actually a great way to create single-serve desserts, especially if you want to travel with your dish. These mason jar dessert recipes will satisfy everybody in the family.

1. Peppermint and Chocolate Cheesecake? Yes, Please!

Pink Peppermint and Chocolate Cheesecake Jars recipe

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Few things are as refreshing as a light and airy cheesecake, and this dish gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a tasty mix of flavors. This Pink Peppermint and Chocolate Cheesecake Jar recipe has it all: crunchy cookies, soft cheesecake with a light peppermint flavor, and delectable whipped cream. You’ll use Oreo cookies to create a delicious crust at the bottom of the jar before topping it with cheesecake.

Whipped cream and sprinkles complete the package. This cheesecake is convenient and tasty, which makes it a great option for a lunchtime dessert or a picnic dish, especially because you can prepare it the day before you dine.

2. Don’t Want to Bake? You Don’t Have To

Homemade no bake cheesecake . Key lime pie in small portion of jar.

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If you have an event coming up and do not want to entertain the idea of baking a dessert, you may be relieved to find that you don’t have to. This no-bake key lime pie is great for the summer weather because it does not even require you to turn on your oven. How’s that for convenience?

This dish, which is served in small shooter-sized mason jars, is also great for creating small portions you can transport to your next event. You’ll only need a few ingredients for this masterpiece: graham cracker pie crust, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, key lime juice, and your jars. Feel free to garnish with lime wedges, lime zest, nuts, or graham crackers!

3. But If You Do Want to Bake, You’ve Got Options

Blueberry in a mason jar on a wooden table.

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This recipe for a blueberry pie in a mason jar is perfect for those days you just feel like baking. With just a few ingredients, you can make four mason jar blueberry pies. This recipe also uses premade pie dough so that you can skip a few steps along the way.

Otherwise, you will need blueberries, sugar, flour, cinnamon, and eggs. Baking takes up just half an hour, and by the time you are done, you will have a golden pie with a bubbly filling. You can bake the pies right in the mason jars, which make for easy cleanup as well.

4. Red Velvet & Oreo Trifle? Simply to Die For

Red velvet oreo trifles in a jar.

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Why not make your mason jar trifle red velvet? This chocolate delight is tasty and moist, giving everybody a taste of a dessert that does not have to be baked. The mason jars feature layers of red velvet cake, Oreos, Oreo cheesecake, and chocolate sauce.

It’s easy and delicious, requiring that you bake only the red velvet cake before you begin layering. When it comes to making the cheesecake, you simply need cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, whipped cream, and Oreo crumbs. You’ll top it off with chocolate sauce.

5. Try a Sophisticated Seasonal Option

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You may find that a sophisticated dessert option is ideal for your next event, or maybe you simply love rhubarb. Either way, this one is delicious. This mason jar dessert recipe ties in rhubarb and custard pie filling, more easily combined with a food processor.

If you have plenty of rhubarb to spare, you will love this option, which uses four cups. The crust is simple and requires just four ingredients: walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, and unsalted butter. You’ll mix your rhubarb with sugar, flour, egg yolks, and heavy cream. Serve this dish at the end of a summer night’s dinner party.

6. A New Way to Serve Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Small carrot cake cupcakes on a wooden rustic table.

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Are you the go-to baker for carrot cake every spring? Even if you love a tried and true recipe, nobody is going to blame you for wanting to mix things up a little. This mason jar recipe yields 36 servings and requires just 40 minutes.

Your carrot cakes served in individual jars are sure to please, especially because the layers give this cake an added touch. The recipe requires many of your traditional carrot cake ingredients, like warming spices. You’ll also use crushed pineapple and banana along with your carrots to create a delicious texture and taste.

7. S’Mores, Without the Campfire

Smores milkshake in mason jar with whipped cream topping.

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Even if camping isn’t on the schedule anytime soon, you can still make these mason jar s’mores. They are made indoors but can be enjoyed outdoors as well–no fire necessary! You’ll also love that this dessert requires just 10 minutes of your time.

You’ll need your traditional s’mores ingredients (chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers) in addition to heavy cream, marshmallow fluff, and butter. You can use a torch or broiler to achieve that smoky effect.

8. A Bananas Foster Cheesecake You’ll Love

Delicious banoffee in mason jar on wooden background.

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Your guests are going to love the bananas foster cheesecake pudding this recipe offers. This recipe offers a few different options for putting together the pudding. If you want to simplify everything, just make your favorite pudding from a boxed brand.

Just make sure that you chill your pudding entirely before you use it in the recipe. You can also use your own recipe for the pudding, and it is sure to taste heavenly paired with the cheesecake filling. You’ll simply need cream cheese and sugar for the filling, and you can make the banana foster caramel sauce with just a few additional ingredients.

Layer everything to create a delicious dish.

9. The Perfect Single-Serve Tiramisu

A classic coffee no bake dessert delicious easy tiramisu in a jar.

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Tiramisu is one of the tastiest desserts out there, and now you can serve it in one gorgeous package. This dish looks elegant and can be served after a lovely Italian meal. For the cake, you’ll simply use a white cake mix from the box as well as some brewed coffee, Kahlua, mascarpone, powdered sugar, semisweet chocolate, and vanilla extract.

This tiramisu is deceptively easy to make, which makes it the ultimate party dish.

10. Give Tres Leches a Try

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If you love Mexican desserts, you might want to try making tres leches. This mason jar consists of a delicious sponge cake that is soaked in three types of milk, which is what makes the cake so moist and tasty. You can serve this after tacos, burritos, and a variety of other tasty dishes to create a theme for the evening.

You need just a few ingredients, including flour, baking powder, salt, unsalted butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, milk, and whipped cream. In a mason jar, the sponge cake will be especially soft and delectable.

11. You Can’t Go Wrong With a Berry Crisp

Glass jar of homemade blackberry jam.

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Everybody loves a berry crisp, and you can’t go wrong by putting it in a jar. This blackberry crisp served in a mason jar looks beautiful, but it also has a secret weapon: another layer of crisp hidden in the middle of the dish. This creates a crunch layer that your guests will not be expecting.

The berry filling is incredibly easy, and the berries mixed with sugar will provide a sweet and slightly tart layer. A combination of brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, and salt will also add another layer of flavor every dinner guest will love.

12. Let Creativity Take Over With This Watermelon Cake

If you want to get super creative, this watermelon cake might be right up your alley. This dish is ideal for a picnic or an outdoor party, and your guests will love to see the bright colors through the sides of the mason jar. Some might even say that this dish is even simpler to eat than a real watermelon–and it’s just as tasty.

You’ll need just a few ingredients, including white cake mix, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, food coloring, and chocolate chips. Best of all, you can make this dish a few days ahead of time so it will be ready for your outdoor endeavors.

13. Adapt Red Velvet for Easy Eating

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If you love red velvet but want to create individualized dishes, these mason jars will be the perfect addition to your meal. This treat is just like a red velvet cupcake, but it’s got layers of cream cheese frosting that are gorgeous to look at. With this recipe, you will create a delicious cream cheese frosting with vanilla, butter, and confectioners’ sugar.
Make this mason jar dessert for a birthday party or a sophisticated evening with friends. It’s appropriate for every occasion!

14. This Angel Food Cake Jar Will Take You to Heaven

Cake in jar mixed with cream cheese and strawberry jam.

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If you love Strawberry Angel Food Cake, this mason jar dessert is going to be right up your alley. You’ll combine a few classics, including cubed angel food cake, berries, and whipped cream. Each bite will transport you somewhere else.

You can make six servings with just a few ingredients, including a premade angel food cake. You’ll simply add your own strawberries, whipping cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar to achieve this angelic dessert.

15. Funfetti Layers for the Perfect Celebration

Vanilla funfetti milkshake with whipped cream and sprinkles.

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Funfetti cake is the perfect addition to any birthday party. You’ll need just a few ingredients, especially because this dish allows you to use a box of vanilla cake mix, which you will combine with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles within the mason jars. This entire dish comes together quickly, giving you a major advantage when you are trying to impress somebody special.

Add your own sprinkles for even more confetti fun! This dish makes eight individual desserts.

16. A Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie for Each Guest

A homemade no-bake pumpkin pies in a jar.

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What if you could give each of your Thanksgiving guests an individual pumpkin pie? Everybody gets their own mason jar, but that’s not all that’s special about this dish. You’ll use a super crunch gingersnap cookie crust, and you’ll also make your own cream cheese mousse to create fun layers.

Make sure to use pumpkin puree instead of pumpkin pie filling so that you can create your own delicious flavor with unique spices.

17. An Adorable Terrarium Dessert for Spring

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If you are ready for spring, this terrarium dessert jar is a great choice for an outdoor party. These mason jar desserts are sure to impress your guests, and their appearance is not the only thing that will get people talking. This dish is customizable, which makes it a great party activity for the kids at your event.

This creative activity incorporates crumbled cake or brownies to act as dirt as well as other toppings to create other elements of an outdoor setting.

18. Gingerbread Cake–The Perfect Holiday Treat

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No matter the time of year, this gingerbread cake is the perfect choice for holiday gifts or a dinner party. This is a more savory cake, which can be a great choice for any time of the day as well. This cake is spicy and moist, and you can microwave it before serving.

You can use the flour of your choice to make sure that you achieve the texture and taste you want. It’s a great gift, and it’s certainly one that you will be remembered for.

19. Why Wait for Dessert?

Jar of banana pure apples, and banana green on wooden table.

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Your mason jar creations are not only for dessert. Why not enjoy a delicious breakfast from a jar? Banana bread is the perfect option for a moist and sweet individual serving.

If you’ve got a lot of dark bananas lingering in your kitchen, you will be able to put them to good use with this recipe. You can choose to add nuts or omit them based on flavor and texture preferences as well. Warm it up in the morning and serve it with some fruit for a great early meal.

20. Put Your Autumn Fruits to Good Use

Overnight oats in a jar with blueberries and nuts.

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If you love to make overnight oats, you’ll love this recipe, which uses a variety of spicy autumn flavors. You’ll combine oats, coconut milk, yogurt, maple, chia, vanilla, and salt before storing them in the refrigerator. Once the dish is done, you’ll add your favorite toppings suitable for fall.

They include apples, figs, pomegranates, and more. These oats will be ready for breakfast in the morning.