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How to Properly Take Care of Power Tools so They Last Longer

Detailed, step-by-step article on how to take care of power tools so they last longer and perform better. It's never fun pulling out a tool to find out it's not working. Proper maintenance can dramatically increase the lifespan of your expensive tools.

Collection of power toolsI take pride in my tool collection. I love them because they make life easier and enable me to fix and build. Some are expensive. Despite the cost, what I hate doing is having to spend time buying something that I otherwise wouldn’t need to buy had I taken care of something. That’s why I take good care of my power tools, which makes them last longer and perform better.

Proper usage, handling, and storage can drastically increase the performance and life of your tools. Below I set out 10 some simple habits and tips on how to properly take care of your power tools.

1. Ensure right storage to take care of your power tools

Power tools have electrical components which may get damaged if they come in contact with moisture. Therefore, storing them in a dry and clean place is important for maintaining their efficiency. Moisture can corrode the electrical components as well as deteriorate the body of your tools and stop them to work properly. To maintain the efficacy of your power tools and prevent damage due to moisture, they should always be stored in a clean and dry place.

2. Store power tools in original cases 

This is a biggie for me. I hate losing the cases that tools come in. I’m a stickler for keeping them so I can properly store them instead of tossing them in some box with piles of other junk or dumping them on a desk or shelf.

Usually, power tools come packed in a hard and sturdy case. Although the original case may seem to acquire more space, it is always best to use them for storing the power tools. It will not only protect it from extreme environmental conditions but will also prevent its contact with moisture. Original cases are also a good way to protect your tools from dust and maintain its efficiency. Original cases allow you to store all the component of the tool in one place. Since most power tool manufacturer provides an original case to accommodate all the accessories that are used with it, you can store them easily after every use.

3. Use silica gel packs

Silica gel helps in reducing humidity and moisture. It is easily available and is affordable. You can put some silica gel packs on the shelves and drawers where you store your power tools. It will help in reducing the damage caused by moisture to the expensive power tools. You may also invest in anti-rust liners to keep moisture out of the drawers.

4. Clean after every use

Cleaning your tools may seem a big task after completing a tedious work, but a little effort can go a long way in keeping your power tool in a great form. Dust, grime, and other impurities tend to deposit at the surface of the tool. Hence, it is important to wipe it with a clean and soft cloth after every use. You must have a cleaning routine, especially if you do not use it for a long time. It will help in keeping it clean and increase its durability. A occasional deep cleaning is recommended using a damp cloth. You may also use an air compressor to blow air at the hard to reach crevices to blow away all the deposited dust and dirt.

5. Clean motor contact

No doubt, the motor contact is an important part of any power tool like Air Compressor, Circular Saw, oscillating tool, sewing machine etc. Some tools come with brushless motors and are more durable.

However, if you have a motor that has brushes, you must pay particular attention in keeping it in a good form. It is important to continuously check any damage to it and get it replaced as soon as you inspect a problem. Cleaning the motor contact after every use keeps it in a great condition. Blow air through the vents for a few minutes so that any intact dirt and debris is loosened and removed from it. Since the motor gets heated with use, blowing air cools it down instantly and increase the life of the brushes. In addition, cleaning away the brushless motor is also important for its optimal functioning in every use.

6. Check the condition of the power cord

Inspecting for the defects in the power cords not only helps in the maintenance of the power tools but also increases safety while using it. Look out for any cracks or signs of wear and tear in the power cord every time it is used and get it replaced or repaired if you notice any fault or fraying in the power cord. It is recommended to get any fault repaired by a qualified professional.

7. Tighten bolts and screws

Constantly check for the loosening of bolts and screws on your power tools. Bolts and screws tend to loosen a bit after using the tool for a long time. Using it in this condition can damage the tool and make it less efficient. Tighten all the visible screws and bolts that seem to need a little tightening. You may also use a screw tightening tool for this purpose.

8. Sharpen bits and blades

Bits and blades present in your power tools have to work hard to get the job done. Therefore, it is subjected to wear. If you use a power tool with dull blades, it may put excessive load on the motor. Besides, the efficiency of the tool is also reduced to a great extent when dull bits and blades are used. It is recommended to sharpen the bits and blades of your power tools and also use the correct bits depending on the material you want to work with.

Here are some helpful videos on sharpening drill bits and saw blades:

VIDEO: How to sharpen drill bits

VIDEO: How to sharpen circular saw blades

9. Check Battery condition

If the battery of your cordless power tools runs down too quickly, it time to get it replaced. Quickly draining battery may not only lay stress on your tool but also hamper your work. If the power tool is not holding the charge, its battery is in poor condition. Keeping an eye on the battery condition and replacing it on time will incredibly increase its life.

10. Lubricate the moving parts for proper care of power tools

The moving parts of your power tools will last longer if proper lubrication is done at regular intervals. Lubrication prevents the power tools from getting overheated. It also prevents corrosion and chafing. Therefore, lubricate it with a recommended lubricant to maintain the movable parts. You may read the instruction manual that comes with the power tool and follows the steps carefully to lubricate your power tool and maintain its efficacy.


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