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100 Living Rooms Without a Fireplace (Photos)

Epic photo gallery showcasing the nicest living rooms without a fireplace. Get all kinds of ideas and inspiration here to create a gorgeous living space. A fireplace is not necessary as you'll see in order to create a gorgeous design. Some of my favorites don't have a fireplace.

An open living space overlooking the beautiful surroundings while relaxing on the comfortable and modish sofa set.

This living offers a nice set of chairs on top of an artistic rug. The hardwood flooring looks perfect together with the gray and stylish walls.

Large living room boasting a luxurious sofa set with nice chairs set on the stylish rug. The walls look very stunning together with its decor.

Large living room with luxurious sofa and chairs along with a glamorous center table. The lighting looks so romantic.

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This living room featuring a lovely sofa with a glass center table overlooks the beautiful grassland of the property.

An open floor plan featuring a living room with a contemporary sofa set with a glass top center table on top of the stylish rug.

A large living room boasting brown sofa set with comfy chairs and stylish center tables, all set on the carpet flooring.

Large living room with a couple of white cozy sofa set on a classy rug. The wooden ceiling looks perfect together with the home’s style.

This living room offers a gray U-shape sofa set with an ottoman. The white walls with an animal head decor look absolutely stunning.

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This living room offers a very stylish ceiling lighted by a lovely chandelier. The flooring looks absolutely magnificent while the couch and the ottomans are just glamorous.

An elegant living room lighted by a jaw-dropping chandelier. The couch looks classy. The coffee table set on the glamorous rug is just perfect together with the room’s style.

A classy living room with a stylish rug covering a part of the hardwood flooring. The seats look cozy while the ceiling looks stylish.

This living room with a pair of brown couch set on the tiles flooring also features a glamorous pendant light set on the high ceiling.

A huge living room with a very stylish sofa set lighted by scattered recessed lights. The flooring looks stylish.

Small living room with brown sofa set surrounded by white walls. There are bookshelves located on the corner of the room.

This living room with cozy chairs features hardwood flooring and white walls along with glamorous wall decors.

This living room with cozy chairs features hardwood flooring and white walls along with glamorous wall decors.

Large living room with a pair of a long sofa and stylish chairs set on the classy white rug with a stylish center table. The ceiling looks glamorous.

This living room boasts elegant chairs, rug and window curtains. The indoor plants add beauty to the living room.

Mediterranean living room featuring a couple of white couch with a glass top center table lighted by a glamorous chandelier.

Large living room featuring a modish and cozy sofa and chairs lighted by stunning pendant lights and surrounded by white walls and window curtains.

This living room boasts a stylish ceiling and rug along with cozy sofa and chairs. The wall lighting and the table lamp add elegance to the room.

Simple yet beautiful living room with a comfortable and modish sofa with a matching rug in front of the widescreen TV on the wall. The beautiful ceiling light looks stunning.

Large open living space featuring a couple of elegant chairs with a pair of nice ottomans set on the white rug. The couch looks cozy as well. The ceiling looks glamorous along with the ceiling lights.

This living room offers a white sofa paired with a couple of white ottomans matching the white walls. The wall decors look absolutely stunning.

A luxurious living room with comfy and modish sofa and chairs along with a stylish center table on a brown rug. The lighting looks fabulous.

This living room offers a cozy blue sofa set on the hardwood flooring. There’s a doorway leading to the home’s balcony patio area.