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18 Different Types of Living Spaces and Lounge Areas for Your Home

A collage of living spaces and lounge areas.

Welcome to our main living space ideas page where you can get home living area ideas an access our amazing photo galleries for each room type.

Living spaces are living rooms for various purposes, whether it’s hosting company, relaxing, reading, working, playing, watching, surfing the Web, pursuing hobbies, etc.

They’re the non-essential rooms – i.e. kitchen, bedroom, entry and bathroom. There are many you can put into your home for a huge variety of purposes and functions.

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1. Formal Living Room

Most homes have some form of living room, whether formal or more casual doubling as a family room. Many homes still have a designated formal living room which is typically reserved for company and seldom used.

Interestingly, we have both a formal living room and family room and tend to use the formal living room as our family room because it’s in a much nicer part of the house (with view and lots of light).

Elegant formal living room with sofa, round coffee table and fireplace

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2. Family Room

The family room is a designated casual relaxation space that offers many activities including watching TV, reading, chatting, napping, playing video games and more.

Usually it’s a space in addition to a formal living room, but many open concept homes have one such space that doubles as living room and family room.

White contemporary family room with comfortable furniture and TV

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3. Great Room

Lines get blurred between great room, open concept living and living rooms. Historically, the great room was the main area of a castle where people congregated and the noble held court so-to-speak.

Some larger houses still have rooms that look like great rooms – huge halls with living room and other spaces that are the center of the house. Below is a great example – you could call it a living room, but it also fits the great room definition.

Huge two story great room with view of upper landing, massive sectional sofa, fireplace and lots of windows.

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4. Home Library

Few houses have a dedicated library space, but many houses have rooms with lots of bookshelves that could be referred to as a library.

Typically a home library is a dedicated room for books and in some cases, an office. Below is a fabulous attic turned into a beautiful and functional library.

Super cool attic library with comfortable seating

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5. Sunroom

A sunroom is a living space that’s attached to a home and has plenty of glass so that it’s like being outdoors without being in the elements.

Below is a classic example of a sunroom. Not all are all glass like this; some are additions with plenty of windows but also a wood frame.

Large all-glass sunroom with sofa and other lounge furniture

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6. Home Bar

Home bars, especially mini-bars became popular in the 1960’s (i.e. Mad Men era). Some are part of a living room, but these days some houses have full blow bars built as a room – usually adjacent to a rec room, entertainment room or similar.

Awesome custom home bar build under stairs in finished basement

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7. Game Room

A game room is a place where there are games to be played – whether billiards, ping pong, foosball, arcade games, cards, etc. It’s another term for an entertainment room.

Fabulous game room with billiards table in new home

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8. Man Cave

A man cave is silly term for a “man’s space” in the home – be it in the basement, garage, shed or otherwise. Usually it includes a bar, games, sofas, TV, etc. There’s no one type of design or set of features. It’s just a name given for a man’s space in the home.

Very cool man cave room with pool table and sofas.

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9. Craft Room

A craft room can be a fun place for kids or a more serious hobby/sewing place for adults. It’s becoming more and more popular with the rise in crafting.

Newly renovated sewing and craft room in the basement

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10. Home Theater

A home theater, in the strict sense of the term, is a media room built to replicate the cinema experience like the example below. However, with large screen TVs, many rooms are called “media rooms” and function much like a home theater.

Luxury home theater in new home

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11. Wine Cellar

For wine aficionados, there’s the wine cellar with a requisite tasting area. It’s not my thing, but wine is big these days and many people collect wine and enjoy sampling wine. Hence, the growth in wine cellars in houses.

Wine cellar and tasting room in a house

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12. Home Office

I love having a home office and many houses have one. The one below is interesting because it’s attached to an open concept living area.

I prefer it separate from the rest of the house, but being part of a larger living space has advantages such as being part of the household and quick access to a computer.

Modern home office extending off open concept living area

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13. Rec Room

A rec room is typically a basement TV room but can include other features such as a bar, games and more. It’s a general term for a living space in the basement.

14. Open Concept Living Space

Open concept is a type of living space where multiple rooms reside in one large open space. Usually it’s a living room, dining room and kitchen all together in the large space like the example below.

Large open concept living space with living room, dining area and kitchen

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15. Landing

I love landings. They’re bonus spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes such as a reading area, home office or quiet lounging area like the example image below.

Landing at top of stairs with small family room area

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16. Reading Room

Few houses have a designated reading room given you can read anywhere including a living room or family room.

However, avid readers may like to create a small, quiet room with comfortable reading chairs and customized lighting ideal for reading like the example below with all the windows and multiple hanging lights.

Reading room in a luxury home with 4 comfortable reading chairs

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17. Home Gym

I prefer commercial gyms, but totally understand the appeal of a workout space in the house. These days, you don’t need much to get in a good workout given bodyweight exercises, yoga and video instruction. However, some people invest vast sums of money in weights and/or cardio equipment.

Nicely equipped home gym with a variety of cardio equipment, mirrors and wood flooring

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18. Finished Basement

The basement can nearly double usable square footage and can be a good investment. You gain a rec room, perhaps guest bedroom or turn it into a revenue source with an in-law suite that you rent out.

While some people don’t like basements, I like them a lot… they’re cool in the Summer which I appreciate.

Finished basement with blue walls and white ceiling

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