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Life Hacks To Keep Your Air Conditioner Unit Working Fine For Longer Time

Hand holding a remote control pointed at the air conditioning unit blowing out a strong current of cold air into the room.

Air conditioners are essential to homes, especially during hot seasons such as summer. As a modern appliance that battles the heat, air conditioners are multi functional not known by many people. By the name itself, an air conditioner unit keeps the air well ventilated and while in use. Inside a home, the air cannot circulate appropriately by itself, so air conditioners are great to use indoors.

For health reasons, an air conditioner also helps to filter the dirt and lessen air pollution inside a closed space. It is also suitable for people who suffer from asthma attacks and some specific allergens such as dust and mites. Healthwise, it is also ideal for turning on the air conditioner unit during summer days to battle the heat of the sun and to prevent dehydration and other weather-related illnesses. When the weather is on, there is a high chance that a person will get dehydrated due to excessive sweating. It can cause skin allergies and irritability, especially to elders and young kids.

Using an air conditioner saves you a lot of headaches and money over time. However, an air conditioner unit must be well taken care of to prevent having troubles in the future. Most people don’t have an idea of how to thoroughly maintain an air conditioner unit at home, and most of the times, lead to a dysfunctional and broken system. So, let’s talk about some life hacks that can be helpful to save your pocket from buying a new air conditioner unit when you can adequately take care of your current one.

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Taking Care of The Filter

Cleaning the air conditioning filter.

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The filter in an air conditioner unit is essential as it keeps the air-conditioned and prevents dust from coming in. When the air conditioner filter is dirty, you will hear a swishing sound, and dust particles will be flowing from it that may cause you to allergic attacks. An air conditioner filter must be cleaned once a week if the unit is being used every day for 8 hours each day. As it filters clouds of dust from coming into your air, the more you use your air conditioner unit, the more the filter will get dirty. If you seldom use it, you can schedule a filter cleaning at least once a month.

When the air conditioner unit gives warmer air than usual, it is also an indication that the filter is dirty or has some blocking. So, how to clean your air conditioner filter? First thing, take out the filter inside your air conditioner unit, open the grill-like covering, and take off the screen inside. You may see it quickly as it looks like some stuff with small holes net and perhaps with specks of dust. Make sure you put on a face mask before doing it to protect your respiratory system from any possible allergic reaction. Use a gentle soap or a cleanser with lukewarm water, use a soft bristle brush to take off the dust and then rinse off with tap water.

Let it dry for some minutes and before putting it back again to its proper place, use wet wipes to clean off the grill-like covering of your air conditioner unit. You may see some bits of dust present in that area, especially in the inside.

If you just wanted to clean your air conditioner filter regularly, you can use a vacuum cleaner to do so. Always check your screen and see whether it needs a cleaning or a replacement. If there are signs of wearing off, such as having holes and tearing apart, then it is the right time to replace it as soon as you can.

Clean The Coils

Thorough washing of the air conditioning coil.

Do you want to save on your electricity cost? Well, an air conditioner unit accumulates the highest electricity cost in every household. However, due to the heat of the sun, especially during summer time, it is inevitable to turn on the air conditioner unit. But did you know that when the air conditioner unit’s condenser coils are well maintained, it will help in the proper circulation of well-ventilated air and get cooler quickly?

When this happens, you will no longer need to run the air conditioner thermostat to the highest and will be needed for a more extended period; therefore, your electricity bills will have a lesser amount than usual. After winter, spring is the best time to clean the coil before you need the full usage of it during hotter seasons. There are spring air conditioning maintenance tips that will help you to prepare your air conditioner unit before summer strikes.

So, how will you clean the coils? Cleaning the condenser coils is not as easy as the filter, so take a closer look at how to do it. First, plug off the air conditioner unit from its power source, never attempt to clean the coils when the cables are in connection in the power supply. Then, take out the air conditioner unit out of its place and take it outside to clean it. Use a power washer to clean the coils to take off of the dirt such as spider’s web, specks of dust, dead insects, and dry leaves.

Before using it, take off any large trash that is reachable by your fingers. After you use a pressure washer, make sure to let the air conditioner dry first before putting it back. Inspect the place where you put your air conditioner unit, make sure the back is clear of any obstructions such as a bush, a tree, a wall, or anything that might be getting the coils dirty in small time. When there is an obstruction at the back of your air conditioner unit, it will malfunction quickly, and you don’t want that to happen.

Checking The Ducts

Air conditioner duct on the roof.

The air conditioner air duct is the most neglected part of the unit. Most often, the filters and the coils are clean regularly. Many people don’t realize the importance of air conditioner air ducts and often taken it for granted. When the pipes are not properly working, it will be a huge problem. The tubes are responsible for keeping the air ventilated, in delivering air and removing hot air. If the pipes are malfunctioning, it will significantly affect the performance of the air conditioner unit. To be able to see whether your air ducts are in good shape or not, check these symptoms that mean there is something wrong with it.

When there are visible specks of dust coming out of your air conditioner, the most common thing you have in mind is a dirty filter. However, it can be an indication that the ducts are already full of dirt and molds and need to be clean by a professional cleaner. When the air filter is clogged, it is also an indication that your pipes required some cleaning. If in case you already clean the aircon filter and doesn’t enhance your air when the unit is on, then it is clear that the ducts are dirty.

Aside from specks of dust and clogging, a foul smell of something moldy or damp is also a sign that you need cleaning on your ducts. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the ducts regularly or hire a professional to have it clean, especially if the problem persists.

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You can also observe the quality of the air your air conditioner is providing, and if it is not the same as before and usually uneven, then there may be a problem in the duct since it is responsible in the flow of the air. For your health, a dirty pipe will make you feel ill, and if you have some allergies, your attacks might be persistent. Make sure to observe if you feel sick lately and medicines don’t give you aid. If you feel sick whenever you use your air conditioner, like you are feeling of having a cold out of nowhere whenever you turn on your air conditioner, then your unit ducts need cleaning.

Schedule an Inspection of Your Electric Wiring

Inspecting the air conditioning wiring.

The air conditioner wiring must be check by time to time to prevent the electrical shortage and further problems in the future. You need to make sure that all electrical installations are intact. If you see a chip off from the wires, make sure to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. In the meantime, avoid using it until the cables are in good condition if your wirings smell something burnt, unplugged it as quickly as possible as it may bring fire or make your air conditioner malfunction.

You can have a professional electrician done an air conditioner home inspection to your unit to see the wirings of your air conditioner. If your air conditioner unit is old, make sure to have a regular check as the wire can quickly wear off from the long period of usage, especially if the air conditioner unit is for your everyday use. If you think you need to buy a new air conditioner, make sure to have a buying guide to be able to see what fits your necessity both for home and commercial use.

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Check These Considerations If You Need To Buy A New Air Conditioning System Or Need A Replacement

5 Signs That You Need To Buy A New Air Conditioner Unit

Rusty air compressor of an air conditioning unit.

Electricity Bill Shoots Up

One thing that is noticeable when it comes to using your current AC is your monthly electric bill. When you notice that your electric bill shoots up while knowing no reason behind it, then your AC might be the culprit. Aside from the fact that it gets old over time, lack of proper maintenance might damage the AC, thus causing it to wear off and eats more power than before. When you see that your AC is causing you pain in paying off your bills, perhaps it is time to replace it with a new one. Besides, there are already new models of AC that comes with energy-efficient features.

Freezing Ice

Your ACs function is to provide your house with cold air. But when you see that your AC is freezing, it means that it is experiencing condensation line blockage. While it can still be repaired if reported and checked early, it can cause a severe problem is left unrepaired overtime. Instead of getting it fixed, it is best to replace it with a new one because the problem might occur again and you will only waste money trying to repair it back.

Old Model

Old model ACs tend to bring problems as time passes by. Like the human body, even machines have limits. Your old AC will only give you a headache since most likely it will not wholly provide its function the way it has used to. It consumes more power than before and causes you to waste money due to repairs.

Foul Smell and Moisture

Remember the fresh air your AC has provided you the first time you have used it? If you don’t smell that now to your AC and instead you notice some foul smell coming out then it might already have infested with mold. Also, if cleaning is no longer an answer to the problem, replacing it with a new one might be the best solution. Using it continuously might endanger your health and your family.

Limited Cool Air Flow

Another thing, but also the most important one that you should be mindful about is the cooling system and the cold air flow of your AC. if you experience a significant change of the cold air flow, your AC system might have a severe problem since clogging might already occur which preventing smooth air flow. Instead of calling for a repair mechanic, replacing would be the wisest choice.

Problems always occur

If you still experience different types of AC problem over time and you are already spending a great fortune because of AC repairs. Perhaps it is the best time to visit the nearest AC dealer in the town. Make sure to get good referrals and positive reviews before you go shopping.

On the other hand, there are some reasons to consider repair instead of replacing your whole AC, which is costly. Read on below to know when do you need to call for an AC mechanic.

5 Signs That You Need An Air Conditioner Repair Service

Inspecting the air conditioning unit.

Hot Air Flow

Contrary to the belief of many, when your AC blows hot air doesn’t mean that your AC already needs replacement. Maybe, your AC compressor system stop functioning or one capacitor needs replacement. When this happens, all you have to do is to call for an AC repair service.

Visible Water Leaks Around The AC

Whenever you see water leaks, it indicates that your ACs cooling system is not functioning correctly. While it does not do damage to the system itself, your walls where the AC system is installed might get damaged overtime costing you money for walls and paint repairs.

Unusual Level Of Humidity

Sticky weather is common during summer and spring. However, that feeling should only be felt outdoor. Whenever you turn your AC and feel that unusual humidity, then it might be the best time to call for service maintenance to check any issue especially if your AC needs recalibration or you need to install a dehumidifier to lessen that sticky feeling inside your house.

Unable to cool the room or the house smoothly

When the first time you bought the AC, it can cool the house or the room in minutes. But as time passes by, its performance could change be several factors such as poor maintenance. It could be a sign that your AC is malfunctioning and need to be checked up by professionals. To avoid this, make regular preventive maintenance yourself such as cleaning the AC filter and the outside unit from dust.

Annoying Noise

As we all know, an excellent AC should smoothly run that it shouldn’t create annoying noise or loud sounds. All AC motors, even the old models, are designed to run as quietly as possible. Whenever you notice something odd about sound, it might already a sign that your AC is experiencing a serious problem. But don’t worry, as long as it is reported and repaired before the problem gets worst, you don’t need to replace it for a new one. Always make sure to check your AC regularly.

Thermostat Miscalibration

Your thermostat is your magic wand to run your AC smoothly depending on your preference. Miscalibrations of the thermostat are the common problem why people experience a problem with their AC. Also, over time, the wire connecting the thermostat to the central AC wears off, and it causes the AC to suddenly turning on and off. A broken thermostat can cause a huge problem to the central AC if left unchecked.

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