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20 Lip-Smacking Lemon Dessert Recipes (All Types)

A homemade piece of lemon meringue pie served on a white plate.

There is nothing like the taste of zesty lemon in a dessert. While I can eat a tasty lemon dessert all year long, there is something about lemon in the summertime. It is refreshing and cool and always seems to hit the spot.

There are so many amazing lemon dessert recipes; you could make a new one every day and never get bored. Check out all these recipes and find your new favorite lemon dessert.

1. Lemon Meringue Pie is the quintessential lemon dessert

A sweet and delicious lemon meringue pie.

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It is no surprise that Lemon Meringue Pie has been a favorite pie for generations. This recipe has all the things we love about lemon meringue pie: tangy filling topped with fluff. This is a simple recipe to follow, but you do need to take your time and carefully take each step.

Some items that you need that you may not already have at home are cornstarch and cream of tartar. You can easily store any leftover pie in the fridge for five days. 

2. Pairing cheesecake with lemon is a treat you can’t miss

Classic lemon bar desert served on white plate.

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This recipe for lemon cream cheese bars gives you creamy lemon plus a cheesecake texture combined with a crispy crust. This recipe has a slight twist on lemon bars because its crust has chopped pecans mixed in. The crust also uses flour, brown sugar, and butter to create a crunchy and slightly sweet taste.

When you make this recipe, it needs time to set in the fridge before serving, so you want to figure that into your preparation time. 

3. Blueberry and lemon and crumb topping…oh my

Fresh Blueberry lemon sour cream pie.

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This recipe is for a blueberry lemon sour cream pie, and it is everything you imagine it to be. This is a great recipe to use up old blueberries you have in the freezer. This pie is a great balance between creamy sour cream, tart lemons and blueberries, and sweet custard.

It is an explosion of taste in your mouth. In this recipe, you will make your own pie crust, so you want to give yourself a little more time to make this recipe. 

4. You will be a hit with these classic lemon bars 

Classic lemon bars in a white plate.

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This recipe for classic lemon bars has 23 steps, but don’t let that scare you. Many of these steps are simple. The good news is you can make these bars in advance and freeze them, so you will always have them when you need them.

Everyone will love this recipe and always ask you to make it. These are great to serve your guests or send to school in your kids’ lunch. The crust is a crispy and buttery shortbread that pairs magically with the tartness of the lemon.

You can store these lemon bars for up to three months in the freezer. 

5. The only way to possibly make the coffee cake better is to add blueberries and lemons

Lemon blueberry coffee cake.

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This lemon blueberry coffee cake yields a moist and crumbly coffee cake that is perfect for brunch or really any time. This coffee cake is not sticky-sweet but instead has a touch of sweetness. You will need a pastry blender and a mixer for this recipe.

It also calls for frozen blueberries. You want to make sure they are not thawed. If you do not have blueberries, you can substitute blackberries or raspberries. 

6. This is a pie that is perfect for kids or the young at heart

A creamy frozen lemonade pie.

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This frozen lemonade pie is an easy to make recipe that you can let your kids make themselves with little help. It creates a cool pie that everyone will love. This recipe calls for frozen lemonade concentrate.

You can substitute pink lemonade if you want to give your pie a touch of color. This recipe uses only six ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your kitchen. You do not need a mixer as you can mix all ingredients by hand.

This is quick and easy to make, but it does need to chill in the fridge for about 8 hours. 

7. Beloved sugar cookies that are chewy and lemony are the hit of the summer

Chewy lemon sugar cookies in a blue plate.

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These chewy lemon sugar cookies are light, fresh, but thick and chewy all at the same time. This recipe has you refrigerate the dough for an hour to ensure you get the perfect texture for these cookies. As a result, these cookies will spread less and be more dense.

This recipe uses simple ingredients that are staples in the kitchen. These cookies freeze well, baked or unbaked. You can store them in the freezer for up to 3 months. 

8. Rosemary combined with lemon…in a cake that will surprise you

A piece of lemon rosemary cake.

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Not only does this lemon rosemary layer cake taste unique and amazing, but it looks impressive. It is a tall layer cake that is flecked with fresh rosemary and lemon zest. You will make your own frosting with this recipe which wraps a nice bow around the cake.

The frosting calls for 16 ounces of cream cheese, but if you want it to be smoother, substitute half the cream cheese for butter. Take your time with the frosting. Put a thin top layer on the cake and then refrigerate it.

Once it is chilled, then you can put on a second coating. This helps to seal in all the cake crumbs, so they do not get caught in your frosting. 

9. Reconsider lemon tart with this revamped version 

Lemon tart popular dessert.

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This lemon coconut tart takes an old faithful recipe and gives it a makeover. The crust adds an explosion of shredded coconut to the buttery graham cracker. Adding coconut milk to the lemon curd makes the filling full and flavor and extra creamy.

Meyer lemons bring a nice balance of sweet and tart. You can switch out for regular lemons if you want them to be a little more tart. This recipe has three parts: crust, filling, and topping.

10. Bet you didn’t think you could use your microwave, but you can

A delicious microwave lemon curd.

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This recipe is for a microwave lemon curd making it easy and fast. This is a great recipe when you are hosting people at your house and do not have a lot of time. It has only five ingredients and takes only 16 minutes to make.

This recipe could not be any easier because you mix everything in one bowl. However, you do need to take some time with this recipe and stir it every minute to ensure the mixture is not overcooked. 

11. Strawberry and lemon are the perfect combination for this bar recipe

A piece of strawberry lemon bar.

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This easy to make strawberry lemon bar recipe will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. These bars have a buttery crust, tart lemony filling with a touch of strawberry sweetness. There is not a lot of work involved with this simple recipe.

You will add strawberry jam to this recipe to give it extra flavor. When you are making it, you may have air bubbles in your bars. While you may not like the look, it happens sometimes and does not impact the taste.

You can cover the bubbles with powdered sugar. 

12. Homemade marshmallows with lemon are an amazing treat

Delicious coconut bars with lemon curd.

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Lemon curd and coconut marshmallows are going to make your day. They are easier than you think and completely worth it. This recipe allows you to create fluffy and light marshmallows that are as good as professionally made ones.

You will need to pack your patience with this recipe because it requires a lot of it. You will need a candy thermometer. You do not want to attempt this recipe without one.

You will also need sheets of gelatin and gelatin powder for this recipe. If you love marshmallows, you are going to love these. 

13. Some of the best recipes are handed down through the generations

Slice of lemon layer cake.

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Lemon layer cake is one of the best lemon desserts you can find. This recipe produces the moistest, soft, and tender lemon cake. It has an amazing frosting made of lemon cream cheese that brings the perfect amount of tang.

The cake is tangy but balanced with creamy frosting that has hints of vanilla. This recipe also provides a long list of extras you can add to your cake to make it even more special. 

14. A light and airy and semi frozen treat is great on a hot summer day

Delicious homemade lemon semifreddo.

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This is a slightly healthier recipe because it uses honey and coconut milk in place of sugar and cream. It has a ton of berries, making it creamy and super refreshing. This recipe uses five eggs, all of the yolks, but only two whites.

It is critical that you clean your beaters well between the steps. When cutting your strawberries, thinly slice them. This will thaw quickly, so you want to serve it just in time to eat it. 

15. Too hot to turn on the oven? Give this recipe a try

A piece of lemon blueberry cake.

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This lemon blueberry crepe cake requires no baking at all. In addition, you can make this recipe quickly. First, this crepe is layered with a filling of lemon mascarpone and blueberry preserves. After that, you top it with fresh blueberries, thyme, and crystallized ginger, and then drizzle with honey.

16. Cheese makes everything better…ricotta, in this case, adds flavor

A portrait photo of glazed lemon cookies.

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Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze is a yummy dessert that everyone will love. The total time for these cookies is about 3 hours, so you want to give yourself plenty of time while baking them, especially the first time you make them. 

17. While you may not have considered adding lavender to dessert, you should…

A lemon lavender pie.

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This lemon lavender pie recipe is a yummy dessert option. However, it does take time to make. The total time is one full day plus a little over 3 hours.

This is because the pie crust needs to sit in the fridge for an entire day. Then you can make the rest of the pie the next day. 

18. Who doesn’t like to have their own cake and eat it, too

Lemon delicious pudding cake served.

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Warm lemon pudding cakes are individual treats that have a layer of lemon cake on top of delightful lemon pudding. It is best if you have ramekins for these desserts. These pudding cakes are light and airy, making them perfect for a summer day.

They only require a handful of ingredients and are easy to make. 

19. If you have never had a cake with lemon wedges on it, this is for you

Lemon upside down cake.

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Backyard Citrus Upside-Down Cake is a delightful dessert that only takes seven steps. However, it does have an upside down layer that must be frozen, and it is made separately from the cake. This cake recipe calls for plain Greek yogurt and olive oil but only has about ten ingredients. 

20. To curd or not to curd shouldn’t be the question

Lemon pound cake with a cup of coffee.

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This recipe for lemon curd pound cake has layers of tart lemon curd, making it incredibly delicious. It also contains lemon zest and chunks of lemon baked into the cake. It has a buttery rich batter.

The top has a light drizzle of lemon syrup that comes from baked lemon slices.