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20 Best Lemon Bars Recipes (All Types)

Lemon bars are traditionally baked and have been popular since then. Read this article that discusses lemon bars and recipes you can make on your own.

A fresh lemon and lemon bars in a plate.

Lemon bars are a traditional baked good that dates back to the Italian Renaissance but has been famous in America since the early 1960s. They rose in popularity when the recipe made its way into a Betty Crocker cookbook. If you love lemon like I do, lemon bars will make your day. It contains a layer of lemon baked on top of a shortbread crust.

It has a liberal amount of white powdered sugar on top. Lemon bars separate into two layers when it bakes with a crust that is cake-like with a creamy lemon filling under it. These bars are soft and a little gooey. They are best when they set once you take them out of the oven.

This allows them to harden a bit so you can completely enjoy the lemony flavor of these bars. Check out all of these great lemon bars. 

1. Classic Lemon Bars Recipe

Classic lemon bars with slice of lemons..

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This classic recipe for lemon bars combines two popular flavors everyone enjoys. It has gooey lemon custard and shortbread. This is a common sweet treat that everyone can enjoy. These lemon bars contain custard that is tangy and creamy with a crunchy shortbread cookie.

You will love this recipe so much that it will become your go-to for brunch, your next dinner party, or a sweet treat to pack in your lunch. If you actually have lemon bars left over, you can freeze them and save them for later. You can also make these bars ahead of time and freeze them until you are ready to eat. 

2. The Best Lemon Bars Recipe

Lemon bars with slices of lemons.

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This best lemon bar recipe is perfect, rich, and tart all in one bar. It is a simple recipe that contains only seven ingredients. The butter used in this recipe is softened. There is a suggestion to increase the number of lemons in juice.

The recipe uses two; however, a suggestion is to use the juice of five lemons and the zest of two lemons. This gives you about 2/3 cup of lemon juice. However, do not worry this is the perfect amount of lemon flavor. 

3. Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust

2 plates of lemon bars and slices of fresh lemons.

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This lemon bar and shortbread crust recipe contain only seven ingredients. The lemon curd in this recipe is creamy and thick and sits on top of a butter shortbread crust. You want to be sure to bake the lemon bars at a low temperature, so they are not over-baked. These seven ingredients make the best lemon bars for picnics, brunches, and bake sales.

It would be best if you used a glass pan because it cooks the bars the best. It would be best if you avoided metal pans because it may cause a metallic taste in the bars. Finally, fresh lemon juice is best because it gives you the most flavor. 

4. Lemon Bars

A plate of sweet lemon bars.

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This lemon bar recipe gives you a dessert full of zing with a luscious lemon and crisp crust. They are simple to make and taste delicious. These bars are full of irresistible flavor. It is always best to use fresh lemon juice. The lemon is the star of your dessert show, and you do not want to water it down with concentrate.

You want to line your baking dish with parchment paper which is easy to remove. If you do not have that, you can use aluminum foil. You want to allow your lemon bars to cool and set after you take them out of the oven. Give them plenty of time to chill.

5. Lemon Bars

Lemon pie bars, slice of lemons and mint.

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This lemon bar recipe separates the crust from the filling in the recipe. The crust has four ingredients and six ingredients for the filling. This recipe takes a little longer to make because the crust bakes first. While the crust cools, you make the filling and pour it over the crust.

Allow the bars to cook until the filling sets. They should cool at room temperature. Once they cook, cut the bars and dust them with sugar. 

6. Lemon Bars

2 lemon bars and a slices of lemons.

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These lemon bars only take 10 minutes to prepare and 45 minutes to bake. After baking, they must cool. It is best if they cool on a wire rack. Be sure to use softened butter and room-temperature eggs for this recipe. You should select regular lemons over Meyer lemons.

They are the best choice for the lemon bar recipe because they are larger and brighter. However, if you do not have regular lemons, Meyer lemons are a great substitute. 

7. Classic Lemon Bars Recipe

Sugar starch lemon bars and fresh lemons.

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This lemon bar recipe gives you the best gooey and thick lemon bars that include vibrant lemon with a shortbread crust for the perfect dessert. It only takes one bit, and you will fall in love with these bars. It has a lemon custard filling full of a satisfying tangy lemon flavor.

The tang balances the sweetness in these bars. When you are ready to slice these bars, to keep them as clean as possible, use a clean knife. To do this, wipe off the blade with a damp knife between slicing the bars.

8. Lemon Bars

Lemon bars in a glass plate.

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These lemon bars use the same basic ingredients that all lemon bars use. This version has a substantial crust due to the thicker base of the cookie. This bar is a great balance between the filling and the crust. These bars only take 15 minutes to prepare and 40 minutes to cook. These bars will go quickly once they are out of the oven and cooled. 

9. Luscious Lemon Bars

Luscious lemon bars without starch sugar.

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This lemon bar has a buttery shortbread crust, a luscious lemon filling, with a dusting of powdered sugar to make these lemon bars. In the event that any of these bars are left over, they can be frozen. They are enjoyably frozen, and you can eat them directly from the freezer.

The best way to freeze the bars is to let them cool and freeze the entire batch. You can cover these bars tightly with aluminum foil or plastic freezer wrap. They can stay this way for as long as three months.

10. Luscious Lemon Squares

A plate of sugar bars and fresh lemons.

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This luscious lemon square recipe gives you a bright pop of citrus in a square. These are an excellent and tasty treats. These bars are a little tart, a little sweet, and highly refreshing. This dessert is a classic with simple ingredients, and it is easy to make. This recipe is so easy to make that you are going to want to keep it in your back pocket to make at any time. 

11. Classic Lemon Bars

Lemon bars and mint in a chop board.

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These classic lemon bars give you the lemony flavor you love. The lemon curd is velvety and tart that is balanced with a shortbread crust that is buttery and crisp. These bars take 10 minutes to prepare and a little less than 40 minutes to cook. It would be best if you let them cool for about an hour.

Next, you should blind bake the crust until it appears dry and slightly golden around the edges. Then, you want to pour the filling on the warm crust and bake it until it sets. You want to make sure that it is not spongy. The filling will have small bubbles across the top.

12. Sunburst Lemon Bars

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This sunburst lemon bar recipe melts in your mouth. The bars burst in your mouth with every bite. These bars have a base layer, a filling, and a glaze. The glaze has only two ingredients of powdered sugar and lemon juice.

Many of the ingredients in this recipe should be readily available in your kitchen. However, it is important to know that one lemon gives you about three tablespoons of juice. Therefore, you should need two lemons for this recipe. 

13. The Best Lemon Bars Recipe

fresh Lemons slices and lemon bars.

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This lemon bar recipe has a shortbread and buttery crust with a luscious lemon filling giving these bars and balance between tart and sweet. This will quickly become a fan favorite. This recipe has more lemon filling than most lemon bar recipes.

The lemon curd filling has a slightly sweet balance with a bright flavor. If you are making this recipe for a large crowd or big parties, you can cut the lemon bars into smaller squares. You can also double the recipe.

14. Lemon Bars

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This lemon bar is a simple and easy lemon bar recipe. Most of these ingredients you should already have on hand in your kitchen. You want your butter and eggs to be at room temperature before you use them. You also want to use unsalted butter for this recipe.

This recipe recommends an electric mixer with a paddle. Once cool, you want to cut the bars into triangles and dust them with confectioner sugar.

15. Sunny Lemon Bars Recipe

Baking lemon bars in an oven.

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This sunny lemon bar recipe uses a large variety of ingredients. First, you can blitz the ingredients for the crust in a food processor to help minimize the development of gluten in the flour to keep the bars tender and light. Next, if you cook the custard on the stovetop, you have better control of it.

This prevents it from creating runny or soft bars. Then you can strain the custard to remove the lumps to get a silky smooth consistency. Finally, if you place the custard in the oven for a short time, it creates a glossy layer on top of the custard. 

16. Best Lemon Bars Recipe

Lemon bars, mint and a slice of lemon.

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This lemon bar recipe takes 10 minutes to prepare and 50 minutes to bake. In no time, you will have delicious lemon bars ready to eat. This recipe calls for butter and eggs at room temperature. This lemon bar recipe recommends that you use a stand mixer to blend the ingredients together.

When the lemon bars are finished baking and cooling, there are ready to serve. Before you serve them, slice the lemon bars into six squares, dust with powdered sugar, and decorate with dried lemon slices.

17. Easy Lemon Squares

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This lemon square recipe is easy and quick to make. It will not be long before you have tangy squares. These bars have a fresh lemon filling with buttery shortbread. This recipe calls for softened butter, powdered or icing sugar, all-purpose flour, and salt if you use unsalted butter.

It is easy to know when the lemon bars are done because you shake the pan to make sure the filling does not jiggle. You want to take the time to let the squares cool completely.

18. Best Lemon Bars

Soft lemon bars with sugar garnish.

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This lemon bar recipe has the right amount of lemon to provide you the perfect combination of tart and sweet to give you the perfect creamy texture. These bars contain a delicious lemon curd filling that sits on top of a buttery shortbread crust. This recipe includes baking powder. This recipe also includes a lemon glaze for the top of the lemon bars. 

19. Easy Lemon Bars Recipe

3 lemon bars and a fresh mint.

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This lemon bar recipe is an ideal combination of sweet and tart flavors. This recipe also includes a vanilla crust and a smooth lemon filling to make the best lemon bars you will ever taste. This recipe has the ideal ratio of lemon filling to crust, which helps the flavors compliment each other without overpowering. In addition, the crust has the right amount of sweetness that offsets the tart lemon filling.

20. The Best Lemon Bars

3 lemon bars and a slice of lemons in a plate.

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This lemon bar recipe provides a buttery-rich crust with the perfect amount of lemon flavor. This recipe calls for more lemon juice than most other recipes. You can keep these bars at room temperature for a few hours, but any leftovers should be refrigerated.

If you think you might refrigerate some of the bars, only cut the ones you are going to eat. Then, they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.