5 Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities You’ll Absolutely Love

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There are thousands of popular vanity styles which range from classic to rustic, simple to fancy and modern to traditional. Homeowners choose them on choice

There are thousands of popular vanity styles which range from classic to rustic, simple to fancy and modern to traditional. Homeowners choose them according to their preferences, budget, and style of their areas.

No matter if you need vanities for the primary bathroom, a small bathroom or powder room. Always remember, some functional pieces can simply dictate the overall vibe of your also pull together different accessories of your room.

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Considering your personal space and latest trends and then finding the ideas for bathroom remodel you would absolutely love, is quite difficult.  That’s why shopping for the right bathroom vanities is the perfect solution that can help you transform the shape of your home.

Modern style vanities:

If you want to define your modern space, then it’s better to update the modern vanities in your bathroom. The modern vanity styles can simply offer multiple amazing features as well as a polished look which can efficiently transform the bathroom. For instance, flat-front cabinets or the steel hardware can help you make a well-organized and cluttered bathroom which seems clean and fresh as new.

These vanities simply come with the mixture of multiple slated open shelves, trendy cabinets, and drawers that can match your storage needs. People also choose between trendy bathroom vanities that feature both traditional and modern style features, like the straight handles or circular knobs.

Open shelves:

If you have some versatile and open storage shelves option, then it’s recommended to go with open shelves. These shelves are often built with vanity by using the same efficient material that offers a consistent and organized look. These are the perfect storage solution that helps you organize towels and other personal storage items. You can also consider between glass shelves or steel shelves for offering a great industrial look. If you love traditional designing, then it’s better to go for wood cabinets.

Such kind of open shelving is mainly constructed with some solid piece of material which is ideal for the powder rooms as well as bathrooms with some limited storage space solution.

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Double vanities:

Depending on the requirement of your bathroom space, double vanities maybe the best option. They usually hold two sinks which are in common to build the new primary bath space. It’s better to take a start by measuring your wall space, and also keep in mind that double vanities will usually cover up to 90 inches of your bath space.

After knowing the exact size of the vanity, you need to consider the material, color, and then your preferred countertop material like quartz, granite, as well as marble. Double sinks often come in a vast range of sizes and patterns such as modern, traditional and rustic that can easily fit your space and design preferences.

White finish:

White is the new trend which simply gives a clean and shiny look to your interiors. Such kinds of trendsetters are not only filling up the houses with white furniture but also with white bathroom vanities. This white finish on the bathroom will give it a more than a modern and clean look.

There are hundreds of variations in white that can be considered for your bathroom vanity, and it also includes the pure white as well as ivory finishes. You can check out some of the best vanities provided so far by the Renovaten.

You can also enhance the look by matching your white vanity with the marble countertop that can give a real minimalist look. You can also choose dark granite matched perfectly with the cabinetry that will offer a stark yet attractive contrast.

Industrial vanity designs:

Industrial vanity designs usually pop up in both rustic and modern bathrooms. Pedestal sinks, steel pipes, and open glass shelves can simply complement your bathrooms with the minimalist decoration. You can also consider adding the glass sink or even the metal bowl that will give your bathroom a touch of industrial design.

These industrial bathroom vanity features have less storage space as compared to the old and contemporary vanities, so it’s important to consider all kinds of storage needs before even selecting your bathroom vanities.

There are still plenty of ideas for bathroom vanities that can help you make the areas more reliable, enhanced and functional. If you feel confused about choosing the right vanities for your bathroom then it’s better to follow the guidelines of bathroom contractors for the best decision.


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