100+ Kitchens with Peninsulas (Photo Gallery)

Massive photo gallery featuring beautiful kitchen layouts with a peninsula. While islands are popular, don't count the peninsula out... many kitchens have these.
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Beautiful kitchen with peninsula

While kitchen islands are super popular, there are still many kitchen layouts build and renovated with a peninsula.  Current data reports about 10.25% of kitchens have a peninsula (and no island).

I’ve lived in one home with a large island and several homes with a peninsula.  While the island looks better and in some layouts is a better option, there are some kitchen spaces where a peninsula is better.

The peninsula is typically the third arm in a U or G shaped kitchen.  The space within the 3 arms of kitchen counters is left open which can be convenient for navigating within the kitchen space.


Peninsula Popularity

Here’s the basic info based on 508,378 kitchens setting out how common peninsulas are along with various island features:

  • Kitchens with no islands: 10.33%
  • Kitchens with a peninsula: 10.25%
  • Kitchens with one island: 75.44%
  • Kitchens with two islands: 3.98%

Read more kitchen design data and statistics here.

All Styles

One thing you’ll notice about our gallery above is that peninsulas are found in kitchens of all styles still; not just traditional kitchens.

Kitchen Peninsula vs. Island

Enclosed kitchens:  Typically, enclosed kitchen spaces do well with peninsulas design-wise especially if on the smaller side.  Islands can be more obstacle and hinderance than helpful.

Open concept: Islands are much better in open concept spaces because they create better flow within the kitchen as well as in and out of the kitchen.

Design flexibility:  With an island, you can finish it in a different color and even use a different counter top, whereas with a peninsula it should be the same as other finish of other cabinets and have the same counter.  For example, if you use granite, the peninsula should use the same slab of granite.

Are kitchens with both a peninsula and island a good design?

In some cases, this is an excellent combination offering a lot of useful working counter space.  However, in order for this to work, the kitchen must be large because the island will usually be nestled in between a U-shape kitchen layout.  If too small, the island will simply get in the way.

Peninsula Design Tip

One mistake I occasionally see with the peninsula is hanging cabinets from the ceiling over the peninsula.  While the thought of more storage may be appealing, this hurts kitchen design in three significant ways:

  1. Dark:  The cabinets block out light from other parts of the home.  It turns the kitchen into an almost cave-like zone.
  2. Cuts off from other areas:  The person or people in the kitchen are pretty much cut off from the other areas of the space such as a eat-in area in the kitchen.
  3. Hazard: Suspending cabinets from the ceiling will result in someone bumping their head while working at the peninsula.  It effectively ruins the counter workspace.

Peninsula Features to Consider

Wine storage:  You see built-in wine storage in islands sometimes so why not add wine-storage built into the end of the peninsula.  It looks great and is highly functional.

Two-tier:  You can easily add a second tier creating a breakfast bar effect.

Stools: You can place stools on the outer side of the peninsula for a casual eating area.

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