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Keurig vs. Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Makers – What’s Better?

Keurig vs Tassimo

Welcome to our 16-point Keurig vs. Tassimo analysis.

The first and biggest decision you need to make when looking to buy a single serve coffee maker is deciding what type of coffee brewing format you want.

The 2 most popular types are K-Cups and Tassimo T-Discs.

It’s not an easy decision. If you’re just starting your single cup brewing system research, you may even be confused about all of your options and which machine you should buy. I know I was.

As a result, for my own research and in order to publish helpful articles and single serve coffee machine reviews about single serve coffee makers, I did some serious shopping over the course of 2 days. I spent over ,000 buying 11 single serve coffee makers (I’ll probably buy a few more down the road).

Since then I’ve been trying different machines throughout the day for several weeks.

My buying spree included 2 Tassimo machines and 3 Keurig machines.

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Background to this Comparison of Tassimo and Keurig

For research to write this Keurig and Tassimo comparison article, I spent 4 days testing the two types of machines from my growing coffee maker inventory. I’ve enjoyed countless cups of coffee from both.

I’ve measured the machines, read the instruction guide and most importantly have drank copious amounts of coffee from both. This comparison is based on carefully analyzing both machines and the coffee they produce (several flavors and types of coffee for both).

About Keurig

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Coffee Brewing System Coffee Maker

Keurig is the best-known and most popular single serve coffee maker. However, many people equate Keurig with K-Cups. While Keurig machines work only with K-Cups, Keurig is NOT the only brand of coffee maker that works with K-Cups. Other coffee makers that brew K-Cups include Breville, Mr. Coffee and Cuisinart (all of which I purchased and am testing).

Therefore, if you decide to go the K-Cup route, it’s important to know that you do NOT have to buy a Keurig machine. You can buy a different brand.

That said, this article will focus on the performance Of Keurig coffee makers in relation to Tassimo.

About Tassimo

Tassimo T55 Brewing SystemTassimo coffee makers do Not use K-Cups. Instead it uses its own style of disposable coffee pods called T-Discs. To my knowledge, only Tassimo machines brew the T-Discs. Keurig machines do not work with T-Discs.

Keurig and Tassimo Machine Comparison

Please keep in mind that both Keurig and Tassimo sell several coffee makers. While I’ve tested machines from both brands, I have not tested every machine from both brands.

 1. Price:

Keurig: machines range in price from $99 to $250.

Tassimo: machines range in price from $130 to $250.

With respect to the cost of the coffee, prices are comparable. It really boils down to which coffee brand you purchase but one isn’t outright more expensive than the other (unlike Nespresso capsules which are markedly more expensive).

If cost is important to you, I suggest carefully analyzing the cost per coffee at your local grocery store or wherever you buy your coffee. While I’ve found Tassimo generally slightly more expensive, I’ve talked to people who have found the opposite. The point is the any price difference isn’t too much and it varies depending on coffee brand and the store.

2. Number of Machines:

Keurig:  There are . At the time this was published, you could choose from 12 machines.

Tassimo:  4 models:  T20, T45, T55 and the T65. See .

3. Pod Style:

Keurig:  K-Cups

Tassimo:  T-Discs

4. Coffee Quality:

Keurig:  It’s good. It’s largely dependent on the coffee brand you buy. I really like the Starbucks K-Cups.

Tasssimo:  Overall, better quality (in my opinion). I also really like the espresso it produces.

Coffee quality opinions vary. For every person who prefers K-Cups, you’ll find someone who prefers T-Discs with Tassimo. All I can suggest is if you know people with single serve coffee makers, ask them to try their coffee. Hopefully you know one person with a Keurig and one person with a Tassimo.

Alternatively, do what I did. Buy both machines. Ensure there’s a decent return policy. Head to the grocery store and buy a variety of K-Cups and T-Discs and taste test for a week. Then decide.

5. Beverage Options:

Keurig:  There are K-Cups for all types of hot beverages including coffee, decaff, tea, hot chocolate, espresso and cappuccino.

Tassimo:  Tassimo built it’s reputation on being a full brewing system being able to brew coffee as well as most specialty coffees including cappuccino, espresso, latte and mocha drinks. You just need to buy the T-Discs for those style of drinks. The barcode on the T-Discs communicates with the machine so that it brews it accordingly.

6. Brew Time:

Keurig:  1 minute, 45 seconds (for coffee).

Tassimo:  1 minute, 16 seconds (for coffee).

7. Adjust Brew Strength:

Keurig:  Easily done by adding more water or running a bit more water through the K-Cup. You can also buy a different strength K-Cup (the better method).

Tassimo:  You can only adjust brew strength by the T-Disc you buy. However, you can simply turn the machine off to stop a brew. I’ve done that for a stronger brew.

8. Machine Features:

Keurig:  Across Keurig’s fleet of coffee machines, there are all kinds of features available. Some machines are very simple while others are more complex with more bells and whistles.

Tasssimo:  The machines are very simple and don’t offer a lot of bells and whistles. This is consistent with the concept in that the T-Disc barcode dictates the brew instead of adjusting the brew with the machine.

9. Ease of Use:

I had no problem getting going with both brands. They’re both very simple.

10. Machine Quality:

While I’ve only owned my machines for a couple of weeks and they all work well, from feel and sound, I get the sense that Tasssimo machines are a sturdier build. Please take this with a grain of salt because my Tassimo machines may stop working before my Keurig machines.

11. Reusable Filter for Regular Coffee

Keurig:  You can buy a reusable filter in which you place regular coffee. I did use the reusable K-Cup filter on my Breville single serve machine and it worked very well.

Tassimo:  I only found one company that makes reusable T-Disc filters (see it here). I did not buy it so I have no idea whether it works and whether it’s good.

While having the reusable filter is handy, I find I don’t use it much. If I’m going to brew traditional coffee, I tend to use my drip pot. Cleaning and refilling a reusable filter isn’t very convenient. I use my single serve coffee maker for specialty drinks (especially espresso) and for a one-off brew.

12. Machine Size:

Generally, Keurig machines are larger than Tassimo machines. One exception is the Keurig K10 MINI Plus, which is very compact. Otherwise, Tassimo machines are well know for being compact (which I really like).

13. Carafe Option:

Keurig:  The brews large pots of coffee, but you need the carafe K-cup.

Tassimo: Only brews single cups.

14. Popularity:

Keurig is more popular than Tassimo. However, Tasssimo has sufficient market share so that there are many coffee brands available and sold in most grocery stores. This is all that really matters.

15. Appearance:

I prefer the appearance of Tassimo machines primarily because they’re more compact.

16. Coffee Availability & Selection:

Keurig:  More coffee brands available. Widely available in most grocery stores and online.

Tassimo:  Fewer coffee brands available (still a decent selection). Widely available in most grocery stores and online.

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I prefer because I like the coffee better as well as the specialty drinks such as espresso and cappuccino. While I haven’t used the machines for years, the Tassimo machines feel and sound like they’re a better quality machine. Please keep in mind this is a personal preference. You may prefer the taste of K-Cups.

At the end of the day, my Tassimo preference was more instinctual than analytical. I purchased more than 10 machines in one go and the machine we kept and use is the .

Read more about why Tassimo is the best single serve brewing system here (in our opinion).

That said, there are more coffee brands available in K-Cups.

With respect to cost, I suggest you compare the cost of K-Cups with T-Discs in your local area and with your preferred brand. It’s impossible to state one is cheaper than the other because it largely depends on the coffee brand you drink. The plus side is that one is not significantly more expensive.

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