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Jackfruit vs Durian

While jackfruit and durian are both tropical fruits, many people think they are one and the same but that is simply not the case. There are several differences between the two which we have highlighted for you so you will understand jackfruit vs durian.

This is a close look at a ripe durian fruit as its is opened.

While jackfruit and durian are both tropical fruits, many people think they are one and the same but that is simply not the case.

The jackfruit is a cousin to fruits, such as mulberries and figs, and is a member of the Morocae family. Durian is more similar to allows and belongs with the Malvacae family. There are other differences between the two which we have highlighted for you below so you will understand jackfruit vs durian.

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How They Grow

This is a close look at a jackfruit tree with unripe fruits.

Durian and jackfruit are wild fruits both grow on trees but durian trees are actually taller than jackfruit trees and can reach heights up to 150 feet tall well the largest jackfruit trees only grow to about 80 feet tall.

Durian fruit grows along the branches of the tree while jackfruits either grow on the tree trunk itself or in clusters that are very close to the trunk of the tree. A jackfruit tree, on average, can produce as little as ten jackfruits per year up to 200 every year while the durian tree will produce as little as 15 durians every year up to a total of 800.

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The durian tree originated in Borneo and Sumatra but the jackfruit tree is actually native to southern India in the western part of the country at the Ghats Mountains. In other words, jackfruit trees and durians trees are grown in tropical regions and both the jackfruit and durian fruit begin their lifecycles as individual flowers that are really quite beautiful then blossom into fruit.

What They Look Like

This is a close look at unripe durian fruits on a durian tree.

Although durian resembles jackfruit in some ways, jackfruit is actually larger than the fruit from the durian tree and wins the prize for being the largest of all fruits that are grown on trees. It can reach up to three feet long and weigh more than 100 pounds while durian fruit only weighs up to thirty pounds apiece.

The skin of jackfruit is considered to be covered in bumps or pebbles while durian fruit has actual spikes, a thorny rind of sorts. Both of these fruits do have an oval shape to them although durian tends to be more round than jackfruit. Jackfruit is usually white, pink, red, or yellow while the flesh of the ripe jackfruit is a more pale yellow similar to that of a banana.

The inside of durian fruit is actually divided into five different ripened ovaries with each one neatly holding a certain amount of edible flesh that contains bulbs with seeds that you cannot eat. When you cut open a jackfruit you will find bulb shapes and each of those holds an inch-long oval seed surrounded by the fruit that you can eat.

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Taste Matters

A close look at a woman eating durian.

Both durians and jackfruits offer edible fruit you can enjoy and have plenty of nutritional value since each one is packed with tons of nutrient volume and dietary fiber, including vitamin B6, potassium, and fatty acids. The jackfruit flesh is very sweet and has the flavor of a mixture of banana, mango, apple, and pineapple and has often been compared to tasting like Juicy Fruit gum while the durian taste is also sweet but can be a little bit salty. Durian fruit has been compared to tasting somewhat like a slice of sweet cheese, caramel and garlic mixed together, or even scrambled eggs.

Some people think that unripe durian tastes like chicken meat which makes it very appetizing in vegan-style dishes as a meat substitute in place of chicken. While jackfruit has a gummy texture to it, durian is creamier but less juicy than jackfruit and some people say it reminds them of custard. You can eat the seeds of jackfruit and the taste is similar to that of sunflower seeds or almonds. The jackfruit seeds make a great afternoon or bedtime snack.

It is All in the Scent

This is a plate of ripe jackfruit meat.

Both jackfruit and durian have smells that can be considered strong or pungent, although the smells are of different types.

The durian smell is what some people compare to a rotten onion. It has also been compared to stinky socks, rotten eggs, sewage, or even turpentine. Some people, though, think the fruit smells like almonds.

In Asia, durian fruit is actually banned from some public transportation systems because of its strong smell but jackfruit doesn’t get off easily either. Although it is not as stinky as durian fruit can be, its smell of bubble gum mixed with banana or pineapple also includes a side of rotting onions.

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Nutritional Benefits

Both durian and jackfruit boast several nutrients your body needs, including vitamin A, copper, folate, vitamin B, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, riboflavin, and thiamin.

This is a nutritional facts chart for Jackfruit.

Jackfruit contains a lot of vitamin C so it has a great effect on the body’s ability to resist infection in studies have shown that it can help people who suffer from diabetes. Jackfruit is great if you are on a diet and want to lose weight since it has a very low-calorie intake and it can also be used as a laxative if you’re constipated. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits as well as anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Durian contains insoluble fiber that can also help your digestive process and it helps balance the release of insulin much like jackfruit does. Durian has a high potassium level which can help lower your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate. It also boasts a good amount of tryptophan which is an amino acid that can help you sleep better and get rid of headaches.

It can also help balance any nervous energy you may suffer from and much like jackfruit, it can act as a laxative when you are constipated.

Neither jackfruit nor durian contains cholesterol which is unhealthy for your body and both can be beneficial to your skin and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging. Also, both fruits can fight against free radicals which attack healthy cells in your body. Durian contains about 360 calories per fruit well jackfruit only contains about 160.

A close look at a piece of durian fruit in hand.

Durian tends to be filled with more protein than jackfruit, coming in at about four grams per cup of durian, while jackfruit only contains about three grams of protein per cup. Jackfruit has less fat content than durian’s 13 grams per cup since it only has about one gram of fat per cup.

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Durian has a little bit more sugar content than jackfruit does at 40 grams of sugar per fruit compared to jackfruit at 31 grams in each cup of fruit but durian boasts more potassium which is very healthy for our bodies. Durian tends to sport more dietary fiber than jackfruit which only has two grams per cup while durian comes in at about four grams per cup.

While jackfruit contains Vitamin A but durian does not contain any, durian has much more Vitamin C than jackfruit does and it also contains more Vitamin B6 than jackfruit does.

The seeds of jackfruit are considered a healthy snack because they contain calcium, fiber, potassium, and sodium while you cannot eat the seeds of the durian fruit.

The Uses of Jackfruit and Durian

You can enjoy both jackfruit and durian either raw or with ice cream or yogurt. You can also use them in an array of dishes, including as meat substitutes in place of beef, chicken, and pork. Durian is great for many baked goods and teas as is jackfruit.

Jackfruit is used more often in things like burgers, chili, chips, ice cream, jellies and jams, wines, cocktails, tacos, and cakes well durian is used more often in candy, cappuccino coming curry, salads, souffles, and milkshakes.

This is a close look at durian ice cream dessert scooped.

Both jackfruit and durian can be made into a paste or syrup to use in a variety of dishes, including over the top of ice cream sundaes, cakes, pies, and even in cocktails for your next party. You can cook them up in a variety of dishes as a meat substitute and even throw them on the grill at your next cookout with friends and family.

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Since these fruits are very versatile in the things they can be used for, they are a great option to have on hand but be sure to freeze raw or durian if you are purchasing them ahead of time since they will last for a few months in the freezer but only a few days in the fridge or on your kitchen counter. These fruits are different than the norm but fun to experiment with within your cooking sessions.

FAQs About Jackfruit and Durian

How do you clean a jackfruit or a durian?

If you have access to a jackfruit or durian tree, you can harvest a baby jackfruit early-blooming durian yourself or you can just purchase one from a fruit and vegetable market, Asian grocer, or at some larger grocery stores. You are then ready to cut the raw jackfruit or durian in half but keep in mind it contains a sticky SAP inside so you will want to apply some type of oil to your hands and to your knife before you start cutting.

You can use a variety of different types of oils including olive oil or coconut oil to combat the jackfruit sap that is a lot like white sticky latex that is actually known as jackfruit latex. Using the knife that you oiled you will first trim away the thorny skin and then cut the skinned fruit into small pieces.

The center part of the fruit is not edible so you can remove the center stock from all the pieces of your jackfruit or durian pieces and throw it away. You can then cut the fruit into small pieces about a quarter of an inch in size then wash and clean the cut pieces before draining out the water.

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To clean canned jackfruit or durian that is normally prepared in a brine solution that will preserve it, you will need to rinse it well before use. It may also contain the jackfruit seeds so you will want to remove those by rinsing well also. Durian will not since its seeds are not edible.

When you take it out of the can, it will more than likely be in large chunks but you can create shredded jackfruit before you use the canned jackfruit in a recipe. You can also simply eat the canned raw jackfruit after you clean it well. You can mix it with lime juice, mustard oil, or maple syrup if you prefer and can even create barbecue sauce using shredded jackfruit or durian.

Why are jackfruits and durians great meat substitutes?

Jackfruit and durian are very large in size and delicious tropical fruits and are often used as a meat substitute. Durian tastes much like chicken so it is great to use in place for dishes like barbecued shredded chicken or vegan-style dishes. You can cook both durian and jackfruit as slices or shred them like chicken or pork to use an array of dishes.

Can you eat canned jackfruit or durian raw?

Since jackfruit and durian are very versatile, you can eat them raw or cooked. To prepare it, you will want to slice it up first if you are using fresh or raw jackfruit or durian but with canned, you can just eat it or use it in a dish, including bbq sauce, curry, or even ice cream.

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Why does jackfruit have a strong smell?

Jackfruit, along with durian, has a really strong smell. Ripe jackfruit smells a lot like bubble gum since it has quite a bit of sugar in its pulp. It is like a combination of pineapples, bananas, and onions.

Do durian and jackfruit go bad?

Jackfruit and durian both can go bad really quickly if they are not stored properly so it is extremely important that you know before you purchase how and where you are going to store your fruit. For instance, if you purchase fresh jackfruit or durian and you will be eating it within two to three days, you can leave it set out at room temperature but keep in mind, the warmer your kitchen is, the faster the fruit can spoil.

How can you tell if jackfruit or durian has gone bad?

You need to check out the appearance of your jackfruit or durian to ensure that it is good and still edible. If you see that there are dark spots all over your fruit, you should toss it in the trash or if it deteriorates and is all watery and soggy, it is no good and should be tossed. Also if there is something very off with the taste, texture, or the smell of your jackfruit or durian, you should throw it away.