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20 Best Irish Potato Farls Recipes (All Types)

Irish potato farls in a plate.

I am single, but I do not deprive myself of the joys of gourmet cooking. Over the years, I have learned to fend for myself with recipes that I can easily learn and make when I feel peckish. The Internet makes the job much easier, and I have mastered more than a handful of different potato recipes that are tasty and filling.

I have taken a particular fancy to Irish potato farls. This dish has its origins in the British Isles and is known as tattie scones in Scotland and potato cakes in Northern England. As the regional variants of the name pretty much refer to the same dish, the article below includes recipes for Irish potato farls, tattie scones, and potato cakes. They will all fill your stomach and satiate your appetite!

1. The Best of Ireland in a Potato.

Original potato farls, and a fresh tomatoes.

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The original potato farls are fried cakes made from mashed potatoes and flour. The dough is patted into a round, square, or rectangular shape, divided into fourths, and then pan fried until brown and crispy.

As you will see, potato farls are made from a handful of healthy ingredients. They are great with corned beef and cabbage. You can have them after a night out with friends on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Vegan Irish Soda Bread Farls Will Not Disappoint.

Irish soda bread farls and a chocolate dip.

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As with every traditional dish, there is a vegan version of it nowadays. This is the first of many vegan variants of potato cakes that we will discuss in this article.

This particular soda bread recipe is made of 5 ingredients. It does not require any yeast or rise time and can be cooked on each side in minutes. Indeed, you can have the soda bread on your table in less than 25 minutes.

Why soda bread? Because it can be prepared more quickly than potatoes or regular bread. It uses baking soda instead of yeast as a rising agent. I recommend this recipe for beginners in the kitchen. It does not require much experience or take long to prepare.

3. For Those With Digestive Problems, Gluten-Free Potato Farls are the Way to Go.

Gluten-Free Potato Farls in a plate.

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This is a delicious and gluten-free potato farl recipe. It can be made from mashed potatoes in less than 30 minutes. This dish is best served as part of breakfast, brunch, or a snack. It is one that is likely to please your entire family.

If you are without a family but entertain friends regularly, you will probably need to serve vegan and gluten-free food to cater to one or two of them. This dish can be a great appetizer or starter food for a much larger meal.

The important thing here is to make the mashed potatoes ahead of time and allow them to cool completely before making the rest of the dish. Another piece of advice. The spread is an essential part of the meal. It adds to the juiciness of the farls, and should not be skimped.

4. Potato Cakes the Old-Fashioned Way.

Mashed potato cakes garnished with scallions and rosemary.

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Sometimes it is best to keep traditional recipes intact. They are, after all, traditional for a reason. They have survived the test of time and should be tried without any innovations. This old-fashioned potato cake recipe falls in the above category. It can be made in a few minutes by mixing mashed potatoes, flour, onions, egg, black pepper, and salt together in a bowl.

Once the batter has attained a consistency, you must heat vegetable oil in a skillet over a medium fire, drop 4-inch circles of the batter into the oil, and cook until each side until golden brown.

5. For Lovers of Mashed Potatoes, This One is for You.

Mashed potato farls and cherry tomatoes.

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I love mashed potatoes. I love the consistency of the dish and all the things you can add to it to make it even more delicious. This recipe is a new way of using leftover mashed potatoes to make potato side dishes.

To get the most taste and general joy out of this recipe, make sure that your potatoes are well-seasoned from the start. If you don’t usually add butter, salt, and sour cream to your mashed potatoes, you should toss a few tablespoons of each into them before you make these cakes.

In any case, you should always taste your potatoes before you fry them. The way that they taste before they go into the fryer will be similar to the way they taste afterward. You can also top the dish with green onions for more flavor and color. Use a neutral oil such as vegetable or coconut oil to fry them. And don’t forget to add grated cheese while the cakes are still hot.

6. Cheese is the Ultimate Condiment to Mashed Potato Cakes.

Baked cheesy mashed potatoes in a plate.

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This recipe for cheesy mashed potato cakes is delicious. I have served them at more than one dinner party. They are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. They are also quick and easy to make—only 20 minutes—which is important on days when you are pressed for time.

All you need to do is boil a few potatoes and mash them with a sliver of butter. Add your favorite seasoning—make sure to include salt and black pepper—and you have got the base of your dish. Fry and add cheese in accordance with the recipe instructions above.

If you are using leftover mashed potatoes, you may need to add milk. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the milk or butter. Mashed potatoes need to be thick to hold shape. Otherwise, you will need to add more flour, and this can lead to the creation of bland potato cakes.

Also, you should mash your own potatoes. Store-bought mashed potatoes do not work well with this recipe.

7. Wondering What to Do With Leftover Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potato cake and fork in a white plate.

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When making mashed potatoes, one can hardly avoid making a big pot full. Although there are bound to be leftovers, it does not follow that you should have the same meal two days in a row. You can instead turn your leftover mash into potato cakes.

This recipe allows you to do so in around half an hour. You can give your mashed spuds new life and even more flavor by adding bacon bits and shredded cheese and frying them all up into a male of crispy perfection.

Don’t let your mash go to waste, and don’t force yourself to eat the same mash two days in a row.

8. A Great Mashed Potato Cake Fry-up!

Fried mashed potatoes in a chopping board.

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This is another great mashed potato cake conversion recipe. It can be cooked in 20 minutes and feed up to 6 people. However, you will probably want to serve it as a starter or eat the cakes as snacks throughout the day.

After you have mixed all the ingredients in a bowl, as instructed by the recipe, make sure you flatten the batter that you put in the frying pan. You should continue to flip until both sides of each cake are brown. This usually takes 7 minutes per cake.

9. You Have Never Had Scones Like These.

Potato scones in a skillet.

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It is the double Gloucester cheese that adds intense flavor to this potato scone recipe. You should follow the instructions carefully to get the best outcome. You want to pay particular attention to how you flour the batter.

The surface of it should be lightly floured. You should also divide the batter into 3 balls, pat each of these into a 12cm orb, and then cut them into quarters. When transferring them to a baking tray, line the latter with a paper towel to drain.

10. Scottish Tattie Scones That Give a Great Start to Your Day.

Scottish Tattie scones in a skillet.

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The Scottish tattie scone is familiar to all who have eaten a Scottish breakfast in Scotland. Given that I currently live in the country, I have had the pleasure of eating this dish on numerous occasions. Tattie scones are not like English scones, which look very much like what we Americans call buttermilk biscuits (though they don’t taste like them.

Tattie scones are more of a potato cake. In a Scottish breakfast, they are served with eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, and black pudding.

There are many Scottish recipes for tattie scones, and the one above is pretty good (I have tried it). It is possible to use leftover mashed potatoes to make this dish. You should definitely add an egg when making these scones, as it helps glue the potatoes together and makes for a lighter scone.

11. Garlic Mushrooms and Tahini Dressed Greens Add Great Flavor and Spice to Tattie Scones.

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One of the best things about tattie scones is their versatility. They taste great with sweet or savory dishes. Traditional tattie scones tend to be served with butter, jam, or marmalade. This is what you will be given if you stay at a bed and breakfast in Scotland.

In your own home, you can experiment with tattie scones that are served with savory mushrooms and dressed greens. A word of advice when preparing the mushrooms. You should use a damp piece of kitchen paper or cloth to wipe them clean. You should then rinse the mushrooms under the tap, or they will turn slimy.

12. Yes, You Can Make Scones With Sweet Potatoes.

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This is an interesting twist to the traditional recipe. Using sweet potatoes adds to the flavor and sweetness of the scones. You should definitely have these with butter and jam. The latter especially will only enhance the taste of the dish. It is important to follow the above recipe to the letter. By doing so, you will get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your sweet potato tatties.

13. Yet Another Great Traditional Scottish Potato Scone Dish—and Yes, I Have Tried It.

Potato scones with sour scream and tomato.

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Although I tend to have potato scones with a full Scottish breakfast, I have often found myself hankering after them at other meal times—even in the evening. This traditional Scottish potato scone dish can be made in very little time. All you need are flour, butter, salt, a good dough roller, and a girdle, which is a heavy flat iron pan with an arched handle.

Indeed, I have on occasion substituted traditional Scottish tatties for hash browns in dinner party meals. They are just as tasty and serve the same purpose.

14. Spring Onions and Cucumber Garlic Dip With Scones—Imagine the Possibilities!

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This dish can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch, or as a starter for dinner. The recipe is completely vegan and gluten-free, so all of your friends with these dietary needs can partake. The savouriness of the dish makes it perfect for lunch or dinner. It is not so good as part of a breakfast meal.

15. If You Cannot Get Enough Sweetness in Your Meal…

Potato scone with Cardamon glaze.

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This is another great sweet potato scone recipe. The cardamon glaze only adds to the richness of the flavor. I recommend saving this dish for Christmas. If you are crackers for Christmas like me, then you will start to think about that season and all the goodies you will eat well before it.

Scones are especially nice to have over the holiday season. This particular dish is made with coconut oil and coconut milk, both of which are dairy-free and vegan.

The combination of sweet potatoes and cardamon glaze is perfect in that they complement the many chocolate and cinnamon dishes you will have at Christmas.

16. Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream Have Their Uses in Potato Scones.

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This dish can actually be made into a full meal. It is the kind of meal that you can throw together at the last minute for friends who may be stopping by. All you need do is drop by your local grocer for smoked salmon and sour cream. The key to success here is to divide the scones, and then put your salmon between the two halves. Top it all with sour cream and chives.

17. This is the Ultimate Sweet Potato Scones Recipe!

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I had my doubts about this dish—that is until I made and tried it. This is a great scone recipe. It is healthy, and also vegan. Although I am not a vegan, I have friends who are and I try to be accommodating. But lately, I have begun to get into vegan food for myself. It can be quite tasty!

This dish is packed with sweet potatoes, whole wheat flour, and pecans. The whole thing is smothered in maple frosting.

You can use sweet potato puree. But it is better to make your own sweet potato base. It is simple to do this at home. All you need do is buy sweet potatoes, bake them for an hour, then peel and mash them up. The rest is all in the recipe above.

18. I Certainly Could Not Finish This Article Without a Potato Pancake Recipe.

Potato Pancake in a wooden plate.

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This is another vegan recipe, and it can be made with leftover mashed potatoes. If you use the latter, you should put the mash in the fridge so that it can cool down and firm up. For a hearty vegan breakfast, you should pair these pancakes with vegan haggis fritters and tofu scrambled eggs.

19. Savour the Carrots and Rice in These Excellent Vegan Potato Cakes.

Fried potato scones with carrots.

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I do not care much for carrots, but I decided to give this recipe a try. I was not disappointed. The dish can be made with leftover mashed potatoes, rice, carrots, onions, and parsley. When done, the potato cakes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

This is another gluten-free dish that is easy to make. The recipe calls for the use of some starch and flour. The rice and veggies give it extra flavor. If you don’t like carrots, you can use a vegetable that you do like.

20. An Indian Version of a British Classic is Filled With Life and Flavor.

Indian Version of potato scones - Aloo Tikki.

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There is a name for the Indian version of potato cakes: it is called Aloo Tikki. The recipe includes 10 ingredients that will yield Indian potato cakes with green chutney. The dish is crispy on the outside, tender, and spicy on the inside. It takes 45 minutes to make.

One of the important steps in this recipe is the preparation of the chutney. It should be done while the potatoes cool. You will need a small food processor, a motor and pestle, and a spice grinder to combine and fuse the various ingredients until they are well-blended and pureed.

You should add only enough water to smooth the process of blending. Too much will dull the effect of the seasoning, which should consist, at a minimum, of garlic, salt, sweetener, and lime.