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18 Best Huevos Rancheros Recipes (All Types)

Huevos Rancheros with avocado and poach eggs.

If you think of huevos rancheros, – rancher’s eggs in Spanish – as scrambled eggs with Picante sauce, you’re doing this delicious Mexican dish a major disservice. While some recipes for this entree do simplify its ingredients, others offer an entire meal.

Each recipe offers a spicy meal, typically served at breakfast. Most of the recipes call for crumbled cotija if they’re traditional, while others use the more accessible feta cheese.

Truly homemade versions of this dish used from scratch Picante or pico de gallo. The quick versions use ready-made corn tortillas, but to make this from scratch, you would use masa instantánea de maíz, a Mexican cornmeal flour used in making tortillas, tamales, empanadas, pupusas, and sopes.

Let’s explore some of the tastiest recipes available and learn a few tips for creating the tastiest fruit salads available.

1. Easy Cheater Huevos Rancheros Recipe from Sam the Cooking Guy

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Some folks love following a written recipe, while others prefer to watch a TV show. Would you settle for a YouTube video? Sam the Cooking Guy teaches viewers the ins and outs of this essential recipe. Learn to make this traditional Mexican dish by simply watching Sam. He’s already taught more than 44,000 YouTube viewers, so it’s obvious that he makes it easy for folks.

2. My Personal Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with avocado and chips.

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I love this recipe for its from scratch pico de gallo recipe which I think brings out the flavor in the black beans and add zing to the eggs. In my recipe, cook the eggs over-medium, instead of over-easy. Although the recipe uses four eggs, each serving gets two eggs. With spicy black beans and tri-color tortilla chips, this egg recipe makes a meal.

3. Slow-Cooker Layered Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros with avocado peels and lime.

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The totally non-traditional opposite of my personal recipe, this slow-cooker layered huevos rancheros recipe serves eight. Prep time takes 35 minutes, then it cooks for two hours and 35 minutes. This provides the perfect brunch for the work-at-home set. You prep while you make breakfast, and it cooks while you work. By lunchtime, you can serve it. It goes in layer by layer and, topped with cheese, melts into one another, then melts in your mouth when you eat it.

4. Huevos Rancheros with Chorizo Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with tomato and chili.

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Perhaps you like a bit of saucy sausage with your huevos rancheros. In 20 minutes you can make this dish. Depending on how you divide it, this recipe serves two to four people. It features 15 ounces of fire-roasted tomatoes and four large eggs. Add chorizo for a full meal. If you choose to scramble your eggs, technically, you made Huevos a la Mexicana because rancheros style refers to eggs over easy, medium, or hard. Top this recipe with refried beans and serve with a side of Mexican rice.

5. Monterey Jack Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Over-easy eggs with avocado and cilantro.

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Woe them with this delicious breakfast in just 20 minutes – with half of that prep time. Add one onion to the salsa and black beans. Top it all with a sliced avocado and sour cream. Preparing this recipe also offers two or four servings using four eggs and corn tostadas.

6. Truly Authentic Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with poach eggs.

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This recipe starts with making the tostadas used in it, then moves to the sauce. For that, Sautee the tomatoes, chiles, and onion in chicken broth for about seven to 10 minutes. Cook the refried beans, then the eggs. Top it all with the fresh salsa and queso fresco. The recipe serves for but easily doubles and triples if you have a big family or house guests.

7. Baked Huevos Rancheros Casserole Recipe

Baked Huevos Rancheros Casserole.

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If it’s summer when you read this, this baked dish lets you get your eggs fix without standing over the stovetop in brutally hot weather. You mix this in a casserole dish and pop it in the oven broiler for about four minutes, after about six minutes total, at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides eggs, ham, turkey, and Oaxaca cheese, the recipe calls for salsa and refried beans. If you have no Oaxaca handy, you can substitute grated asadero, mozzarella, or Monterey Jack Cheese.

8. Huevos Rancheros Hash Brown Skillet

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In 40 minutes serve a feast for four. This non-traditional recipe uses six cups of frozen, shredded hash brown potatoes and four eggs with a quarter of a pound of cheese. Throw in some spices and cook this in the skillet for a hearty, tasty meal. Serve it plated with sour cream on top or on the side and sliced avocado.

9. The Pioneer Woman’s Huevos Ree-os Recipe

Huevos Ree-os with boiled eggs and rice.

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So much more than sustenance, this single-serving recipe takes five minutes to whip up, and five minutes to cook and only feeds the cook. It uses pre-made flour tortillas, sliced cheese, and jarred Picante. Fire up your griddle to make this quick breakfast treat for yourself.

10. Emeril Lagasse’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe

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Regardless of his fame as a chef, Emeril uses ready-made tortillas in this recipe, but homemade ranchero sauce with jalapeno and cayenne. If a four-alarm breakfast isn’t your thing, use half of the amount called for these two ingredients. He fries the eggs over easy, but you can make them medium or hard. Emeril rates his recipes according to how tough they are to cook, and he ranks this one intermediate. In a total of 45 minutes, you whip up four servings of breakfast.

11. Best Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with eggs and cilantro.

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Combining homemade salsa you make in the food processor, this recipe lets you decide the heat by adding a serrano chili for milder salsa or a spicier choice, such as a jalapeno or habanero. It leaves the beans choice open, too. Choose to use canned refried or homemade. The recipe calls for four Roma tomatoes, a half of a white onion, and four large eggs as the main ingredient.

12. Abuelita’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with cilantro and tomatoes.

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The chef provides her Abuelita (grandmother’s) recipe for this traditional Mexican breakfast. It uses diced potatoes, ham, and onions for a hash to complement the main dish. Fried eggs with flour tortillas form the base over a bed of refried beans.

13. The Canadian Recipe

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MuskokaJac created this recipe based on the many variations her family tasted on trips the California, USA. She needs an easy and quick recipe for her kids that they’d love. Her cheesy creation cooks up in just 35 minutes total and yields four servings. You’ll need eight corn tostada shells, two cups of cheddar cheese, seven ounces of chipotle peppers, nearly a pound of black beans, and eight eggs as the main ingredients.

14. Sunday Brunch Huevos Rancheros Casserole Recipe

Brunch Huevos Rancheros Casserole with avocado.

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Forget the mess of so many dishes. Make this one-dish casserole and get all the zesty taste of this traditional Mexican meal in a handy casserole. You’ll need pinto beans instead of refried beans, homemade ranchero sauce, two or three jalapenos, four to six eggs, two cups of cheddar or Monterrey Jack cheese, and 10 corn tortillas. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes so the eggs set. Depending on how many eggs you use, this serves four to six people.

15. Poached Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Huevos Rancheros on a pan with garlic and rock salt.

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This recipe uses pretty standard ingredients but poaches the eggs for a twist on an old classic. This works out to provide a tasty, low-calorie dish that’s less than 200 calories per serving with just 13 grams of fat. Complemented by green pepper, cloves, stewed tomatoes, jalapeno, and cumin, this egg and cheddar cheese mixture serves six in a total of 25 minutes.

16. Easy Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with limes and avocado slices.

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Betty Crocker has saved the day for decades and the venerable company does it again with its recipe for huevos rancheros that you can make in a total of 15 minutes. It uses jarred salsa, shredded cheese of your choice, ready-made flour tortillas, and six eggs. It’s so fast and pretty to plate.

17. Mexican Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Mexican Huevos Rancheros on a skillet.

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A cornucopia of fresh ingredients merges with hot pepper sauce, such as Tabasco sauce, in this tasty recipe. It uses six eggs and plenty of vegetables to feed six individuals. You’ll need to set aside 45 minutes for a flexible recipe that more than 200 people added their favorite variations in the comments.

18. Huevos Rancheros with Tomatillo-Green Chile Sauce Recipe

Huevos Rancheros with Tomatillo and chili.

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The chef recommends this recipe for Cinco de Mayo, but I vote you can serve its deliciousness anytime. It uses homemade tortillas, but you can make them up to two weeks in advance. The tomatillo-green chili sauce, you can make up to one week in advance. Use refried beans with your eggs.

Side Dishes to Serve with Huevos Rancheros

Many people consider huevos rancheros a complete meal but if you have a large family or picky eaters, you might need a few things you can make quickly that complement the dish. Try these delicious suggestions to round out your big, hearty breakfast.

Grits and Jalapenos

Add a grain to your breakfast table by cooking up a big pot of grits with jalapenos. This yummy treat takes just minutes to cook, and leftovers keep well in the fridge. It complements the eggs in the main dish, plus this contains no meat, so it offers an alternative for vegans or vegetarians who might want to avoid the eggs in the main dish.


Another side dish option that won’t leave anyone out of this delicious breakfast, hashbrowns form a great side dish for any breakfast meal. Make them as potato patties or scattered and buttered.

Either way, you prepare them, you can cook these on a griddle, in a frying pan on the stovetop, or bake them in the oven while you prepare the rest of the meal. Their versatility makes them ideal as a side dish that doesn’t put breakfast behind schedule.


Mexican bread roll known as Bolillos.

Sure, you can buy this delectable bread at most Mexican groceries, but what if you don’t live near such a s grocery store? Maybe you love to bake! The traditional Mexican bread roll, the bolillo, offers the ideal complement to huevos rancheros. Bake these bolillos the day before to save yourself time in the morning.

When ranchers serve huevos rancheros to their ranch hands as breakfast, it’s typically with slices of bolillos. They use the fluffy, crusty bread to mop up the eggs and push the last of the food onto their fork. When you’re driving cattle all day, you want every bite of breakfast.

Traditional Breakfast Meats

Just as I’m looking out for the non-meat eaters, the meat eaters get a side dish, too. I’m being fair. Everyone deserves to eat what they love. So, try one of the two most common Mexican breakfast meats as a side dish for your huevos rancheros. The ground sausage chorizo or the brick sausage longaniza both offer a tasty way to round out this hearty meal.

Similar to hashbrowns, you can cook them on the stovetop in a frying pan or bake them. This lets you make full use of your kitchen and prepare a big meal more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions about making this tried and true Mexican meal? Are you at a loss about where to purchase Oaxaca cheese? Have you never even heard of Oaxaca cheese? Read on! I’m answering those questions and others in this section.

Can I make these huevos rancheros recipes vegetarian?

You sure can! Some of these recipes call for you to cook the vegetables in chicken broth, but you can switch it to vegetable broth. The eggs you switch out for vegetarian or vegan eggs substitute like Egg Beaters, Fit & Active, Crackd, or Vegan Egg. Replace chorizo with a vegetarian faux sausage. Since most of the ingredients consist of vegetables, you can easily amend these recipes.

What if I don’t have access to Hatch chiles?

The chiles or peppers you can also amend. Switch them out for habaneros, jalapeños, canned green chiles, etc. Choose your level of heat and cook with that chili accordingly.

Can I use any kind of beans?

Within reason, you can switch out the beans. Use refried pinto beans, black beans, or even white beans if you like. Soybeans won’t work though. (Just kidding. It’s a little chef’s humor. I didn’t think anyone would try soybeans in this. It really won’t work.)

How can you top huevos rancheros?

If you’ve ever eaten it in a taco, burrito, Relleno, or other delicious lunch or dinner treat, it will probably work on this dish, too. Sour cream and salsa or pico de gallo top the list of typical ingredients, along with fresh avocado. Try plain or flavored cream cheese or another creamy cheese. A meat hash on the side tastes good.

Can I use store-bought ingredients for this dish?

Of course, you can. The Betty Crocker recipe works out great with all store-bought ingredients. Whether you choose to use corn or flour tortillas or tostada shells, you can purchase them ready-made.

Can you use faux egg mix directly in the recipe?

Nope. Whether you cook the dish traditionally or in a casserole, you must cook the eggs first – even fake eggs. They need to already have the appropriate consistency. In the case of making it with egg mix, you’ll really make it a la Mexicana because the liquid eggs you can really only scramble.

If I oddly have leftovers, how long will they keep in the refrigerator?

Eggs, once cooked, will keep in the fridge for three to four days. This remains true whether they’re in a casserole, quiche, or scrambled. Place the leftovers in a glass container with a tight lid.

How do I acquire these ingredients in a rural area?

There have been times that I could not locate Oaxaca cheese in the city, but don’t worry. You can always order groceries online. What was once a unique experience, you can now shop at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and many other retail locations online.