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How to Store Fudge (Short and Long Term Storage Tips)

Bowl filled with Fudge

Do you love the creamy texture of fudge as it melts in your mouth? Do you like to stock it so you can enjoy it anytime? If yes, then we are sure that you are always hunting for fudge storage ideas. After all, no one wants their beloved treat to get crumbly and lose its taste.

The tolerance of fudge to stay fresh over the time is dependent on its cooking style. Its shelf time is as variable as the cooking techniques behind it. Store-bought fudge usually lasts longer than homemade one when not stored properly. However, there are multiple ways to save your favorite candy from getting spoiled no matter where it has been prepared.

If you want to keep enjoying this delicious sweet for a longer span of time then follow these procedures to store it for weeks, months or a year!

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Room TemperatureAir Insulating Boxes

If you are planning to gobble up the stocked fudge within the next two weeks then you can store it at room temperature. However, this requires some necessary precautions as frequent changes in temperature will diminish its taste and texture. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to store it for 7-14 days without placing it in a refrigerator:

  • If you have bought a load of your favorite mouth-watering treat and plan to continue eating it over the week, then make sure to store it in a sealed container. This trick will save the texture and taste of both home-made and store-bought fudge at room temperature. You can either use a glass or a plastic container as long as it is sealed and provides necessary insulation to the fudge.
  • You will not be able to save your fudge from getting dried and cracked if you leave it in a cardboard box for more than two days. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer it to a sealed container to enjoy its creamy texture for a longer period of time.
  • If you do not want your fudge to turn mushy then keep the airtight container away from the sunlight. Heat from the sun will spoil it faster.
  • The best-suited storage location at room temperature is always a cupboard or the pantry. You should avoid putting it on a countertop as it is a less safe option to save your fudge from losing its true taste.

RefrigeratorChocolate Fudge

Are two weeks not enough for your fudge cravings? Do you intend to keep enjoying this delicious treat for an extended period of time? If yes, then do not worry, you can save it for three weeks, three months and even for a year!

Fudge storage in refrigerators is essential for areas that have a warm climate because excessive heat exposure dries it out and we are sure that you do not like you fudge cracked and moisture less.

Up to Three WeeksMaple syrup fudge

If you intend to refrigerate your favorite sweet candy for up to a span of three weeks then all you need is a refrigerator, a container with a tightly fitted lid, a wax paper and the steps that we have provided below:

  • Open the container and place the fudge pieces in a single layer inside it. If you do not want the pieces to stick than make sure to place them slightly apart.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper according to the size of the container. Place the wax paper on the first layer of fudge, such that it completely covers it.
  • Now put another layer of your favorite treat on the previously placed wax paper. The wax paper will separate the first and second layer of fudge.
  • Place another piece of wax paper if there are any more fudge pieces left. Repeat the procedure till all the pieces are secured in the airtight container.
  • Ensure that the lid is closed properly so that no air can enter the container as it will cause your favorite candy to dry out and crack.

If fudge is prepared by using a lot of butter and oil then it will last relatively longer than the ones

  • Make sure to eat the stored fudge within three weeks or it will lose its creaminess and flavor.

Up to Three MonthsBowl of Chocolate Fudge

Let’s be honest, one can never get bored of fudge. If you are also a devotee of this sweet candy and like to stock it over longer periods of time then you are in luck. We have a few tricks and steps which will enable you to keep enjoying it over a span of three months. First, you have to make sure that you are freezing the right type of fudge.

  • If you are freezing a denser type of fudge such as chocolate fudge or Russian fudge then you are in luck because they freeze better and last longer than the light type such as vegan fudge or microwave fudge. It is because the texture of the lighter types of fudge changes when it is frozen so it is better if you store them in a refrigerator or a pantry.
  • The flavor of the fudge has an impact on the manner in which it freezes. Imitation vanilla flavors usually lose taste when frozen.
  • Presence of spices such as cloves also has an impact on the flavor and intensifies it when the fudge is frozen which degrades its taste.

If the type of fudge that you intend to store qualifies to be frozen then all you need is a freezer, an airtight container or bag, a labeling marker and these steps:

  • Place the fudge on a plate or a rack and let it cool. It is necessary that the fudge is completely dry before being placed in the airtight container or bag. Also, make sure that the glazes and icing have dried and firmed properly.
  • Once the fudge has completely cooled and the icings have firmed, place the fudge in an airtight container and secure the seal so that no air enters it.
  • Securing it properly will save it from ice crystals and freezer burns.
  • You can alternatively use an airtight bag, a foil or a plastic wrap, but with these coverings, there is an increased chance for the fudge to get a freezer burn or ice crystals. However, this can be avoided if you completely push out the air from the coverings.
  • The second most essential step after placing the fudge in its coverage is to mention the date on it. It is necessary to ensure that you use it within the time span of three months. You can also mention the type of fudge in case you are freezing different types.
  • If you intend to keep your fudge edible then place it in the inner side of the freezer rather than the door because the temperature inside is closer to the suitable temperature required for fudge storage.
  • Make sure to eat this sweet treat within a span of three months if you do not want it to lose its texture and taste. Also, ensure that the fudge is continuously frozen for the required time rather than melting it and then refreezing.

Up to One Yearairtight foiled bars

Are you planning to prepare or buy fudge and store it for the whole year? Are you concerned that how will you save it from drying and getting tasteless? Do not worry! We have a simple procedure which will keep this sweet candy moist and flavorful throughout the year. All you need is aluminum foil or freezer paper, refrigerator, airtight container, wax paper, tape and these steps:

  • Take a large piece of foil paper, approximately two feet long and spread it on a counter. You can also use a freezer paper if you are short of aluminum foil. The extended length is to wrap the fudge properly once it has been placed in layers.
  • Place the fudge pieces in a single layer on the sheet. Keep them slightly apart so that they do not stick to each other.
  • Place a piece of wax paper, wide enough to cover all the candy pieces. Put another layer of fudge and repeat the procedure. Keep doing it till all the pieces have been placed properly.
  • Cover the fudge pieces by bringing up the two opposite short sides and wrapping over tightly.
  • Now turn over the covered candy pieces and wrap the remaining open sides. The aluminum foil covering can simply be secured by pressing it. However, if you are using a freezer paper then tape the sides properly so that the air does not enter inside.
  • Place this wrapped bundle of mouth-watering sweet candy in an airtight container or bag. This will provide additional insulation so that the fudge does not suffer from freezer burns or ice crystals.
  • Now place it in the inside part of the freezer so that it receives the necessary temperature. Avoid placing it on the door because it will not receive the ideal temperature. This method of freezing will keep your fudge edible over the span of a year.

We are sure that you are delighted at the idea of enjoying fudge all year round. However, make sure that you eat this delightful treat before the time period of storage exceeds. No one likes the taste of dried up and crumbly candy with ice crystals!