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How to Serve Guava

There is an array of ways to serve guava besides simply slicing them and enjoying them that way. From guava cakes and pies to BBQ sauce and smoothies, this information will help you in learning several different ways of how to serve guava to your family and friends.

This is a close look at pieces of ripe guava in a white bowl.

Originating in the Central America region, guavas are actually tropical fruit trees that originated in the Central America region of the world. The fruits they bear are also referred to simply as guavas and they are oval and light green or yellow in color. Guavas are a very tasty fruit that is packed full of health benefits, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, and antioxidants.

The guavas boast edible seeds which are also very good for you and your body. This fruit also contains ellagic acid which may help prevent tumors and they can help with your body’s iron absorption as well as menstrual pain, urinary tract infections, and can stop spasms from coughing and diarrhea. Of course, as with any food, you should eat them along with other healthy foods that are full of healthy nutrients.

While it is great if you can pick your own guavas straight from a guava tree, this may not be possible so you will probably have to purchase them at places such as the grocery store or farmer’s market. You should look for the softest guavas because the softer they are, the sweeter and more delectable they will be when you eat them and the softness means they are ripe guava. Once you pick or purchase your guavas, keep in mind that once they are soft they will expire soon since they are very perishable.

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You will have about two days before they start to go bad once you get them home if they are ripe when you get them. You can tell if it is ripe when you squeeze it gently and you feel it give under your fingers. You should wash the guavas in cold water to stop bacteria from growing then dry them very well with a paper towel.

Keep your guava in the fridge until you are ready to eat them but remember, if it will be more than about two days before you will be consuming them, you should freeze them instead. You can do this by making a guava simple syrup that will not only help keep them moist and delicious in the freezer, but you can also serve it as a guava syrup when you are ready to eat them as raw guava slices.

There is an array of ways to serve raw guava besides simply slicing them and enjoying them that way. You can even dip your fresh guava slices in salt, sugar, or vinegar after slicing them serve them using a guava leaf as a garnish but below are many ideas on how to serve guava to help you out.

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Guava Paste

This is a close look at guava paste on a wooden spoon.

Guava paste, which is also referred to as guayabate or goiabada, is easy to make by pureeing guava fruit and sugar. You can also add pectin too. You can either make your own or purchase it. You can pair it with several different kinds of cheese, including farmer’s cheese or queso Blanco as well as cream cheese, and serve as an appetizer. There are also some desserts that call for guava paste in them.

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Guava Jam or Guava Jelly

A jar of guava jam with fresh slices of guava.

You can either purchase guava jam or guava jelly at larger grocery stores or make them from a guava jam recipe at home. It has a unique flavor that is sweet and very tasty. It reminds people of a mixture of pears and strawberry flavors and can be served on toast, bread, or even biscuits.

Guava Smoothie

A glass of fresh guava smoothie with slices of guava.

You can either make or purchase a variety of different guava smoothies, from strawberry guava ones to banana guava smoothies. This is the same process for guava juices also. To mix your own, just add yogurt or any other base you want to guava slices and the other fruits or vegetables of your choice then blend in a blender or with your mixer to create an amazing smoothie. You can use the guava pulp as well as guava seeds in your smoothie.

Guava Juice

A glass of guava juice surrounded by tropical fruits.

For guava juice, simply squeeze the juice from the guava, along with any other fruits, add a sweetener such as sugar or Stevia, and enjoy. You can also purchase guava juice at the grocery store in either the frozen version or already made juice.

Guava Pastry

A close look at a couple of guava-filled pastries.

Simply puree your guava fruit slices to create guava paste or put inside a puff pastry that you can make from scratch or purchase at the grocery store. Guava pastries are delicious and will be hit with all of your friends and family members when you serve some up at your next party.

Guava BBQ Sauce

A look at a plate of ribs with guava barbecue sauce.

You can make your own BBQ sauce from scratch that contains guava that will give your sauce a sweet and delicious flavor. So much so that your neighbors will be wanting to come over to eat at your house every time you grill chicken or ribs outside.

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Guava Cake Or Guava Pie

A close look at a Brazilian guava cake with slices of guava.

There are several different recipes for guava cakes and pies that you can make at home or purchase at the grocery store. Guava makes an excellent ingredient in your cakes and pies and you can even use guava to create delicious ice cream or whipped cream topping to serve with the cake or pie. Your guests will thank you for it!

Keep in mind, there are also recipes for guava cheesecake, guava puree that can be used in guava pie, and many other delicious desserts that call for guava fruit.

Poached Guava

A plate of cottage mousse garnished with poached guava.

You can serve up poached guava with vanilla ice cream or even guava ice cream which makes for an amazing and delectable dessert. You can also make a chamomile syrup with cinnamon and vanilla that you will want to eat over and over again because it is so delicious spread over your poached guava. You can also make a delicious guava glaze to go over your poached guava.

FAQs About How To Serve Guava

What is psidium guajava?

Psidium guajava is the common guava. It is also known as yellow guava versus the green guava version, or also lemon guava, and grows on evergreen shrubs or small trees that are native to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. This type of guava is really good to use in creating a homemade version of lemon juice also.

What is agua fresca?

Agua fresca, which means cool waters or freshwaters in Spanish, is a light beverage made of guava and other fruits, flowers, seeds, and cereals that is blended with a sugar and water mixture, also known as the simple syrup. Although this is normally a non-alcoholic beverage, it is also used to create delicious adult cocktails too, and would be really good to serve up at a party or for a holiday get-together.

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How many guavas can I eat a day?

One guava is equal to one of the four to five fruit servings that are recommended per day for everyone to be healthy. Keep in mind that much like many different types of fruits, guava does have a significant amount of natural sugar and it is important to limit the amount of sugar you consume each day. Too much sugar can cause weight issues and tooth decay so while guavas are very healthy to eat, just do not overdo it.