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How to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

A collage of different ways to make the carpet fluffy.

When you first get new carpeting, it’s so plush and beautiful but over time, it does not look that way any longer. Flat carpet will never look as good as fluffy carpet but for high traffic areas and stairways, it is very difficult to keep the carpet looking fresh and brand new. Fear not, though, because there are several ways that you can fluff up your carpet without harming the carpet fibers and in many ways, being good to the environment.

From commercial products and all-natural ones to eco-friendly remedies, there are many ways to take your carpet from flat and dull to fluffy and fresh once again. The amount of time and energy you want to spend fluffing your carpet is up to you and one of the methods below just may be the answer to your flat, dreary carpet issues. From professional carpet cleaners to ice cubes and blow dryers, we have a method to fluff carpet to fit everyone’s fancy.


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Eco-Friendly Ways to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

If you are concerned about the environment and do not want to use chemical products on your carpet that could not only harm the environment but be detrimental to small children and pets, you can use an eco-friendly method to fluff your carpet and make it fresh and beautiful once again.

Roberts 70-127-3 Carpet Rake and Groomer

Roberts 70-127-3 Carpet Rake & Groomer

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A carpet rake and groomer is a great way to fluff your flattened carpet without harming the environment. It is easy to use on your carpeting for dents from furniture and high-traffic areas since you can do a large area at once. You simply use a push and pull method, much like raking leaves from a yard, and this will not only fluff the carpet fibers but it will bring out things, such as pet hair, dirt, and debris, that has been trapped deep in your carpeting.

Once it is brought to the surface, you can simply remove it with your vacuum cleaner. The fun fact for the carpet rake and groomer is that after you vacuum the area you have fluffed you can use it again to get rid of the tracks in your carpet left by the vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and Two-Corner Edge Brushes

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver

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This natural sweeper and floor cleaner is great for not only everyday clean-ups of things, such as cereal, dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and other debris but will also lift carpet fibers to help your carpet stay fresh, clean, and fluffy. It is made by Bissell so you have the added bonus of helping to save animals since part of the profit from the sale of Bissell sweepers goes to the Bissell Pet Foundation. Its mission is to save and help homeless pets around the country.

This sweeper can be used on carpet, area rugs, and hardwood floors or tiles. It is lightweight and easy to use along with being compact for easy storage. It will not harm the environment so it is eco-friendly and its parts are even made to be PVC-free and are created from 100 percent of recycled plastic. You do not need electricity to operate it and this sweeper does not require wasteful disposable cleaning products.

Blow-Dry it Fluffy

Purple hair dryer against a multicolored background.

For the blow-drying method of fluffing your carpet, you will first need to fill a clean spray bottle with warm water. Be sure to use warm water and not extremely hot water as it can be damaging to the fibers of your carpet.

You then need to spray the flat and areas of your carpet with the water, taking extra care to cover the flat and areas and the ones that are dented from furniture or other heavy objects that have been sitting on it for a period of time. Do not spray too much water to the point of completely saturating the area because that can end up causing damage to your carpet in the long run but make sure it’s dampened.

Now, it is time to blow dry the areas of your carpet that you have dampened with the normal blow dryer that you use to dry your hair. Simply plug it in near the area of carpet you need to work on and make sure it is on the lowest heat setting. It is okay to have the fan setting on high if your blow dryer offers that option.

You will need to make sure you are holding the blow dryer about six inches from the carpet and then move it in a back and forth motion across the area that you have dampened. Do this process until the carpet is almost completely dry then rub your hand back and forth across the area to straighten the carpet fibers. If the carpet doesn’t fluff up as much as you want it to, simply grab a brush with stiff yet soft bristles and brush it over the carpeting until you have the right amount of fluff you are trying to achieve.

Commercial Methods for Fluffing Carpet

If you are short on time and energy, the best way for you to fluff your doll in drab carpeting would be to use a commercial product instead of a more natural method. From purchasing a carpet shampooer and doing it yourself to hiring a professional, commercial carpet fluffing takes last time the more eco-friendly and all-natural ones do.

Rug Renovator Carpet Cleaning Kit ~ Brush and 32 oz Carpet Shampoo

Rug Renovator Carpet Cleaning Kit ~ Brush & 32 oz Carpet Shampoo

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A rug renovator and carpet cleaning kit that comes with a brush attachment and carpet shampoo is a great way to get your carpeting clean and fresh again while fluffing the carpet fibers. This method can save you time and money more so than hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job. You can clean and fluff not only your carpet but your area rugs too.

This shampoo carpet cleaner will remove stains and spills, dirt that is worn into the carpet fibers, and any embedded debris that is weighing it down and making it dull and flat. You will have a clean, fluffy carpet in a matter of minutes.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine, Upright Shampooer, FH50150, Red

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This upright carpet cleaner will deep clean your carpets, safely un-matting the carpet fibers while getting out stains, ground-in dirt, and bacteria and other pollutants with 360-degree brushes that have plenty of power to do the job. The dual V nozzle will clean your carpet fibers while lifting them with equal suction power and because heat force is built into the machine, your carpet will be dry much sooner.

It is lightweight and easy to use on your entire carpet as well as hard to reach areas, such as crevices and stairways where matted or flattened carpet can be even more of an issue. You can purchase the carpet cleaning shampoo of your choice to use in this machine.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Professional cleaner vacuuming a carpet.

Regular vacuuming is important but it is not enough to keep your carpet fibers from becoming matted. To revive your dull, drab carpet, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company to not only deep-clean your carpet but to revive and fluff it. Besides visible stains, dents from furniture, and flat carpet in high-traffic areas, your carpeting holds many harmful pollutants, such as allergens, bacteria, dust, and dirt.

While carpet cleaners you can purchase to use yourself are helpful in-between regular professional cleanings, they do not work the same way or get the same results as professional carpet cleaning will achieve. Through hot water extraction, also known as simply as steaming, you will have a clean, fresh carpet that is not only fluffy but free of harmful irritants that have the potential to make you and your family sick.

A professional cleaning will also help your carpet keep its fresh, fluffy look longer than if you do it yourself with the home version of a carpet cleaner. Attempting to un-mat carpets yourself can be a time-consuming task and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Calling a professional will save you time and elbow-grease so you can focus on other tasks at hand. You should have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once every six months to one year.

All-Natural Methods to Fluff Your Carpet

There may be things lying around your house that you can use to fluff your flattened carpet. Check out these all-natural ways to make your carpet fluffy and fresh.

Vinegar and Water Method

Eco-friendly natural cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon, brush, and cloth.

Carpet in the high traffic areas, on stairs, and dents in the carpet from furniture needs to be fluffed up periodically. You may be able to achieve this with simple brushing and vacuum but areas that have a higher level of traffic or deep dents from heavy furniture, you will have to try something else.

An all-natural way to fluff carpet is by using a solution of vinegar and water. Simply mix vinegar, preferably white vinegar but any type will do, with equal parts of water. It is best to mix it in a spray bottle so you can then quickly spray the flattened or dented carpeting. Make sure you cover the entire area with the solution but be careful not to soak it.

Leave the solution on for about half an hour so it can work into the carpet’s fibers. You can then blot the area with a paper towel or cloth towel until the majority of the solution has been soaked up. Do not use a colored towel or take a chance on the color transferring to your carpeting. Also, do not press too firmly or you will just flatten the carpet again.

You then need to scrape the carpet in straight lines with the edge of a spoon from your kitchen. This should make the carpet fibers stand up again and if not, do it again with a fork instead. You can also opt to use a brush that does not have bristles made of metal.

You can then let the carpet dry for a few hours then move your furniture back where you want it.

Ice Melt Method

A closeup of square ice cubes with carpet water.

The ice melt method is pretty easy to conduct for dents in the carpet from the furniture. You simply grab a few pieces of ice from the freezer and place them in the impressions in the carpeting. You should put one ice cube in each dent and more if the dent is a larger one.

Let the ice cubes melt completely which should only take about 20 minutes or so. After the cubes are melted, blot with a clean, white towel or paper towel to soak up the water. Use your fingers, a spoon, or a fork to fluff the carpeting then use a soft bristle brush to fluff it some more.

Iron Out the Problem

Grab the iron you use to steam your clothing and fire it up to medium heat. Just hold it a few inches above a towel and move it around like you are forming a circle. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds on each area of your carpeting that needs to be fluffed but do not place the iron directly on the carpet as you may damage the fibers of your carpet. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the way it looks and feels then fluff with a spoon, fork, or your fingers.

FAQs about fluffing your carpet:

Do you vacuum the rug?

With each of these solutions to making flat carpet fluffy again, you should vacuum the carpet first. Regular vacuuming helps your carpet stay fluffy longer.

How do you stop your carpet from flattening?

Some people use protective barriers to keep the carpet from denting when furniture is placed on it. For example, you can use small pieces of plywood under each leg of your couch or chair to keep the legs from producing indentations in your carpet. You should also vacuum daily and steam clean your carpet periodically, especially in high-traffic areas and stairways.

What type of carpet does not flatten?

Textured Saxony is being touted by carpet experts as a “trackless” carpet. Due to the way the fibers are worn together, this type of carpet does not show footprints and vacuum marks like other carpets.

You brush your hair, why would your carpet be any different?

Exactly. Brushing out flat spots in your carpet or on stairways is a great way to keep your carpeting fluffy. Also, you want to keep things moving which means do not leave furniture in one spot for too long. When you vacuum, move your furniture, vacuum underneath it, then place it in a different spot or at least not in the exact same spot as it was before.