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How to Get Slime Out of Carpet

A close look at a kid playing with colorful slime.

Many of today’s kids are obsessed with slime and that can mean messes for parents and others to clean up. It’s fun for them to play with but much less fun to get slime out of your carpet.

Typically, slime is made from a mixture of glue, food coloring, starch, water, and glitter. You can purchase it already made at a store or make it home from scratch. Considering the ingredients, it’s no wonder why slime is so hard to clean from carpeting.

First, let’s start with the glue. It is a bonding agent which means it will stick to the fibers of your carpet and the food coloring can leave a stain. This means you will need to use a cleaning process that tackles the glue and the staining from the food coloring.

There are many products on the market to remove slime from the carpet and there are many DIY (Do-It-Yourself) homemade remedies you can use. One of those is NOT WD-40. Evidently, a lot of advice throughout the internet involving stain removal touts using this product but it actually leaves an oily residue on your carpet that will require you to call in a professional to take it out. This oily spot will attract dirt and become another type of stain on your carpet.

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Three kids playing with slime on a green carpet.

As a side, note, a few Easters ago, my friend Kevin thought it would be a great idea to buy plastic eggs with slime in them for my two grandchildren. They loved it but me, not so much, especially when they got it in each other’s hair, my two dogs’ coats, and my carpet. I first tried cleaners I had around the house to get the slime out of my carpet then resorted to doing a Google search and came up with several DIY methods, one of which worked like a charm.

The method I ended up using to get the slime out of the carpet was this one from Miss Cleaning.

Scrape away any excess slime that has not attached itself yet to the fibers of your carpet. You can use a blunt-edged scraper or a spoon to achieve this but be careful to not rip any carpet fibers while you are doing this task. You can then use white vinegar that you may already have in your kitchen cupboard to loosen the slime. Simply pour it liberally onto the slime spot on your carpeting and let it soak for at least four minutes.

You will then want to agitate the slime with a metal spoon or blunt scraper, gently applying pressure to remove as much of the slime as possible. Repeat this process as necessary to remove the slime then pick up the globby mess with a paper towel and throw it away. You will then douse the stain in hot water, let it soak for a bit, then blot up the water with a paper towel or white cloth.

Repeat this process as necessary until all slime is removed. If a stain remains from the food coloring, you can use a product, such as Home Pro Spotter or carpet cleaning solution, to remove the coloring. Be sure to rinse well and blot it dry when finished. You can dry your carpet faster by using a fan on the area.

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DIY method for removing slime from carpet by All Kleen Carpets

A kid playing with a large green slime.

This DIY method by All Kleen Carpets seems to be a pretty simple method to use to remove slime form your carpet. First you will want to pour a decent amount of vinegar directly onto the slime which should help break down the glue in the slime. A milky puddle will form in the spot on your carpet that you can then use a spoon on to scrape the slime and vinegar from the carpet fibers. Use a bowl or other container to put the slimy soup debris into as you scrape. Be sure to scrape gently so you do not damage your carpet’s fibers.

After all of the slimy residue is removed, heat up some water in your microwave, a teapot, or coffee maker. Rinse any remaining residue from your carpeting with the hot, but not boiling, water. You can then blot up as much of the water as you can with a clean towel or sponge. You can then use a fan or blow dryer on the area to dry it. If there is color left from the food coloring in the slime, use an all-purpose cleaner or carpet cleaning solution on the spot, rinse with hot water, then dry the area.

If the cleaning solution does not work very well, try mixing some dishwashing liquid with some vinegar and water to remove the coloring. For really difficult stains, you can mix in a little ammonia to help remove the food coloring. Hydrogen peroxide also works well but whatever product you use should be rinsed away well before drying.

(3 Packs) Ultralife Blue Green Slime Stain Remover - Each Treats 150 Gallons

This product by Blue Green Slime can be ordered through Amazon and is touted as a blue-green slime stain remover. It works well in fish tanks but some customers have used it to remove all colors of slime from their carpeting.

Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel - 24 Ounce - Surface Safe, Great Cleaner, No Harsh Odors, Removes Stickers, Can Be Used On Tools

This product by Goo Gone can also be ordered through Amazon and is listed as an Amazon’s Choice to remove an array of gooey messes. From latex paint to the glue in slime, this product is touted as being a great way to remove stain from your carpets. Simply apply, let it soak, then blot it up with a towel or sponge and the gooey mess should be gone from your beautiful carpet.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover, 32 oz

This eco-friendly spot remover is made in the USA and is non-toxic so it will not be harmful to children and pets. It will work well on removing the color left in your carpeting from the food coloring in slime and is safe for colorfast carpeting. It will safely remove slime from carpets along with the stain from food coloring by simply applying it, allowing it to soak, then agitating with your fingers, before blotting the area with a towel or sponge.

All-Natural Method from Red Argentina

This all-natural way to remove slime from the carpet by is a great method to use that does not involve using harsh chemicals on your carpeting and inside of your home.

First, you will want to pre-treat the slime stain by cleaning up as much of the slime as you can with a spoon or butter knife, being careful not to rip or tear the fibers of the pile of your carpet. You may also use a damp paper towel or baby wipe to help clean up as much of the slime as possible.

If you just noticed the slime on your carpet after it has been there for a period of time, apply a few ice cubes over it and leave on the area until the slime freezes. This process will take about 15 minutes and once the slime is frozen, you can scrape it off much easier. You can then vacuum up any loose pieces of the slime.

After you pre-treat the spot, prepare a solution of two parts vinegar and one part lukewarm water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray this solution generously over the slimed area of your carpet and leave it to sit for about five to 10 minutes. You can then scrub the area gently with a brush then blot it up with a towel or sponge. Repeat this process until all of the slime stain is removed then let the area dry.

Begley's Natural Household Stain and Odor Remover - 24 Ounce - Environmentally Responsible Plant-Based Formula, Cleans Tile, Wood, Carpet, and Upholstery

First, you much use some vinegar and a butter knife or spoon to remove any loose parts of the slime from your carpet before using this product that will take away any color from the food coloring in the slime, along with glitter and the remaining residue from the slime.

Simply add some Begley’s cleaner to a carpet shampooer or use by hand after mixing with some hot water to remove the slime stain. This product is plant and mineral-based so there are no harsh chemicals that could be unhealthy for small children and pets.

EcoMe Carpet & Rug Freshener, Citrus Sage, 32 oz

This product is great for the simple fact that it contains cornstarch which is an absorbent that will sock up any access slime that is left over after you use a solution of vinegar and water to gently scrub the slimed area of your carpet. Eco-Me is an all-natural cleaner that is plant-based. Just simply apply it, leave it for a few minutes, then vacuum it up. Essential oils and baking soda will also soak up remaining residue and leave your carpet clean and fresh-smelling.

Simple Green Naturals Care Carpet Cleaner, Colorless to Pale Straw, 24 Fl Oz

This non-Toxic, 100 percent natural product is easy to use and acts quickly on stains, including those left by slime. It is safe to use on color-fast carpeting and will not be harmful to small children or pets since it is created with plant-based extracts and essential oils that can help neutralize the glue in the slime.

Dish Soap Slime DIY Cleaner

With this dishwashing liquid method of slime stain removal from carpet, simply scrape and vacuum away any excess slime. You then combine a teaspoon of clear liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water in a bowl, container, or bucket then blot the area with the solution by using a sponge. Keep repeating this process until the stain disappears. Dab the area with a dry cloth after soaking the area in clean water.

Citrus Solvent and DIY method

Citrus Solvent (16 oz)

You can use a combination of a citrus solvent and this DIY method to remove slime from your carpet. After removing any loose slime from the area, simply spray a citrus solvent on the area and let it soak for about 15 minutes or follow the directions for use on the bottle. You can then rinse the area with warm water and a sponge then blot with a dry cloth. Vacuum the area once it is dry and the slime stain should be gone!

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