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How to Get Charcoal out of Carpet

A pile of charcoal scattered on a white surface.

If you have ever accidentally spilled charcoal onto carpeting in your home, such as a sunroom, four-season room, or family room, you know first-hand what a nightmare it can be to remove it. If you have light-colored carpeting in place, it is even worse when attempting to clean it up. Luckily, there are several methods and products that can be used to remove charcoal stains from your carpet and leave your home looking and smelling clean and fresh once again.

These products and tips for removing charcoal stains from carpet include commercial products, all-natural products, eco-friendly ones, and home-made solutions.

According to, this is one method that can be used to remove charcoal from your carpet. First, vacuum up all the charcoal dust, very gently so you do not rub it further into the carpeting. Be careful to not push it into the pile of your carpeting. If any charcoal stain remains, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of cool water. You can then blot the area of your carpet with a clean, dry towel until the stain vanishes.

According to Restoration Primary Finder, you can remove charcoal, as well as soot from a fireplace, by using several DIY methods.

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Remove Soot and Charcoal from Carpet with Baking Soda, Cornmeal, or Talcum Powder

A pair of dirty hands filled with coal soot.

You can sprinkle baking soda on the charcoal or soot stain since it is considered an absorbent. You can also use other products you may already have on hand that also fall under the category of absorbents, such as white talcum powder or cornmeal. These types of remedies will gently soak up the stains from soot or charcoal by mixing them with a tiny bit of warm water and applying to the stain,

Removing the Soot with Your Vacuum Cleaner

You can first attempt to remove all particles from your carpet from charcoal or soot with your vacuum cleaner. It is recommended that you do this before and after you use an absorbent on the stain but before using the absorbent, you will want to use the attachment to your vacuum cleaner without the brush so that you do not rub the charcoal or soot any further into the pile of your carpeting.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide too

After using an absorbent and vacuuming the area, you can use a clean cloth or towel to soaked in hydrogen peroxide, dry cleaning solution, or rubbing alcohol to lift any remains of the stain from your carpet. It is best to use a white cloth since these products can have a bleaching affect to blot up the solution used to remove the stain.

OxiClean Carpet and Area Rug Stain Remover Spray, 24 Ounce 2 Pack

When most people think of OxiClean products, they think of laundry detergent and stain remover for clothing but this version is great for removing stains from carpeting, including charcoal stains.

Simply remove any solid charcoal form the carpeting by vacuuming then spray the product liberally onto the stain, saturating the carpeting and pad underneath. Let it sock for at least 10 minutes so the cleaner can penetrate the stained area. Use a clean, dry cloth or sponge to blot the stained area before repeating a second time if needed.

After the stained area is dry, vacuum that area again and the stain should be gone. Be sure to test this product on a small area of your carpet before using it to ensure it does not damage the material or coloring of your carpet.

Using a Detergent Works Just As Well

According to the Illinois Extension, all you really need to remove charcoal from carpet is detergent. You just simply mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing liquid with two cups of warm water. Use a clean white cloth or sponge to blot the dishwashing liquid detergent into the stain. You keep adding detergent and blotting until the charcoal stain disappears. You can then sponge the area with cold water and blot it dry with a clean towel. Vacuum when finished with that process.

Sprinkle Baking Soda or A Stain Remover

Another stain remover solution they tout is to sprinkle baking soda, cornstarch or another absorbent onto the stain. You let that stay for at least one hour before vacuuming. Blot a cleaning solution into the area until it is absorbed and repeat those steps until the charcoal stain disappears.

Gonzo Carpet Stain Remover - 1 Gallon - Natural Magic Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner for Pet Stains Removes Pet Urine Non-Toxic Carpet Stain Remover & Laundry Pretreat for Stains

This stain remover works well on all types of stains, including those left by spilling charcoal on your carpeting. It is all-natural and eco-friendly which is a plus if you want to protect the environment while saving your beautiful carpeting.

This product is also simple to use. Just apply it directly to the charcoal stain, allowing it to absorb into the carpet fibers. You then scrape the treated area with the dull side of a knife before blotting the area with a clean, absorbent cloth. If the charcoal stain is not completely gone, repeat the above a second time. The great thing about this product is that it is made of natural ingredients and is not harmful to small children or pets!

Homemade Remedy

A person scrubbing the carpet with a brush.

In an article by Kaye Wagner on, she explains a homemade solution and process to remove charcoal stains from carpeting. It can be a tedious and delicate process, since scrubbing it will only make it worse. For this homemade remedy, you will need to use your vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment, the one without the brush, to gently vacuum up any loose particles of charcoal from your carpet.

After removing excess charcoal from your carpeting, mix up three drops of dishwashing liquid with one cup of lukewarm water until it is sudsy. Use an old toothbrush to dip into the soapy water and scrub the charcoal stain with the toothbrush, working from the edges of the stain towards the center area. Rinse your toothbrush often so it remains clean and applies more of your homemade solution as needed. You can then rinse the area with a spray bottle of water and let it dry completely before walking on the area.

Clean Crisp Air recommends that you vacuum the stained area to remove all loose pieces and particles from the charcoal. You then mix a decent amount of detergent or dry cleaning solvent into a container of lukewarm water to create a foam. You should then test the foam on a tiny area of your carpet to make sure there are no adverse effects. You can then use a toothbrush to scrub the area with the detergent solution until the stain disappears.

Products You Can Use

Another method they recommend to remove charcoal stains from carpet includes creating a reaction by using an absorbent, such as baking soda, to soak up and neutralize the charcoal before using a detergent or dry cleaning solution to scrub the stained area until the stain disappears. You can then pat the area dry with a clean towel.

Biokleen Bac-Out Enzyme Stain Remover - 32 Ounce - Natural Foam Spray, Destroys Stains & Odors Safely, for Pet Stains, Laundry, Diapers, Wine, Carpets, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based

Not only is this stain remover used by commercial carpet cleaners across the nation, but it will also destroy stains and odors safely and naturally. A unique blend of live enzyme cultures, botanicals, and plant-based surfactants are used to create a full-strength formula that is ready to use, meaning you do not have to dilute it or mix it up before you can attack the charcoal stain on your carpeting.

This product is eco-friendly, plant-based, does not contain artificial fragrance, coloring, or preservatives, and is non-toxic which means it will not harm pets, children, or you. It not only works well on charcoal stains but can also remove pet odors and even wine stains from your gorgeous carpeting.

Naturama, All Natural Carpet Cleaner, Eco-Friendly EPA Listed. Carpet Shampoo - Stain Remover - Cleaning Solution. Removes up to 99% of germs. Powerful, Odor-free, Non Toxic. (Refill)

Naturama is just like its name suggests, an all-natural carpet cleaner that does the job of removing charcoal stains from carpeting without the use of harsh detergents, harmful chemicals, or artificial coloring and fragrances. It is safe for kids, pets, and even the environment while being tough on stains. It rinses easily after you use it to clean the charcoal from your carpet so your floor will look clean and fresh when you are finished.

Puracy Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine Detergent, 4X Pet Stain Remover & Deodorizer, 25 Ounce

Designated by Bustle as “The Best Carpet Shampoo,” Puracy Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine Detergent will give you professional results without the price of paying for a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and remove the charcoal stains from your carpet.

This carpet cleaner is concentrated and made from naturally-derived ingredients that are formulated to remove the charcoal stain, and other stains and odors, from your carpet while being safe for pets and humans. It can be used in a carpet cleaning machine or by hand.

This plant-based formula will rapidly loosen the charcoal from your carpet’s fibers without the use of animal by-products, chlorine bleach, dyes, phosphates, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals. It is not only natural but non-toxic, vegan, and gluten-free. It is also biodegradable which means it is safe for the environment too.

Simply spray it on or use it in a carpet-cleaning machine, let it soak, then scrub the stain, let it dry, and your carpet will look great again.

Naturally It's Clean Carpet Stains & Odors Cleaner; Plant Based Enzyme Safely Cleans Pet/Food Stains, Grease & Ink from Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery & Drapery, Pet&Child Safe, 24oz Spray Bottle x 2 Pack

Created with natural enzymes, Naturally It’s Clean Carpet Stains and Odors Remover is pH neutral, biodegradable, and is never tested on animals. It is safe for plants, humans, and pets since there are no harsh chemicals used in its formulation. It has a nice lemony scent that is derived from the essential oil that is used in this stain remover.

The plant enzymes are a powerful, natural cleaner that can safely remove the charcoal from your carpet without discoloring or otherwise causing damage to your carpeting. You simply spray it on, let the area soak, then wipe with a sponge or towel, repeating as needed. And a bonus fact: It is a made in the USA product, specifically the Hoosier State of Indiana.

Earthworm Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Spot & Stain Remover - Natural Enzymes, Safer for Family, Environmentally Responsible - 22 oz

Approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute, Earthworm Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Spot and Stain Remover is formulated without the use of harsh chemicals yet will still remove the charcoal stain from your carpet. It is fast-acting and easy to use. Simply spray it on the charcoal stain, let it soak, then scrub with a towel or sponge until the stain has lifted. Let the area dry and enjoy your clean carpet!

Spot Shot Professional Instant Carpet Stain Remover with Trigger Spray, 32 OZ

Spot Shot Professional Instant Carpet Stain Remover With Trigger Spray is deemed to be a professional-grade carpet cleaner that will instantly remove even the toughest stains from your carpet without scrubbing.

This is great for those of us who do not want to put too much effort into it yet want the charcoal stain gone from our carpeting. The formulation will even prevent stains from reappearing. It is safe for most carpets and rugs and it easy to use by simply spraying it on the affected area of your carpet. Let it do its thing and you the stain will be gone!

Folex Carpet Spot Remover, 32 oz

Made in the USA, Folex Carpet Spot Remover is great for removing a charcoal stain from your carpet. It works well on colorfast carpet that water can safely be used upon. It will not leave a sticky residue and there is no rinsing or vacuuming required. You simply apply the product to the charcoal stain, rub it into the carpet fibers with your fingertips, then blot with a towel and the stain should instantly disappear. It is non-toxic and should not harm your skin!

Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Stain Remover, 4 pack - 83524

When most people hear the name Woolite, they think of a mild detergent for sweaters but this product is great for using on your carpets. It boasts that it will clean, eliminate odors, help prevent re-soiling of the same area and refresh your carpets while removing the charcoal stain along with tough odors.

Bissell Pro Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet with Brush Head Cleaner

Sporting a name most of us equate with carpet cleaning, the Bissell Pro Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet with Brush Head Cleaner will not only permanently remove stains, including ones made by charcoal, from your carpet in 30 seconds, it has a built-in brush that will get rid of pet hair, your hair, and lent from your carpeting. This oxy cleaner will mobilize and lift the charcoal stain from your carpet in mere seconds, leaving you with clean carpeting and a fresh scent.

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