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How to Clean Jackfruit

From jackfruit curry and jackfruit tacos to simply eating this delicious jack fruit all by itself, it is becoming more popular with a lot of people but the question is how to clean jackfruit? We provide you with information on how to clean raw and canned jackfruit.

A man cutting up a ripe jackfruit with a knife.

From jackfruit curry and jackfruit tacos to simply eating this delicious jackfruit all by itself, it is becoming more popular with a lot of people but the question is how to clean jackfruit?

A tropical tree that grows in Africa, South America, and Asia, the jackfruit tree is considered to be the largest fruit tree in the world with some weighing as much as 100 pounds. The scientific name for jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus and it is also known as kathal or fanas. This tropical fruit originated in the rainforests of India.

You can find and purchase jackfruit at vegetable or farmer’s markets and larger grocery stores. Living in Ohio, I normally have to wait until jackfruit is in the season to be able to purchase it at the grocery store or farmers market. Some people opt for canned jackfruit, although I’ve not tried it.

Keep in mind that unripe jackfruit is super nutritious because it is packed full of vitamin A and vitamin C as well as thiamine, calcium, riboflavin, iron, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, and niacin, all of which promote great health overall.

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What is Jackfruit?

A close look at a plate of ripe pieces of jackfruit.

Jackfruit is very thorny on the outside, so do not eat that part, but the inside is not only delicious but that part in which all those good nutrients are stored. You can eat raw jackfruit, cooked jackfruit, or canned jackfruit depending on your preferences and how you will be using your jackfruit since it can be used in a variety of dishes and in an array of different ways.

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When purchasing jackfruit, if you are looking for a ripened one, you will need to feel the skin of the jackfruit and press it gently. If it is ripe jackfruit, its skin will soften. You can also knock on the fruit and it offers a dull sound that seems hollow, the jackfruit is ripe and ready to eat.

If you do not plan on using your cut jackfruit right away, you can pick up green jackfruit since it is not yet ripened. Simply store the young jackfruit at room temperature and it will ripen naturally on its own.

How to Clean Raw Jackfruit

A close look at a person preparing a ripe jackfruit.

If you have access to it jackfruit tree, you can harvest a baby jackfruit or you can just purchase one from the vegetable market. You are then ready to cut the jackfruit in half but keep in mind it contains a sticky SAP inside so you will want to apply some type of oil to your hands and to your knife before you start cutting. You can use a variety of different types of oils including olive oil or coconut oil to combat the jackfruit sap that is a lot like white sticky latex that is actually known as jackfruit latex. Using the knife that you oiled you will first trim away the thorny skin and then cut the skinned fruit into small pieces.

The center stock of jackfruit is not edible so you can remove the center stock from all the pieces of your jackfruit pieces and throw it away. You can then cut the fruit into small pieces about a quarter of an inch in size then wash and clean the cut pieces before draining out the water.

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You are then ready to put the cut pieces on a cutting board then put them into a pot or pan. You will then want to add in two teaspoons of turmeric powder and you will then add some salt and mix it all together. Add in enough water so that your jackfruit pieces are all submerged in the water then boil the pieces over a medium fire, covering your pot or pan with a lid while the fruit is boiling. Make sure all the pieces of your jackfruit are completely cooked before removing them from the stove.

You can then drain out the water using a strainer then just leave the pieces of jackfruit in the strainer for about 20 minutes to make sure all the water drains out. During that 20 minutes, grate half of the coconut into a bowl and in a smaller bowl or use coconut milk, mix one and a half teaspoons of cumin seed powder along with some red chili powder, one teaspoon of Fennel seed powder, and some powdered Asafoetida.

You will then need to heat up a tablespoon or so of any type of cooking oil in a frying pan and when it gets hot you will add in a teaspoon of mustard seeds mixed with some split black lentils and when the mustard seed starts to crackle, add in some curry leaves. You can then add the spices that you mixed up and make sure they are blended well with the oil in your pan before adding your jackfruit pieces to the mixture.

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You can then sprinkle some grated coconut into the pan and mix it up well with your jackfruit pieces and add more salt if you want to before removing it from the heat and transferring to a serving ditch. This baby jackfruit curry recipe is delicious and easy to store so you can enjoy it in the future as raw jackfruit or as jackfruit curry.

Cleaning Canned Jackfruit

A piece of canned jackfruit in syrup.

You can either purchase green jackfruit in a canned or you can purchase ripened canned jackfruit but you will also have to clean this type of jackfruit too.

Most canned jackfruit is prepared by using a brine solution so you will want to rinse it well before you use it. It may also contain the jackfruit seed so you will want to remove those by rinsing well also. When you take it out of the can, it will more than likely be in large chunks but you can create shredded jackfruit before you use the canned jackfruit in a recipe.

You can also simply eat the canned raw jackfruit after you clean it well. You can mix it with lime juice, mustard oil, or maple syrup if you prefer and can even create barbecue sauce using shredded jackfruit.

FAQs About Jackfruit

What is jackfruit gum?

Since jackfruit is so very sticky, it’s easy to make small pieces did you can chew one like gum. Keep in mind that jackfruit tastes a lot like bubble gum or even juicy fruit gum so it is very flavorful and good to chew on.

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What is durian?

Durian is the actual fruit, the meat if you will, of a variety of tropical fruits, including jackfruit. It is tasty and delicious and can be used in a variety of recipes. Durian tends to have a bad odor and is associated with the part of jackfruit that smells bad but is mixed with better scents.

What is jackfruit meat?

Typical jackfruit meat is basically the unripe jackfruit pod there is on the inside of each jackfruit. It is basically a fibrous texture that is tasteless that you can cook by boiling it or even grilling it. You can use it in a curry-style dish, such as jackfruit curry, and the fun part is that it takes on the flavor of the spices that you put in it so you can change it up from time to time.