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How often should you clean your bathroom?

There’s nothing better than taking a relaxing bath or shower in a freshly cleaned bathroom. After all, the bathroom is where we get clean, so it makes sense that the bathroom is clean too. But how clean is your bathroom really? How often should we scrub the toilet, clean the shower, and wipe the counters? Well, you might be surprised to know that the recommended length between cleans for each section of the bathroom varies. Were here to break it down for you so there’s no question about how often you should clean the bathroom. And, we’ll tell you some tricks to clean your bathroom so it stays clean!

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Why is it so important to keep the bathroom clean?

The bathroom is where we take care of most all of our hygiene tasks. Because of this, however, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. That is why it’s so important to regularly clean the bathroom. You will be relieved however to find out that you don’t have to do everything at once. Certain cleaning tasks in the bathroom need to be done more often than others. So you won’t have to carve out your Sunday to get the whole room done at once. So, what needs to be done the most often?

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How often should you clean the bathroom sink and counters?

Surprisingly, this needs to be done most often. According to microbiologist Jason Tetro[1], sinks must be disinfected every day. The bathroom sink accumulates germs from washing your hands after using the bathroom, and when this water splashes back onto your hands and the counter they are no longer clean. So, listen to the experts and wipe down your sinks and counters every day with a simple disinfectant and cloth towel.

How to easily clean your bathroom sink

Spray a multi-surface non-toxic cleaning spray in a dry sink, making sure to sufficiently spray the faucet and taps as well. Wipe down your faucet and taps first, and then move on to scrub the sink. If you have hard water or a more difficult mess like dried toothpaste, you can close your sink drain and let the cleaner soak for a few minutes while you do another task. When you come back to the sink the mess will be much easier to clean. Make sure to throw your cleaning cloth into the laundry basket and swap it out for a fresh one next time.

Cleaning tip: Do you have hard water stains around your faucet? Try soaking a cloth in some white vinegar and wrapping it around the base of the faucet. The vinegar will loosen up any hard-to-scrub stains. Let the vinegar cloth soak for a few minutes and easily wipe away any hard water stains. You can follow up with a multi-surface disinfectant cleaner in the area to get rid of the vinegar smell.

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How often should you swap your towels and hand towels?

We use towels and hand towels to dry off when we’re clean, so they can’t get dirty fast, right? Wrong! Hand towels and bath towels are breeding grounds for bacteria, especially if they stay damp for long periods of time. Bath towels can also grow “dandruff-causing fungi”[1], so experts recommend swapping them out every other day.

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How often should you wash your bath mat?

Your bath mat is the first thing you step your feet on after getting clean in the shower or the tub. If your bath mat is dirty you might as well step right out of the shower and into the yard. To keep your feet clean, and your floors clean, a good rule of thumb is to wash your bathmat at least once a week. If there are other folks in the house, you can shorten this to every 3-5 days[2].

How often should you clean the toilet?

The toilet understandably is the main culprit for spreading bacteria in the bathroom. In fact, “E.coli can be found within six feet of the toilet and in the sink”[1]. Therefore you should keep the lid closed when you flush to limit the spread of bacteria, but also, disinfect the toilet AT LEAST once a week. We all know cleaning the toilet is no fun, but neither is catching a bug from a dirty bathroom. Plus, you can follow our easy cleaning routine to make it as painless as possible.

How to easily clean your toilet

The toilet can easily collect dust, so a good first step is to take a piece of toilet paper and give the exterior of the toilet a wipe down to remove any dust. This will make cleaning the toilet with a cleaning product much easier. Now, spray the outside of the entire toilet with a disinfecting bathroom spray. Use a rag or paper towel and wipe down the entire exterior, including the area of the floor surrounding the toilet. Once the outside is clean you can clean the inside of the lid, the seat, the underside of the seat, and the rim of the toilet bowl. Finally, you can fill the toilet with a toilet bowl cleaner and give it a good scrub. Let the solution soak for a few minutes before flushing it down. Cleaning your toilet more often will only make it easier each time you do.

Cleaning tip: Let your toilet brush dry by letting it rest on the rim of the toilet bowl with the brush above the water. Wedge it in place by closing the toilet seat lid. Let it fully dry before putting it back in its holder. A wet toilet brush can harbor bacteria, and a bacteria-covered toilet brush doesn’t do such a great job at cleaning!

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How often should you clean the shower and bathtub?

The shower is the place we get clean, so it’s crucial that we keep it clean. Luckily, however, it’s not a space we need to clean every day. The experts recommend cleaning the shower and tub every two weeks. You should also give your tub a quick scrub before every bath. Interestingly it’s recommended to disinfect your shower curtain more regularly than the shower, every week. This will prevent the build-up of mildew “which can cause skin, eye and throat irritation in some people”[1].

Cleaning tip: Do you have stubborn hard water build-up in the grout of your shower? Try using a toilet bowl cleaner. The angle nozzle makes it easy to get into the cracks between tiles. Give a good scrub with a scrub brush or sponge, and then spray clean with your shower head.

How often should you sweep and mop the bathroom floors?

Sweeping or vacuuming should be done every week, especially if you have pets in the home. Sweeping often will keep dust from collecting elsewhere and will make cleaning easier in the long run. It can also make things easier on you if you suffer from allergies. Mopping on the other hand should be done every few weeks to clean up any bacteria that may be transferred to the floor.

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How often should you clean the bathroom mirror?

Luckily, the bathroom mirror is an area that is mainly of aesthetic concern. While mirrors can contain bacteria from splashing back from the sink or bacteria in the air, they are low-touch areas, so they have a lesser chance of spreading bacteria. Although, if you’re cleaning everything else already, it would be a shame to have dirty mirrors. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the mirrors every day, but you might as well.

Cleaning tip: For a streak-free mirror, use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaning spray to give your mirrors a wipe down. Then, use a fresh dry microfiber towel to dry and polish for a completely streak-free mirror.

Keeping the bathroom clean should be a priority

Chores are chores, but keeping the bathroom clean should be at the top of your list. Bathrooms are annoyingly the room we use to get clean, but the room that can also get the dirtiest the quickest. You can tackle the sink, linens, toilet, shower, floors, and mirror all at once, or you can spread them out throughout the week by priority, as long as you’re tidying you’re moving in the right direction! Need some extra motivation? Keep a basket with some rags and basic cleaning products under the sink at all times. That way, when you go to reach for something else you will always have the reminder to tidy, and you won’t have to dig up your cleaning products from another room. Just remember, the more often you clean, the easier your bathroom will be to clean, and the better it will look! 


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