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77 House Plans with Wrap-Around Porches

If you want a house with a warm and welcoming appearance as well as an amazing outdoor living space, a house with a wrap-around porch may be the best design for you. Here’s a selection of house plans with wrap-around porches.

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Wrap-Around Porch FAQ

How much do wrap-around porch houses cost per square foot (approximately)?

Almost any style of home can be built with a wrap-around porch. A log cabin with a wrap-around porch might cost as little as $70 per square foot to build, while a Victorian home with a wrap-around porch could cost $270 a square foot, or even a little bit more. The complexity of the roof design and the costs involved in leveling lots, as well as the location of your home (city, suburb, or rural) make a big difference.

Are there wrap-around porch floor plans with a detached garage?  Is it possible?

There aren’t lots of plans for homes with wrap-around porches that include a detached garage in the same style. But you can still find plans in over two dozen styles for both a wrap-around porch and a detached garage.

Does a house with a wrap-around porch usually come with a garage?  

More often than not, a house with a wrap-around porch does not come in an attached garage. Architects devote more space to porches than to parking. But you can still find hundreds of home plans that include garages, just with a side entrance.

Is wrap-around porch style considered a grand or luxury style of home?  Is this style used for mansions or normally regular-sized homes?

You can find homes of millionaires that include wrap-around porches — because if you have a million dollars to spare, you can live in whatever style of house you want. But it is very rare to find mansions or luxury homes with wrap-around porches. They are more likely to refine outdoor space with a deck, a pool, or a veranda.

Is a wrap-around porch ever built as a “small” home?  Can it be built economically?

You won’t be able to find floor plans for small or tiny homes with wrap-around porches. The problem is supporting a big roof on a small house. The roof over the porch would be unstable. You can find lots of plans for small homes with front porches and back porches, just not wrap-around porches.

Can wrap-around porch floor plans be open concept?

It’s not hard to find floor plans for houses with wrap-around porches that have a great room, dining area, breakfast area, and kitchen all in the same space. Open concept floor plans are more common for houses with wrap-around porches built in a modern style and in more than 2,000 square feet.

What are popular wrap-around porch exterior colors?

Many houses that have wrap-around porches are painted in darker shades of blue, gray, or green with white trim. Painting posts holding up the roof or awning over a wrap-around porch have more curb appeal when they are painted white. The darker color in the background gives the illusion of depth for even a relatively narrow wrap-around porch,

Can you build a wrap-around porch house on a narrow lot? 

You can find plans for houses with wrap-around porches that are as narrow as 25 feet that can be built on a lot that is just 35 feet wide. You will have to park on the street because it is not possible to have both the house and the porch plus a driveway on especially narrow lots.

Can this style be built on a wide lot?

A wrap-around porch on a country-style house is a natural match for a wide lot. The wrap-around porch, if you paint the house a darker color and the trim and porch posts a lighter color, will give the house a look and feel of filling up the lot better, enhancing curb appeal.

Can wrap-around porch homes be built on a sloping lot?

Wrap-around porches are usually not a great choice for houses built on sloping lots, even if you are willing to go through the trouble and expense of excavating the building site to make it level. One side of your house would have a porch with a view of sloping land, and there would almost certainly be serious problems with drainage. The lay of the land conflicts with the extension of the porch, making a wrap-around impossible.

However, you could have a porch on one side of the house at one level and a porch or deck on the other side of the house at another level that also gives you lots of covered, airy space.

How many floors/stories does a house with a wrap-around porch usually have?

Wrap-around porches clash with multiple stories visually. It’s almost impossible to find plans for houses with wrap-around porches that have more than one story.

Do wrap-around porch houses have a basement?

It’s easy to find plans for houses with wrap-around porches that have basements. But basements are not required.

Does houses with a wrap-around porch come with a bonus room?

You can always find plans for houses with wrap-around porches that also have bonus rooms. Just choose plans for a house that has one more bedroom than you expect to need.

Do wrap-around porch floor plans come with energy efficient options?

All modern houses come with energy efficient options, but the difference in energy efficiency comes from double- or triple-pane windows, extra insulation, window treatments, heat pumps, solar panels, and the like.

Is a porch a common design feature with wrap-around porch houses?

Why, yes, it is!

What types of roof does a wrap-around porch house typically have?

Houses with wrap-around porches come in adobe, beach, bungalow, cabin, classical, colonial, contemporary, cottage,country, Craftsman, European, farmhouse, log, Mediterranean, modern, prairie, ranch, Southern, traditional, Tudor, and Victorian architectural styles. The style of roof that works for a house with a wrap-around porch is the style of roof that works for its architectural style.

Does a wrap-around porch work well with a rustic interior decor?  Or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

Rustic interiors work with rustic architecture. Houses with wrap-around porches built in a cabin, farmhouse, log, or possibly Southern style will “work” with a rustic interior, but others will not.