30+ Home Office Designs with Carpet (Photos and Data)

Modern home office on landing with carpet

Carpet makes up 20.5% of home office floors.  The most popular floor type for home offices is hardwood.

However, many of them with hardwood also have a rug, which if large enough, offers benefits of both carpet and hardwood. This explains why there are so many home offices with a rug.

Nevertheless, 20.5% means a lot of people choose carpet for their home office flooring.

Here’s our photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

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Designed by: LotPlans.com


Designed by: Moloney Architects

home-office2017-05-16 at 12.09.52 PM
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Britney_Spears_Home (29)

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300 PplusPDesigners Studio2 Office2
264 PplusP JardinesOutlook Office1
241 QuietMoose BayHarbor Office1
234 ContourInteriorDesign VegasGlam Office1
207 LCGADesignTeam LoResidence HomeOffice1

Home office flooring chart and table

Here’s a chart showing how popular the various flooring types are for home offices and specifically that carpet is the second most popular (from analyzing 34,390 home offices).

Chart showing carpet as second most popular home office flooring type.

Here’s a table setting out the specific percentages:

  • Hardwood:  68.76%
  • Carpet: 20.52%
  • Ceramic Tile: 2.14%
  • Porcelain Tile: 1.73%
  • Vinyl: .58%
  • Painted Wood: .53%
  • Laminate: .50%
  • Travertine: .48%
  • Marble: .35%
  • Linoleum: .32%
  • Bamboo: .27%
  • Limestone: .25%
  • Slate: .24%
  • Cork: .23%
  • Terracotta: .129%
  • Brick: .09%

As you can see, hardwood and carpet make up the lion’s share of floor types for home offices.

Types of carpet for your home office

We wrote an epic guide all about carpet here.  This is a must-read article if you’re considering carpet for any room in your home.

Moreover, read our extensive (and popular) carpet vs. hardwood article here.

Why carpet for your home office

I can speak to this firsthand since my home office has carpet.  I actually like and prefer it over hardwood.  Here’s why:

  • Warmer:  I like working in bare feet and so I like the warmth carpet offers.
  • Noise cancelling: Carpet helps minimize sound by absorbing it.
  • Looks decent:  I don’t mind the look of carpet.  Mine is an off-white which makes the room nice and bright.  In fact, light carpet, while a potential nightmare for stains, is great to really lighten up a room.
  • Soft:  I sometimes like to lie down and do stretches during the work day.  Carpet is ideal for this.

What I don’t like about it

Needs to be cleaned often:  Carpet gets filthy and so it must be cleaned frequently.  Every once in a while it needs a thorough steam cleaning.  The thought of how dirty carpet can get is kind of gross.

Other than the clean factor, I have no complaints about carpet in my home office.

What should you do?

It’s totally up to you.  I see no reason why you must go with the herd and get hardwood if you like carpet.  The only qualifier to that is I suspect hardwood is a bit better for resale, but since it’s an office, I can’t imagine it would impact the sale of your home quite like not having hardwood in the kitchen, living room or dining room.

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