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9 of the Top Home Improvement Credit Cards for Renovations and Big Projects

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Home improvement credit cards

What’s better than one credit card with loads of credit?

Answer: 10 credit cards with loads of credit.

I jest.

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Actually, credit card debt is a huge problem and should be avoided. Very quickly you can fall into a spiralling vortex of debt that can seem impossible to break free of.

Credit card interest is a big waste of money. I refuse to pay it. I charge only that which I can pay off when the statement arrives. As much as I love buying stuff, I spend within my means.

If credit card debt is so bad, why use them at all?

I use them for two reasons:

  1. Convenience:  It’s easier and faster paying with credit cards than cash. I love tap and I don’t have to worry about having cash on hand.
  2. Rewards: This is the biggie and common reason millions of us use credit cards. We simply cannot refuse those sweet credit card rewards. Cash back, discounts, air miles, etc.

Because credit cards are so widely used, many companies issue them with their own rewards. As well as financing your home renovation project properly, make sure to use a renovation calculator to budget well from the beginning and avoid any surprising costs.

Credit cards for home improvement merchants make sense. Many homeowners continually buy stuff for their home. If doing a reno, there are many trips to the hardware store. The amount you spend can explode into the thousands or more. Which means the right card for your home improvement projects can save you money.

If you buy stuff for your home and/or underway with a reno, here are 10 decent home improvement credit cards to check out.

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1. Home Depot

Home Depot store interior

Home Depot offers credit cards for individual consumers as well as business owners. This makes sense given business owners such as trades businesses buy truckloads of stuff at Home Depot and therefore they might as well save/cash in with the Home Depot cards. Let’s take a brief look at each card.

a. Consumer credit card

The big perk here is you pay no interest for 6 months as long as you pay the balance off in 6 months. This is actually a smart credit offering by Home Depot because it enables people to buy expensive stuff or a lot of expensive stuff right off the bat. There is a minimum purchase amount though.

Another consumer card offered is called the Home Depot Project Loan card which provides a ton of credit to finance bigger projects. Interest kicks in right away, but the credit line can be high enough to complete extensive renos like a new kitchen or bathroom.

b. Business credit card

HD also offers 2 different business credit cards.

The first functions like a credit card but users have 2 months to make payments before interest kicks in. This is a nice perk because it gives home improvement pros time to collect from clients to then pay of the card. Business owners avoid paying out of pocket for materials. You can also make minimum monthly payments if you prefer. Basically it’s a credit card for businesses.

the other option is more of a charge card or “on account” purchase option. With this card, called a Home Depot Commercial Account card you must pay off the balance each month (just like Amex). Additional benefits is it offers excellent tracking so that you can figure out which client or customer to pass on the cost to as well as enjoying a one-year return policy.

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2. Lowe’s

Lowe's home improvement store exterior

Lowe’s offers both consumer and business credit cards.

a. Consumer credit card

You can opt for no interest for 6 or 12 months. The 6 month no-interest card applies to more purchases, so be sure to check what qualifies under the 12 month no-interest card before opting for that card. Apparently, you can apply in-store and if approved, you get the credit instantly.

b. Business credit card

For businesses, Lowe’s offers two programs.

The first is for smaller businesses which is basically a credit card requiring minimum monthly payments. Interest charges kick in immediately but you enjoy 5% off Lowe’s purchases. This can add up nicely.

The second is having an account with Lowe’s. This is designed for a company making large, recurring purchases. The account comes with all the bookkeeping features you need so that applying costs to different customers and clients is easy. This program includes discounted delivery rates of purchases to job sites.

3. is a huge online home improvement store. Its credit card offering is straight forward. The benefits include:

  • Special financing on purchases of $500 or more.
  • Free shipping on purchases made with the credit card.
  • Special discounts for cardholders.

4. Houzz Credit Card

Houzz isn’t messing around with its credit card offer. You get 5% back in rewards on Houzz purchases to spend back on Houzz (no shortage of stuff to choose from). After that, it’s no so cut and dried because Houzz actually offers two cards.

The first is the Houzz Primarycard. In addition to the 5% back in rewards from Houzz purchases that you can spend on Houzz, you can apply for and potentially enjoy special financing on larger purchases.

The other card is simply the Houzz Credit Card. It also offers 5% back in rewards to be spent on Houzz, but you also get 1% rewards on all other purchases to be spent at Houzz.

Who should get the Houzz credit card?

Again, any professionals who buy furniture or anything for the home on a recurring basis, either for clients and/or themselves.

5. AllModern Credit Card

The AllModern credit card is a good fit if you plan to buy a lot of stuff at AllModern. It’s designed specifically to earn generous 3% rewards or get better financing at AllModern.

But one nice perk is that you enjoy these same benefits when you use the card at all Wayfair brands. Wayfair owns AllModern so you can use the card at all Wayfair stores.

Who should get the AllModern card?

Any professionals who buy regularly at AllModern or any Wayfair brand for clients (this is a no-brainer).

Anyone undergoing a huge renovation and plans to buy a truckload of furniture from any Wayfair brand.

6. Wayfair Credit Card

The Wayfair credit card is pretty much the same as the AllModern credit card. You enjoy 3% back in rewards or better financing at Wayfair or any brand owned by Wayfair (AllModern, Joss & Main, Birch Lane and Perigold).

Who should get the Wayfair credit card?

  • Interior design professionals who buy on behalf of clients can benefit big time.
  • Anyone planning on dropping many thousands on Wayfair furniture.

7. Pier 1 Imports

The Pier 1 Imports credit card operates similarly to Wayfair in that you accrue rewards on Pier 1 purchases. Those rewards apply to future Pier 1 purchases.

A few nice features include an extended return period.

The card offers a very enticing sign-up offer which is a certain percentage off your next purchase. The percentage amount varies whether gold, cobalt or platinum card. If you’re planning on a monster Pier 1 purchase, the signup incentive could be a good deal.

There’s also a points system for the cobalt and platinum cards. Basically you save $10 for every $200 spent. That’s a 5% rewards system (the rewards must be spent at Pier 1).

8. Amazon Prime Credit Cards

Because Amazon sells all kinds of home improvement items as well as furnishings, I’m including this as a viable home improvement credit card offering.

The Prime credit card is pretty sweet because you get 5% back (as in back onto your card for use anywhere) on purchases, 2% back at gas stations, restaurants and drugstores and 1% back everywhere else.

You have to be a Prime member to get this card. We’re Prime members and so this is actually an enticing card. We spend quite a bit at Amazon and with the 1% back on any purchases, it’s a contender to be used as a main credit card.

9. The business Platinum card from American Express

American Express Platinum Charge Card

Okay, here’s the deal… some Amex cards are charge cards and some are credit cards. The difference is that with a charge card you must pay off the Amex balance each month. Credit is not extended. Credit cards, on the other hand, do extend credit; in other words you don’t have to necessarily pay off the balance each month (but do need to make some level of minimum payment).

As an aside, using Amex definitely helps with credit card debt because the balance must be paid off each month.

I have both the American Express Gold Card and The Platinum Card from American Express. Both have annual fees. I use them because of the amazing rewards system. I can buy stuff from the Amex store (we got our 65″ Samsung TV courtesy of Amex points). The best part of the rewards are the travel rewards. I can apply points to ANYTHING travel-related. I don’t have to worry about blackout periods, etc. because I pay for travel, then apply the points to that cost. In other words, I don’t have to apply any points when booking the travel.

Okay, Amex isn’t specifically designed for home improvement purchases, but home improvement purchases do accrue rewards points. Because the rewards are so powerful and because this is my go-to card, I had to include it in this list of the best home improvement credit cards.

Which home improvement credit card is my favorite?

It’s a no-brainer for me. My favorite credit card for home improvement purposes, whether consumer or business, is American Express. In fact, I have AMEX for both personal and business use. The reason I like it so much is the 1% rewards program on every purchase that can be applied to any travel expense.

Here’s the way I look at it. Our family travels every year. It may be a brief stay in a hotel or a longer trip. One way or another, we spend money on travel so the rewards accrued with Amex will go to good use. Better yet, the rewards apply to any travel-related expense. You don’t have to worry about blackouts or any other restrictions.

Moreover, AMEX for business has great accounting statements available in PDF, CSV, Excel and for Quickbooks which makes it a breeze to apply the charges to bookkeeping.

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