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10 Best Ham and Cheese Scones Recipes (All Types)

Ham and Cheese Scones Recipes

My love for ham and cheese knows no bounds. I will add these two ingredients in almost anything and everything. It’s no surprise that I’ve managed to create a list of my favorite ham and cheese scones recipe. 

Talk about taking a traditionally sweet snack to make it a savory and flavorsome one. The thing is, with ham and cheese, anything can literally happen in my kitchen. This is how I’ve managed to try out these amazing scones recipes

Read on to learn more about my take and twists on our classical scone recipes. 

1. Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

=> See this Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

The one thing that I can tell you about scones is that they’re a whole lot of deliciousness that I wasn’t sure about initially. I’ve always associated scones with tea drinkers. This is how I’ve known them to be a staple snack for British people. 

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve found that scones have become a big part of our American culture. While I’ve noticed that the traditional way of having scones is with sweet and fruity flavors, we’ve come to enjoy the savory kind much more. And, after tasting my simple yet scrumptious ham and cheese scones, it’ll make more sense. 

These scones are made with two different types of cheese, quality savory ham, and sprinkled with chives to create a balanced taste in our mouths. I love the fact that I can choose to snack on them, or to add them as a side dish if I’ve made a hearty stew or soup on a cold day. I would strongly recommend these savory scones for anyone to try out, my recipe has been tried and tested for the tastiest savory cheese and ham scones. 

2. Ham and Cheese Scones with Cranberries Recipe

Ham Cheese Scones with Cranberries

=> See this Ham and Cheese Scones with Cranberries Recipe

Knowing how to create a blend of flavors is a tricky art. Take mixing fruity and savory flavors for example. Especially when these are meant to pack a punch in these scones that my family loves to have during brunch.

When it comes to experimenting with different flavors in my kitchen, I make sure that I do it without any reservations. Someone else might look at ham, cheese and cranberries and consider a different meal. But not me. 

In fact, to make this recipe all the more interesting, I’ve also decided that adding onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and even red pepper flakes is a must. However, I’m not too fussy with the cheese that I use. Any hard cheese has helped to bring this visionary savory and sweet mouthwatering recipe to life. 

If there’s ever a perfect recipe for scones, then this would be it. I love how the cranberries enhance the overall taste of my ham more than anything. I think that everyone should try this recipe out at least once to give an honest review of how amazing these scones are. 

3. Herby Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

Herby Ham and Cheese Scones

=> See this Herby Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

In my kitchen, there are some ingredients that I simply cannot cook without. Rosemary happens to be one of those. This is a very special culinary herb that I use for most of my baking and cooking. 

It’s no surprise that I’ve decided to try adding it to give my classic ham and cheese recipe a different but flavorful twist. But, if there isn’t any fresh rosemary in my kitchen, I used freshly chopped dill. In other cases, oregano can be a great substitute as well. 

The fact of the matter is that these are the scones that I usually make when we’re going to have guests over. They don’t take a lot of time to make, in under an hour I can have them cooling down for serving. Yet, I trust these herby ham and cheese scones to impress anyone who takes a longing bite into them. 

They’re so fluffy, while the savory mix of flavors gives my taste buds joy at first bite. This is why I highly recommend using this recipe for a different tasting scone recipe that can be even enjoyed at a picnic table.  

4. Ham and Asiago Cheese Scones Recipe

Ham and Asiago Cheese Scones

=> See this Ham and Asiago Cheese Scones Recipe

Why do I choose to use a specific Asiago cheese to make these scones? The answer is really simple to be honest. When I’m creating or recreating a recipe for my savory scones, the main thing that I’m looking for is flavor. 

This type of cheese has been commonly used to make fine pasta dishes and over-the-top soups and salads. The sharp flavors from my aged Asiago cheese give my scones that tangy sapidity that I love the most. Plus, I can choose to go for a less mature and fresh Asiago. 

This option goes so well with my ham because it’s distinctly buttery, sweet, with a hint of tangy flavors. Generally, when I’m making this particular ham and cheese scones recipe, I have to think of what I’ll be having it with. This helps me decide on which type of Asiago cheese to buy. 

To make my scones look as great as they taste, I prefer to cut them in triangular shapes instead of my traditional circular ones. This is just a preference though. To learn more about how to make these fluffy and cheesy scones, this is the recipe that I would suggest.

5. Ham, Cheese, and Scallion Scones Recipe

Ham, Cheese, and Scallion Scones

=> See this Ham, Cheese, and Scallion Scones Recipe

Let’s face it, scones make the best alternative for breakfast mealtimes. So, when I get a chance to try out a menu that helps me to save time and ingredients on breakfast preparation, I take it. This is what this ham, cheese and scallion recipe has been to me, a smart breakfast replacement idea. 

If I have enough leftover ham from the weekend, I just dice it up to mix it with the rest of my ingredients. This recipe has saved my family a lot of time when running late in the mornings. It’s as filling as it is scrumptiously tasting. 

The great thing about this recipe is that I can go wild with it. In some cases, I switch the ham for bacon. And, I can make a different batch with ground beef if there’s anyone who doesn’t feel like having the bacon or ham. 

I’m a firm believer in savory scones, and I want all of us to try out what I believe to be one of the best recipes that I’ve ever used to date. 

6. Savory Bacon (Ham) And Cheddar Scones With Pineapple Butter

Bacon Cheddar Scones With Pineapple Butter

=> See this Savory Bacon (Ham) And Cheddar Scones With Pineapple Butter Recipe

I was so surprised to find that making pineapple butter is such a quick and easy thing that I can whip up in my kitchen. Fortunately, looking for the best and tasty savory scone’s recipe has taught me a few new tricks. We can all agree by now that ham and cheese are a perfect savory scone’s duo that we didn’t realize that we needed to include in our everyday culinary experience until now. 

What I like about this recipe is that these savory scones with pineapple butter are inspired by Southern cuisine. So, I know for a fact that they’re mainly about different flavors coming together in my mouth. To get a taste of this unique buttery take on a classic ham and cheese scone, this is a recipe that I know will make anyone want more of this savory goodness. 

7. Ham, Cheese and Leek Scones Recipe

Ham, Cheese and Leek Scones

=> See this Ham, Cheese and Leek Scones Recipe

The fact of the matter is that I love food that gives off a strong balance of flavors. I have made sure that my family understands this very important detail when it comes to my baking and cooking. So, when I want something a bit more intense on the flavors for my cheese and ham scones, I prefer adding leeks to the mix. 

As part of the allium family of culinary ingredients that double up for other purposes outside my kitchen, leeks are usually an unanticipated addition to my breakfast or brunch scones. But, since they tend to be on the stronger flavor side of the spectrum, I make these when I know that we’ll be spending time at home. The last thing that I want is to smell like leeks while I’m busy with my clients in the office. 

However, I’ve discovered that the creamier the cheese that I use, the more sweet and nuanced my leeks can be. These scones are all about testing my balancing capabilities when I mix my ingredients. I know that once anyone gets a taste of these flavorsome scones when they’re done in the oven, they’ll want more. 

For a more challenging take on flavors for a quick snack over the weekends, I use this recipe.

8. Ham and Cheese Scones with Chives Recipe

Ham and Cheese Scones with Chives

=> See this Ham and Cheese Scones with Chives Recipe

I think that when it comes to savory scones that are easy-to-make, these are my go-to recipe. I find that they’re a great addition to my breakfast or brunch menu. Moreover, I can even include them as an appetizer or a side dish when I am hosting a dinner party. 

The variety of meal ideas that I can get from these savory scones is what I love about baking them the most. The freshly chopped chives are what help me to bring this recipe to life more than anything. They not only improve the overall taste, but they also add texture and color to my scones. 

Sometimes, I can even help myself to these as they are, that’s how great tasting they are. At a baking temperature of 425 degrees, I can expect these scones to be ready in less than 30 minutes. I love that they’re a very convenient meal snack that I can make at any time of my day. 

This simple recipe that should take any mealtime from bland to flavorful can be found here.

9. Vegan Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

Vegan Ham and Cheese Scones

=> See this Vegan Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe

My list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a recipe for my vegan friends and family. Besides, as much as I love ham and cheese, sometimes it’s best for me to take a break from these ingredients. And whenever I feel like having a savory scone without the meat and dairy, I enjoy using this recipe. 

Plus, I can still enjoy my savory scones without feeling guilty about packing on a lot of calories. This is a win-win for my body and taste buds. With the ham, I can either buy vegan ham or I can make my own seitan from easy recipes online. 

The vegan cheese is just as easy to make as the ham. So, I never worry about it taking too much time to prepare it. But, store bought vegan cheese works just as well if I don’t feel like following vegan cheese making recipes. 

The baking time is the same as any other savory scones’ recipe. But, this is a healthier and tasty alternative that we all should try to make at least once to see if we enjoy vegan scones. This is my go-to recipe when I want some vegan savory scones for breakfast.

10. Ham and Cheese Scone Sandwiches Recipe

Ham and Cheese Scone Sandwiches

=> See this Ham and Cheese Scone Sandwiches Recipe

One of the many things that I enjoy making is packing a picnic basket to sit under a tree that overlooks a lake. It’s one of the simplest ways that I step away from my kitchen and unwind from the oven temperature. But, what makes a picnic basket is what’s inside. 

This is why I love making these ham and cheese scone sandwiches. They’re a small snack that I prefer over bread sandwiches. I can choose to use wheat flour or normal flour as well.

Yet, the flavors are absolutely amazingly delicious when I bite into these sandwiches. To give them a bit more character, I smear a dollop of apricot jam and top my ham up with a creamy chive homemade spread. This recipe is what I love to make when I feel like having something totally extraordinary.

I highly recommend following this incredible recipe for these ham and cheese scone sandwiches.