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Easy-to-Use Gutter Cleaning Cost Calculator

Most able-bodied people can clean gutters but let's face it, it can be dangerous. Why risk it when for a couple of hundred you can hire a service to do it? Seriously, a lot of people get badly hurt every year falling off ladders. If you have a spare couple of hundred, find out roughly how much it'll cost to hire a gutter cleaning service here.

Cleaning gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of those things many folks can do themselves, but as you’ll see with our nifty gutter cleaning cost calculator, it’s not all that expensive. You can save yourself 3 to 6 hours of unpleasant work parting with a couple of hundred bucks.

The thing is, many people can’t navigate ladders all that well. In fact, highly mobile folks can get hurt on ladders as well. It’s risky work.

Get this – each year in the USA, 126,000 people go to an emergency room for ladder-related injuries and 300 people die [source:]. That’s a lot of injuries.

Calculating the approximate cost you’ll pay a gutter cleaning service is really simple. It boils down to about $1 to $2 per linear foot. $1 for single-story and up to $2 for a two-story house. However, keep in mind that if your house has a complex roof design, it could cost more.

The point is it’s not super expensive. But then again, it’s not all that difficult to do – just time-consuming.

Here’s our quick n’ dirty gutter cleaning cost calculator.

Calculating linear feet

As you can see, in order to get an idea as to how much it’ll cost you need to know roughly how much linear feet of gutter you have. If your house is basically a rectangle or square, it’s pretty easy to figure out. In fact, you’re probably better off just waiting for a quote because unless you have a mansion, it’s not going to run you all that much money compared to other home improvement job.

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Here’s to saving a few hours of dirty work.

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