Granite Countertops Cost Calculator (Just Plug In Your Preferences)

Kitchen with gorgeous granite countertops

Wondering how much new granite countertops will cost you? Use our simple calculator to get a rough idea as to the total cost. It takes only seconds to use and is very simple to get your cost idea quickly.

Figuring out the cost of an entire kitchen reno or new build requires many calculations, assumptions and research.  Our in-depth kitchen cost calculator offers all that.

However, not every homeowner does a full kitchen reno.  Often one is merely looking to upgrade countertops to granite and therefore need only research the cost of granite.   If this is the case for you, you’re in the right place.

Below we put together a very simple granite countertops cost calculator that simplifies the calculation.  Please note that it’s a simple calculator and relies on assumptions and doesn’t include calculations for every granite variable.  Our calculator is intended to be a guide only – producing a very approximate cost.

Granite Countertop Cost Calculator


Our calculator is based on a variety of assumptions which include:

Cost per granite level. This can vary. We chose averages. The cost per levels are as follows:

  • Tile: $13/sq. ft.
  • Modular: $35/sq. ft.
  • Level 1: $45/sq. ft.
  • Level 2: $55/sq. ft.
  • Level 3: $60/sq. ft.
  • Level 4: $70/sq. ft.
  • Level 5: $90/sq. ft.

Cost for professional installation was assumed at $40 USD per sq. ft.

Other cost considerations when choosing granite countertops include color, thickness and source. Installation costs can vary by company and region.

More resources:

We published a popular and very detailed guide to granite countertops here.

A great break down of the cost variables for granite is at Home Advisor.

Disclaimer:  The above granite countertop cost calculator is intended only as a guide and produces only an approximate cost.  There are many other variables that go into the cost of granite and the installation cost.  Moreover, the calculator results is not a quote for services.  It’s merely an online tool to help you get a very rough idea as to how much you may need to spend.

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